July 16, 2012

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After receiving my first EdenFantasys order and being pretty happy with it, I could not wait to cross off some more items on my neverending wishlist so when I had the opportunity to order a few more things, I jumped at it!

I ordered only one piece of lingerie and two beauty products this time. As for my last order, everything came carefully folded in a sturdy cardboard box, protected by wrapping paper. I appreciated that the lingerie set came in a protective garment bag, and I liked that the hanger was included, which are always useful to store delicate pieces of clothing.

After my great experience with Coquette Red Leopard Chemise, I could not wait to try more Coquette products, that's why I ordered Coquette Red Leopard bra garter belt and g-string bra and panty set ($27.99) - I fell in love with this set the first time I saw it on the website but it was always sold out in my size (Small) so I could not let it get away this time!

I had high hopes about this set because it seemed to be everything I like - leopard prints, push-ups bra, sexy and affordable. The bra cups are nicely molded and comfortable although the underwire on the right cup seems to be a bit off - it won't hold my boob as securely as the other cup, preventing my breasts from enjoying the full push-up effect. It's nothing major because the bra is still comfortable but still, I was expecting a more noticeable lift.

Something I did not notice when ordering the Red Leopard set is the ruffle detaillings on the bra straps. When I received my order, I thought it was a cute and sexy touch, but when I put the bra on, I was super disappointed - the ruffles made me look like a little girl, and also, they make it impossible to wear the bra under a shirt! I guess this won't bother you if you plan on wearing this lingerie set solely in the bedroom but I decided to unsew the ruffles, which was very simple and tadaaah - a super wearable bra!

The g-string is suprisingly comfortable although it tends to sit a bit low on my hips - maybe a size Medium would have suited better? - and it's a bit cheaper than the bra and garter belt, but it's OK. The garter belt really adds a super sexy touch to the set, although I know I won't bother to wear it often due to laziness.

Coquette Red Leopard bra garter belt and g-string bra and panty set is made of nylon and spandex and is available in small, medium and large. It also comes in black leopard, which I'm seriously contemplating buying as well...

Next, I ordered my first ever Cake Beauty products! I can never say no to sweet fragrances so when it was brought to my attention that Cake had a perfume - Indulge Eau de Parfum ($47.99) - I knew it was going to be my next purchase! It's always a bit hard to know what to expect from a perfum from its description and even though it smells amazingly gourmand and delicious, I must say I was a bit disappointed at how similar it's to Aquolina Pink Sugar, which I own.

Because I still think dry shampoo is one of the most awesome invention of all times, I knew I had to give a try to Satin sugar hair and body Refreshing powder for darker hues ($17.99). I ordered this before highlighting my hair but I guess it will still works well because I haven't really had a problem with any dry shampoo on my dark hair before.

EdenFantasys is an online shopping site but also a welcoming community with a focus on intimacy, relationships, and sensual love. At EdenFantasys, in addition to adult products such as sex toys, you will find a wide selection of beauty and body products (yes, even makeup!), candles, lingerie, massage kits, and novelty items.

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  1. Ah c'est le fun la lingerie! J'en ai acheté tout plein depuis que je suis revenue au Québec!

  2. Très joli ton ensemble. Les produits Cake Beauty... miam miam quel nom inspirant!

  3. Ooh la la! I'd want to take the ruffles off too! xx

  4. I LOVE cake's dry shampoo! it is such a life saver.

  5. @Ms Bubu: Oui, je suis accro! En plus qu'on trouve vraiment de tout chez EdenFantasys!

    @Sian : Yes, they are soooo annoying! Fortunately, they were a breeze to remove (:

    @Canadian Beauty : Still haven't tried it! I'm soooo late ahah