April 05, 2011

Tag: 5 Beauty Items You Regret Buying

I've been tagged by the lovely Annabelle from Makeup Wonderland to list five products I regret buying. Now I'll be honest, I can't say I have really hated a lot of products, but for the purpose of this post, I have narrowed down some items that aren't given much love for a reason or for another.

o1. Annabelle Eye & Face Palette in Ibiza

I got this palette for only $1.50 at the first Marcelle warehouse sale I attended (see my super old post here). When I saw it, I thought it was a perfect neutral palette, but as I was a makeup noob at the time, I didn't swatched it before buying it. See the disaster for yourself:

The eyeshadows are sooo sheer and chalky, but the bronzer is great (althought a little too shimmery, but I bet it would make a great eyeshadow). I think I will depot the bronzer and give the eyeshadows away.

o2. Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quad in Designer Chocolates

I bought it because it was on sale for $5 and it came in a package with something else... I think it was an eyeliner, I can't remember. I'm so disappointed as the shades are all so sheer and hard to blend.

You can't even see the lid shade, it's just shimmers! Same for the crease, and the browbone is almost invisible. The outer corner seems more pigmented but you need to pile on shadows to make it opaque and it's hard to blend. I'm sad because I've seen some many swatches of this quad in Chai Latte and other neutral shades and they all look pretty and pigmented.

o3. Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick SPF 15 in Apricot Glow and Crystal Coral 

I bought these somewhere in October or September (see super old post here), when I was still an Avon rep, as I had a discount and they were already on sale. I think I got them for around $3. I was new to lipsticks then (and I still am!) but I really wanted to try a mineral lipstick, and I thought the shades looked pretty. The swatches in the Avon leaflets were always terrible, but I ended up getting two shades that looked natural.

I was disappointed to see that they are so shimmery. I was looking for a natural look, so I thought a mineral lipstick would be perfect for that. Those shades are sheer and natural, but the shimmers still bug me a little.

 Apricot Glow

 Crystal Coral

L-R: Apricot Glow, Crystal Coral

I love that they are sheer and feel almost like a gloss on the lips as they are so lightweight. These lipsticks are supposed to keep lips smooth as they are enhanced with shea butter and conditioning oils, but I don't think they could replace lipbalm if you have super dry lips like me. 

To be clear, I don't hate these lipsticks, I just wish Avon would picture more accurate swatches of their products in their leaflets. If I knew they would contain so much shimmers, I wouldn't have bought them.

o4. Avon Solutions Winter Moisturizing Mask (review)

I was thrilled to try this mask as it seemed to have been designed especially for dry skin that gets even more dryer in the winter, but it was a complete let down.

The mask has a subtle apricot scent and the texture looks great when you dip your finger in the tub, but it's a different story when applied to the face. It's too light for a mask and it's not moisturizing at all. What a waste of money!

 o5. Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight Pin Straight Hairspray

Wow, this is sooo old! I bought it when I was in high school, when I started envying the girls with super straight hair. I didn't know about flat iton at the time LOL. Needless to say, this is crap. It makes my hair stiff and sticky (even though it claims not to) and it doesn't help it stay straight at all.


  1. I love these kind of posts! They are often more informative than favourite posts.. Those lipsticks are lovely on you though! Xxx

  2. Interesting post, but for me it would be difficult to find these 5 products, cuz I don't keep them, I give it for someone else or sell it:)

  3. The Chai Latte quad is very good, and I've got a Natural Smokes one on the wayt oo which I've also heard are very good! :)

  4. I don't know why you regret buying lipsticks. The colours looks so beautiful on you!

  5. such a nice post! the lipsticks look pretty on you tho

  6. i agree with you with the avon mask, its rubbish! i washed it off expecting baby soft skin but it felt no different at all, ive gave it a go quite a few times as well =/ glad i only bought a smal tube of it xx

  7. Aww shame these products didnt work for you :( i know myself i have loads that i reget buying lol xxx

  8. Thanks for this helpful post!:D

    I feel the same way about inaccurate swatches - what's the point, right?

    Happy Tuesday, Gaby!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. Crystal Coral reminds me of Nars Orgasm. I sort of like the lipsticks.

