November 09, 2011

Passion Savon: Natural Handmade Soap

We offer a wide collection of natural handmade soaps, made in the south west of France and full of the creativity and expertise of Nia Hafsia, aromatherapist for over 25 years. We use a cold process method that keeps intact the precious ingredients in our unique recipes. Protecting and preserving our skin, the largest organ of our body is our first priority, alongside protecting and preserving our environment. 
No palm oil - No preservatives - No petrochemicals - No harsh detergents

I was surprised to receive so many samples!

Cranberry & Rhubarb 6,00 € for 01.kg

This was the soap I was the most excited about just because of its color - I mean, look at it, don't you just want to eat it? It's also the best smelling soap of the lot. I didn't know what to expect from a soap containg rhubarb (Passion Savon believes they are the only to use this raw ingredient in soap) but the mix of the cranberry and the rhubarb is actually amazing!

Cranberry contains beneficial Anthocyanin compounds and have one of the highest contents
of antioxidants. They are also an excellent source of vitamin C, a very good source of dietary
fibre and a good source of Manganese and Vitamin K. Cranberries assist in moisture retention
and contribute to lipid barrier protection of the skin, also high in vitamin A and phospholipids.

Did you know that cranberry oil has high levels of omegas-3, 6, and 9 - it's the only oil that has an equal balance of omega-3 and -6, which means that it is immediately absorbed by the skin. 

Rhubarb provides a good source of vitamin C, fibre and calcium. It has also been found to have anti-
oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties and it has a high content of many vitamins
and minerals. These two fruits together are very acidic in their nature, giving this soap a low pH
value, therefore producing a balancing, restoring effect to the skin.

I've always been curious about goat milk's soap because I've heard it's one of the gentlest soap around, and I must say I wasn't disappointed! It's so gentle and soothing and it doesn't leave my skin feeling even more drier. As for the scent, I can't really smell honey or lavender, but mostly cedar, which is a spicy and revigorating smell, but it is toned down a little by the other scents.

This soap is made with only full fat, local, fresh goat’s milk. Goat’s milk has been recognised through the centuries as being moisturising and rejuvenating. If you are a person that has skin problems like psoriasis or eczema (like me!) then this bar could be for you as the essential oils of Lavender and Atlas Cedarwood included in this bar have the reputation of being very soothing and healing. 

Another benefit is that it contains natural alpha hydroxy acid, which has a natural, gentle peeling action on the skin that removes dead skin cells. Therefore, it indirectly is able to improve conditions like acne, spots, blackheads etc. Goat's milk also has high amounts of protein, fat, iron, vitamins C, D, B and A - these beneficial nutrients will nourish and care for the skin with an anti-inflammatory action that reduces redness and irritability. Besides its gentle, calming effect, goat's milk is also widely used to brighten the complexion. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and fragile.

I've always been curious about goat milk's soap because I've heard it's one of the gentlest soap around, and I must say I wasn't disappointed! It's so gentle and soothing and it doesn't leave my skin feeling even more drier. As for the scent, I can't really smell honey or lavender, but mostly cedar, which is a spicy and revigorating smell, but it is toned down a little by the other scents.

Mandarin Yogurt 6,00 € for 01.kg

Because I'm a huge yogurt lover, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to try this soap. I must say I was a little disappointed by the smell though as I was expecting something sweet and fresh at the same time, but I can barely smell anything. The soap itself is really moisturizing and leaves my skin super soft and smooth.

Mandarins are full of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C that is known to be beneficial for fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a very uplifting, gentle essence, giving a warm, feel good ambience. The recipe is also superfatted with organic Greek yoghurt that nourishes the skin and gives the soap a fantastic creamy, silky lather. It also refines and tightens the skin, its natural lactic acid content softens and soothes the skin - a natural humectant that draws and holds water in the upper layers of the skin making it ideal for treating dry skin.

The soap is both refreshing and soothing, as the essential oils have antiseptic qualities and gently de-toxify and tone the skin and helps to clear pimples and skin blemishes. A soap for dry, dull, normal to oily, sluggish (cellulite), congested (acne) and combination skin.

This soap is said to also makes a great solid shampoo bar for all hair types, which I will have to try!

Oatmeal Cream & Banana 6,00 € for 01.kg

This is a moisturising, extra creamy soap with soothing and healing essential oils including enriched with
organic oats to give a gentle, exfoliating effect and to give the soap an interesting texture. This
old-fashioned soap is very mild and good for all skin types, superfatted with fresh cream, fresh
bananas and honey, it is very luxurious and an absolute pleasure to use.

Despite how amazing this soap felt on my dry skin, I was a little disappointed with the smell even though I didn't really know what to expect - I mean, banana is supposed to smell good, right? But all I could smell is a faint smell of a  mixed spices. Nia pointed out to me that the only way to have a banana smell is by using
synthetic, chemical, man-made, potentially allergenic fragrances, which they do not use. Therefore, the banana part, is the fresh fruit which we incorporate into the soap - hence with it doesn't really smell the usual fake banana scent.

I love the texture of this soap though, it's interesting to the touch and slightly exfoliating, which is always a plus!

Banana has cellulose, protein, potassium, provitamin A, macrocells, vitamins C, B, PP and E. It is said that this wonderful fruit (including the skin) can help problematic skin types e.g. psoriasis. Suitable for all
skin types, especially for dry, uneven, rough, dull or damaged skin.

 Chestnut & Chocolate Torte 6,00 € for 01.kg

The soap is coloured naturally with cocoa powder and white French clay and included are essential oils of Cedarwood, Vetiver, Cinnamon Bud and Vanilla absolute with a dash of natural Banana extract. Chestnuts are higher in carbohydrates and lower in fat and protein than other nuts and contain fibre, potassium, iron, zinc and manganese.

When I first smelled this soap, I was expecting a deliciously sweet aroma but all I could smell were woody and spicy notes. I was expecting my skin would be left smelling chocolatey but no, which was very disappointing.

The soap is very rich and moisturising and it leaves my skin really soft.

The soaps lather really well!

Passion Savon doesn't use animal products (except for honey, milk, cream and yogurt) and their products are never tested on animals. All the ranges are suitable for vegetarians and except for the ingredients mentioned above, are also suitable for vegans. Passion Savon never uses raw materials that are gathered in a way that would endanger our planet (such as Palm Oil, which is a cheap “filler” oil that is used in most soaps)

Passion Savon are commited to manufacture the best possible product - but not at the expense of Mother Nature. That is why the ingredients they use are biodegradable, there is no wastage in their manufacturing process and hardly any electrical energy is used as everything is made by hand. Isn't it amazing?

Be sure to drop by their website and have a look at their wide selection of products!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


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  19. Just wanted to say thank you Gaby for a great review and for taking into account the background info I gave you. We have some new products on www.morethansoap.co.uk and on our facebook pages http://www.facebook.com/pages/More-Than-Soap-natural-handmade-soap-and-aromatherapy-products/305860379438827 and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Passion-Savon-natural-hand-made-soap/125379654222797

    So if there is anything else you fancy trying, let us know and if any of your fans order, they can just write GABY in the message on their order form and we will send them a free gift.

    Nia x

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