July 18, 2012

Project Farewell Casper - St Moriz Dark Instant Self Tanning Mousse

I recently introduced you ladies to my new blog series, Project Farewell Casper, in which I share with you my self tanning adventures. My first post was about XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Instant Self-Tan and as much as I love it because it provides a natural tan that lasts more than a week, I was looking to achieve a deeper tan so when I learned through Kristelle that St Moriz - a popular brand of super affordable self tan products among UK bloggers - was actually available on Amazon, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

As far as I know, St Moriz is absolutely impossible to find in Canada, but I managed to find two websites who are willing to sell and ship these products to Canada at a reasonable price, Blush Cosmetics and Cosmetics Factory. Both have an Amazon store and I decided to order from Blush Cosmetics because the shipping fees were lower than on their website - $3.99 for three bottles of St Moriz Dark Instant Self Tanning Mousse, which were $7.90 each, for a total of $26.40. I was also really surprised to receive my package in only three days because usually, shipping from the UK takes forever!

My items were nicely packed in a box protected with foam, completed with a 10% coupon code for my next order on Blush Cosmetics website.

On the opposite of XEN-TAN Deep Bronze, St Moriz's scent is not what I would call pleasant altough from what I have read on blogs, I thought it would be worse - I guess it's just the typical fake tan scent, that does not go away until I shower.

St Moriz has a gorgeous dark golden brown guide color which makes it easy to see exactly where the product goes - although I'm still able to apply it streaky and patchy with occasional weird residues on my arms and chest (?!) even though I make sure to exfoliate beforehand, but I blame this on the fact that I'm still a newbie and also maybe because I apply it with gloves instead of a tanning mitt. The foam is really nice, it's lightweight, non-sticky and it dries fairly quickly - I don't really mind this anyway because I like to apply self tan after my shower at night and then put on dark clothes before going to bed.

L - R: Before and after

A word of warning though - please don't apply St Moriz Dark with your bare hands because it stains really bad! I wish I had a picture to show you, but even after scrubbing and scrubbing my hands, they were still orange and on my patches of eczema... it was an horrendous dark brown! Also, even though I waited around four hours before going to bed, in the morning, I found my pillow and my sheets to be stained orange...

After the so-so instant results of XEN-TAN Deep Bronze, I was expecting to be disappointed by St Moriz Dark as well but no, I was absolutely delighted to see that my skin instantly turned a gorgeous deep brown! When I wake up the next morning, I feel that the tan on my face looks a bit "muddy" so I like to wash it off but I don't wash my body because it's the exact color I wanted - deep golden brown, but never orange!

St Moriz Dark Instant Self Tanning Mousse

I didn't notice St Moriz Dark Instant Self Tanning Mousse being drying on my already parched skin but of course, I apply body lotion in the morning anyway, or even before applying the fake tan if I want a more subtle result. I'm sad to report that my tan fades after only two days even if I make sure to moisture twice a day, and it does fade quite patchy on top of that. I'm not someone who has the patience to re-apply self-tan every two days so often I will simply exfoliate, which helps the tan fades more evenly, and I will re-apply after a week.

I also noticed that after a few uses, the bottle started to leak at the top when I shaked it before use, even with the cap on! Maybe wrap it in an old towel to prevent any mess.

If you live in Canada, I would recommend to get St Moriz Dark Instant Self Tanning Mousse from Amazon via Blush Cosmetics.


  1. Oh wow, I had no idea your tan from those pictures (at the event) was fake! LOL. It doesn't look orange at all. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to look into this!

  2. Gorgeous results!!! Looks beautiful with your bright blue eyes :)))

  3. This turned out lovely! Very natural color!


  4. vavavoom :) You look great! Wish I could sunless tan ^.^ yet another thing I'm not supposed to do while I've got a bun in the oven :P

  5. Comme jlai déja dit, ca te va bien le bronzage! Wow 3 jours, cest vraiment rapide!

  6. Definitely looks natural, sad to hear that the results don't last very long though.

  7. I love the title of this post! It turned out looking fabulous :)

  8. This color looks really good on you, so natural looking.

  9. i love your blog.ideal blog :) muwahhh

  10. @Stephanie C. : Wow really? Now that's a compliment ahah! It's really deep for me but I really like it!

    @Maryam Maquillage : Aw thanks hun!

    @Sarah S. : Awwww but it will be worth it in the end, no doubt (:

    @Ms Bubu: Merci (: Oui, 3 jours, c'est vraiment trop nul! Mais bon, il faut bien justifier le prix, je suppose!

  11. Your tan looks gorgeous with the St. Moriz Self tanner. But that's too bad it still stained your sheets after hours of waiting around before bedtime and that your tan faded unevenly after a couple of short days. I gave up experimenting with self tanners quite some time ago because they all faded unevenly on me and it would look terrible - I don't know why it never faded evenly on me even if I exfoliated and applied it evenly and carefully.