May 16, 2010

Review: Avon Solutions Winter Moisturizing Mask

image from Avon.com

Price: 6$ for 50 ml/1.7 fl. oz

The claims:
Replenish winter-weary skin in minutes with this viatmin-infused super-hydrating mask. Fortified with Vitamins A, C, and E, it immediately moisturizes ans retexturizes skin.
Ingredients: go here and just below the picture, click on "Ingredients".

How to use:
Apply after cleansing. Smooth mask generously over face and neck, avoiding eyes. Wait 10-15 minutes. Rinse or tissue off. Use as needed.
See how light it is?

  • smells fruity, but I can't tell which fruit exactly. Maybe apricot... 
  • the texture looks nice at first, but once applied on the face, it is too light for a mask.
  • this product is a mess to remove! I wouldn't recommand to tissue off this product because it leaves residues behind. Even when rinsing with water, it took me a while to remove all of the product!
  • not moisturizing enough, and it doesn't "immediately" moisturizes
  • didn't notice any retexturization in my skin
  • this product doesn't seem to want to sink into the skin!
What I think:

Overall, I'm really disappointed by this product. It's a big FAIL. Even after using it for several weeks, I haven't notice improvment in my skin condition.
Recommend? no


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  1. I've tried Avon solutions too!!But the oranget bottle!!And it didnt work for me too!!Finally I gave it away!

  2. @lovelyviolet5: Yes there are different line of Avon Solutions, but I think I haven't tried the orange one yet. I'm losing more and more my faith into Avon products, though -_-

  3. sorry this didn't work out. the mask is definitely too light for a good moisturizer.


  4. we have the same name and you love make up. i am following you it is official!

  5. Oh that's too bad this hydrating mask didn't really seem to work for you. A few times in the winter I used the Ponds Cold Cream as a masque (just massaged it into my face and left it on for about 15 minutes) and tissued it off. It left a residue on my skin if I didn't wash it off but I didn't mind much and I think it made my skin a bit softer. Maybe if you don't mind the film of oil on your skin you could try to tissue this product off and then leave the residue on overnight? Gosh it sounds kinda gross now that I read my own suggestion but that's what I did with the cold cream LOL.

  6. @Cheryl Clarke: Yes, it sucks -_-

    @Gaby: That's awesome! Thanks for the follow =D