April 17, 2013

Project Burgundy Hair | John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in Deep Cherry Brown

Hi ladies! Some times ago, John Frieda were giving away coupons on their Facebook page to try their new Precision Foam Colour, and of course, I am late on this, as always! At the drugstore, I was a bit disappointed to find only one shade in their Radiant Red collection, Deep Cherry Brown, which appeared to be more red than purple when I am looking for the opposite. Since it was free, I figured out I would pick it up anyway just to try the foam formula, even though I was not happy with the only other foam hair dye I have tried, L'Oréal Sublime Mousse.

Foam is unlike traditional home hair color - it is very easy, but different from what you would have used before, hence why there are a few "rules" to follow, such as tilting the bottle to mix instead of shaking, since it will cause the foam to become runny. The bottle should also be kept upright, for the same reason. It is nothing complicated, but you simply have to get used to it.

L - R: before and after

The rich, non-drip foam formula spreads quickly and easily into roots and hard to reach places, giving you complete coverage without patchiness. It is much quicker, easier and less mess than traditional hair color! The only thing that had me worried a bit is that even though I was careful to work with the foam exactly like it was mentioned in the directions, I did not end up with a frothy head like it said I should have, but I am not sure what difference it makes?

After rinsing the color and applying the nourishing conditioner, I was left with a rather natural-looking dark brown hair color with only a slight hint of red, mostly at the roots, and noticeable only with a flash or in direct lighting - disappointing!

The result

Fortunately, the brown washed out a bit after a few washes, and the red peeked through a bit more with time. Feel free to have a look at my hair in this post to see the results just after the dye, and this one, to see what it looke like after a few washes. It did end up turning an horrible red-brown/rust shade though, even if I made sure to use the conditioner every time I washed my hair - so much for "long-lasting tonal richness"!

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour is available in 24 shades for around $13 in drugstores.


  1. This is my favorite color and hair dye. I found that it didn't leave patches like some foam color can. Found it was really easy to use.

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  3. The colour under the flash is really nice though X

  4. I can definitely see some purple there ! And your hair is so shiny

  5. OK je fais ma difficile mais en lisant ce qui est sur la boîte on voit que le nom anglais est Deep cherry brown et en français brun aubergine profond... j'sais pas mais des cerises et des aubergines ce n'est pas tout à fait la même couleur :/

  6. Gaby! Sur le facebook de revlon canada ils annoncent que colorsilk est maintenant vendu au canada et on peut s'inscrire pour avoir une chance de tester la coloration. Le lien:

  7. @katie m: It's great, although I hate how the color fades super fast!

    @Kate Flood: Thanks Kate!

    @Gaelle@LipstickErgoSum: I wish it was even more purple though ahah!

    @Cocovanilla : Je sais pour la couleur ahah! "cherry" est plus rouge, alors que "aubergine" fait plus mauve selon moi... c'est pour ça que j'étais déçue de ne pas voir plus de mauve!

    @SheerBeauty (Kayla) @Hunter87: Thanks!

    @Cocovanilla: J'ai écrit à Revlon il y a un petit bout pour savoir s'ils pensaient lancer leur colorations au Canada et ils m'ont dit qu'elles étaient disponibles dans quelques Lawtons Drugs et Rexall Pharma Plus, ce qu'on a pas au Québec a ce que je sache? C'est vraiment poche de leur part je trouve, pourquoi juste ne pas les vendre dans toutes les pharmacies?! Ce n'est pas ma coloration préférée (j'en ai acheté une couple au États-Unis), mais elle est vraiment pas chère! Merci pour le lien!

  8. Too bad they didn't have more red shades! I think I used this (blonde shade though) and liked it, but I guess it's not as good for darker shades.

  9. Do you find that foam lasts as long as normal hair dye?? Love the color on you!! I love red hair but I find it always fades to an awful ronald mcdonald red very fast and my hair can not handle a lot of hair dye!!

  10. ah c'est vraiment con que ce soit pas des magasins qu'on a ici!! moi qui pensais que ça nous donnerait plus de choix de coloration :/

  11. I don't think I've ever tried a foam. It looks like a nice subtle shade, shame it turned rusty!xx