April 19, 2013

OOTD | Don't make me, cause I'll do it, red button and we'll all go

I was over the moon to have been able to go see my favorite band, Billy Talent, for the second time in my life at Montreal's Bell Center on April 13! My boyfriend was able to buy tickets for the Dead Silence tour before they were sold out, and it was awesome that he came to see them with me since we don't really share the same musical tastes (in my opinion, Justin Bieber is not music, for example). Billy Talent always puts on quite an epic show and this time was no different! They played an interesting mix of old and new songs to keep the crowd entertained all night long, and I never wanted the show to end! I was a bit disappointed that Sum 41 have been forced to drop off the remaining dates of the Dead Silence tour because of Deryck's recurring back problems, but at least Monster Truck took over and they were great!

I don't have much of an interesting outfit to show you but I wanted to be comfortable and not get all hot and sweaty when I would be jumping everywhere, so I put together something really simple. I also had the opportunity to wear my leopard print flats for the first time since I bought them last year!

striped shirt - Walmart | Sqin jeans - H&M | studded belt - local flea market | leopard print flats - Sears | earrings - Ardene

When I went to see Billy Talent for the first time a few years ago, I bought a male shirt in small which I wore as a pajama but that I eventually lost (?!), so I was over the moon when I saw that they were selling ladies shirt at the show, and my boyfriend very kindly bought me the skull one! I love it so much, I never want to take it off now ahah!

Do you love Billy Talent as much as I do? 


  1. Looks like you had amazing time! Happy for you:)

  2. Never heard but you look awesummm and love that skull top! XOXO

  3. wow je suis trop jalouse en ce moment!! Haha! T'étais par terre?

  4. im SO ENVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that shirt!! They put on such a good show. I am happy to hear you got to see them again!!
    And am I reading your example wrong or are you implying your bf likes bieber? lol I could have read that wrong?

  5. J'aime bien Billy Talent! Nice shirt :)

  6. Jconnais pas trop billy talent, mais jaime le tshirt!

  7. Youhoo! Billy Talent, c'est bon!!