  10. Great post. I have a lot of eyeshadows that are so awfully pigmented - such a disappointment. x

  11. @Hannah: I totally agree with you! I've quit doing favorite posts a long time ago because I feel like everybody is doing it and I don't know, it's not really revelant to me.

    @Supergirl: I ussually don't keep products I don't like, but I really wanted to do this tag so I went through my stash and made the effort to find some products I rarely use. After posting this article, I gave away the Annabelle and the Maybelline palette, but I want to use up the Avon mask.

    @Yu: I'm glad you like it. I was a little afraid to buy it after being so badly disappointed with Designer Chocolates.

    @Shang J.: It's the shimmers I hate! But I love the colors.

    @ Amy: Aww thanks x

    @Hayley: I was so disappointed, there's absolutely no improvment at all on my skin.

    @Sammiebbz*: Yes, it sucks )=

    @Marie: Avon are the worst regarding that!

    @littlelucy: I like them, except for the shimmers x=

    @LilyLipstick: Thanks Lily! Yes it sucks big time )=

  12. Aw shame about the eyeshadows :(


  13. Merci pour les mini-reviews Gaby! J'ai essaye aucun des produits, alors je peux pas comparer, mais c'est toujours bon a savoir :)

  14. J'aime ce genre d'article :) Comme ça je ne ferai pas la gaffe d'acheter ces produits!

  15. serieusement moi aussi je n'aime pas la petite palette de chez maybelline et j'ai longement pensé que j'étais la seule .

  16. i aslo dislike avon lips, alond with the maybelline quad

  17. I can't believe those Annabelle shadows..wow, where are they? This is a great post Gaby, so interesting to read.

  18. This is a great tag Gaby! I enjoyed reading it! I might do this tag too! :) I have that Maybelline quad too (generally love maybelline shadows, but I never reach for that quad). xoxo!

  19. Les Lipstick ont l'air cool! Mais bon, c'est pas dans tes goûts! Des regrets d'achat.. ouf.. J'en ai aussi!

  20. I enjoyed reading your post ^-^
    I haven't tried the avon smooth minerals lipstick but i bought two ultra color rich lipsticks and i really like them.. nice colours and moisturizing as well

  21. Hi Gaby! I can see why you didn't like the Ibiza palette - not pigmented at all!

    Kisses, Melanie

  22. great lipstick colours on you....really suits you. love this post x

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  23. Those lipsticks are super pretty! xxx

  24. I have the avon Crystal Coral mineral lipstick & I know exactly what to mean :)
    and the ibiza palette looks terrible - so chalky and sheer!! x

  25. @Kirsti x : Yes, it sucks badly!

    @Ms Bubu: Au moins, tu sais qu'il ne faut pas les acheter ahah!

    @JosianneL1507 : Exactement (=

    @beauty combat: Moi aussi! Je lisais plein de reviews sur des blogs à propos de cette palette (mais dans des couleurs différentes) et elles semblaient toutes pigmentées et très belles. C'est nous qui se sont fait avoir!

    @bettzy93: Glad I'm not the only one.

    @Tracy D: They are virtually invisible! What a shame!

    @Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty) : I actually gave this quad to my mother after writing this tag, it made me realize how much I hated it LOL.

    @Valili: Oui ils sont beaux, je suis juste déçue qu'il y ait des brillants. Ça fait pas très naturel, mais bon, je les porte qaund même car ils sont pâles et se rapprochent beaucoup d'un gloss.

    @Ashley Borysewich : Thanks hun x

    @Beauty Style Addict : Yes I've heard great things about Ultra Color Rich, I'm glad tou like them.

    @Beauty meets Kawaii : Yes, it sucks so much!

    @**OnYxStA** @Phoebs: Thanks! I would love them even more without the shimmers )=

    @..R May A.. : Crystal Coral is pretty but it would be more wearable without the shimmers. And that palette, it's terrible!

  26. love the second lipstick :) x

  27. Thanks for doing it.
    Really nice post, thanks I've always wanted to buy avon lipsticks but I think avon is a little overpriced for being Avon. I'm scared of buying from them idk. lol. thanks for doing this tag :)