November 08, 2011

FOTD + OOTD: Tell me what you want so we can do just what you like

I recently started working as a sales person at a clothing boutique at my local mall (I won't discolse the name here, I don't want any problem, but if you really want yo know, you can tweet me) and I love it so far, it's very different from my previous jobs but I'm always up for new aventures and challenges!

The employees have a dress code to follow and I'm actually enjoying having to get dressed up for work - and we are also required to wear lipstick or lipgloss, which is cool because I don't have lots of occasions to wear lipsticks and I have so many! So here are my FOTD and OOTD for my second day at work.


Benefit The POREfessional*
Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation FPS 15 - Bisque*
OLAY Regenerist Eye Touch of Concealer Eye Regenerating Cream*
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder - Bronzer
mark. Good Glowing Custom Pick Powder Blush - After Glo


Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender - Black*
ELF Eyelid primer - Champagne
Wet n Wild Coloricon Brow & Eye Liner - Taupe
Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quad - Natural Smokes*


Marcelle Rouge Xpression - Sentimental (pearl)

Lace cami - Stitches | Pink top - Giant Tiger | Grey cardigan - Giant Tiger | Belt - Giant Tiger | Leggings - eBay | Booties - Wal-Mart | Key necklace - Etsy

* These products are NOT cruelty-free

Lyrics are from You Make Me Feel, from Cobra Starship ft. Sabi


  1. Oh that's amazing! Glad to know you're enjoying your new job...

    Nice getup you got there.. I love the makeup too.. So simple! <3


  2. Well done on the new job !! The whole uniform and lipstick sounds like fun !! I love the look xo

  3. I love when I can dress up for work! I love your outfit!!

  4. I am loving your outfit! And the makeup is a perfect neutral eye for daytime. :) It would have looked so pretty with Avon Pout lipstick!!! :) ha ha soon!!!

  5. I'm jealous, I've always wanted a fun job that would give me an excuse to get all dolled up =) Unfortunately just going to class everyday doesn't warrant much makeup, haha.

  6. YAY! I love your job already! I wish I was working again just so I could dress up nice everyday :) You look super cute! I love the pink and dark tones <3

  7. Cute outfit! I love wearing leggings! haha I seriously wore mine all summer. I had like 7 pairs haha one for every day of the week! haha :-P

  8. Cute belt! I need more chunky, big belts to accessorize with :)

  9. you look great!!! Love the entire look you pulled together :O)

  10. You look fantastic! I love your lipstick... is Marcelle a Canadian brand?

  11. What a great outfit for work. Love how you the pink came through all that gray.


  12. @ glittermeup : Yes it's fun, although I'm not allowed to wear that pink top again without something black underneath because apparently, it's too sheer and with leggings, the top has to cover my thighs ahah!

    @ Macbella2 : Oh yes, Pink Pout, I can't wait! =P

    @Anna Elizabeth: I know, me too, I'm so glad I got one! Yes school sure sucks and I'm being lazy too ahah!

    @TheMissTwist : I know, leggings are the greatest things ever, but I will need new tops that are long enough to cover my thighs!

    @ Katie : Yes Marcelle is a Canadian brand but you can order on the phone if I'm right!

  13. Congrats! You look nice :)
    I had to do the whole dress code in fashion school s know how you feel. Most stores in New York have some type of code but it really suites you. XOXO

  14. You look really nice Gaby! Love the lipstick shade.....so pretty!

  15. love the outfit! you looks great girl :)


  16. Your lip color is so pretty!! I think I would have a fun time dressing up for work too. heh heh. Lovely OOTD!

  17. we wore EXACTLY the same makeup today haha.. you look gorgeous :)

  18. oo jaime bcp la couleur du lipstick =) et aussi ton outfit =D je suis curieuse de savoir ou tu travaille =P envoie moi par email yumethy89(at)hotmail.com, jai pas twitter

  19. Hi Gaby! I'd love to see more OOTD posts on what you wear to work :) I'm happy to hear that you're loving your job so far, that's definitely important. Hmmm...I have heard of dress codes of course but haven't heard about employers requiring lipstick or lipgloss to be worn. Well, like you said, that's a great thing since you'll actually be making more conscious use of your lipsticks and glosses :) You look great Gaby and your outfit is very well put together!

  20. Adore your makeup here! Very pretty Gaby :)

  21. J'aime le rouge a levres Gaby! Bravo pour l'emploi, et c'est bien que tu aimes ca! Tu me diras sur Twitter c'est quelle boutique, je suis curieuse! A bientot!

  22. OMG your outfit is so hot! I love the pink/black/gray color combination. And your makeup is very on point too, lovely!