March 27, 2012

Shopping: Shoppers Drug Mart, Uniprix & Dollarama

I don't post "hauls" very often because the truth is that I try not to go shopping too often because 1. I hate shopping, 2. I try not to waste my money on things I don't really need and 3.I try to use up the products I already have at home. The problem is that one of my little pleasure is to look at the store flyers we receive at home every Wednesday or Thursday, and of course, something always caught my eyes, which happened again last week...

Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake on sale $3.99 Shoppers Drug Mart always has these special deals every weekends that last only for Saturday and Sunday and of course, I could not resist to go swatch the highly raved about Revlon Lip Butters at my local Shoppers right after the job.

I have been a good girl though and I left with only one - after much hesitation between Cupcake, Cotton Candy and Strawberry Shortcake - I finally opted for Cupcake, which is a very pretty pale pink with blue undertones. These Lip Butters are usually  around $9, which I personally think is completely insane for such a little quantity of product that barely lasts 2 hours on the lips... but yes, Cupcake is extremely buttery, pigmented and it doesn't dry out my lips.

L - R: swatched lightly (one swipe) and swatched heavily (direct sunlight)

I'm not showing you more picture because I plan to write a post about this product very soon.

Carmex Cherry Flavoured Lip Ointment on sale $1.99 I recently purchased the Original Carmex Jar purely because of the hype and I guess it works OK but nothing miraculous as it's still not able to completely heal my extremely dry lips, but after wondering on Twitter what was the difference in formula between the jar and the squeezable tube versions, I have been told that the Carmex in the tube is creamier and thicker, and I have to agree. No, I absolutely did not need yet another lipbalm in my collection, but I figured out that because it has SPF in it, it will come in handy this summer.

Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Beautifying Eye Care $2 I love Dollarama because you can find great products from known brands at a really nice price, and I was going there with my mother for food but of course, I couldn't help myself from sneaking up in the beauty section to have a quick look, and I was surprised to find Nivea there!

For some reasons, I always had in mind that Nivea tested on animals, but after much research, I'm happy to report that I was wrong, fortunately! I don't think I have really tried something from Nivea before and I don't really know why, maybe because none of their products really appealled to me and because they tend to be a bit on the pricey side for drugstore products. Yes, I already have a ton of eye creams in my stash, but do you know how pricey eye creams can be? I personally like to apply a more thick and moisturizing eye cream at night an another one to brighten my undereye area during the day, and I think this one from Nivea is great for this as it's a bit pearlescent.


  1. The lip butter is such a pretty color & you got it at a great price! They're usually around $9.00 I think :)

  2. I have the Carmex ointment and love the lip butter color! Def. need to get this one haha.

  3. Such a good deal on the lip butters, wish we had Shoppers Drug Mart or something like it in Ireland.

  4. I love Nivea body lotions and creams! I haven't noticed many face lotions by them here in the US, I wonder if they are marketed under a sister brand name instead...

    Cupcake is such a cute color! I love the formula of the Revlon Lip Butters, I have slowly but surely been expanding my collection each time I get a coupon or find them on sale. I might have to add Cupcake to my list!

  5. Hi Gaby! That's neat that you found a Nivea eye cream at Dollarama. But usually when I find something like that at Dollarama it means that it's being discontinued....one of my favourite Nivea products is their liquid shower gel :)
    I don't think I've tried Carmex lip balm before but so far my HG lip balm is the original Burt's Bees lip balm. It's amazing and it even beats my Jack Black Lip Balm which is highly rated on Makeupalley. Have you tried the Burt's Bees lip balm before?
    Oh and I also like looking at Shoppers Drug Mart flyers for their one or two day specials :) the Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake looks very pretty!

  6. Cupcake is a really cute color, I have creamsicle and creme brule :P love them

  7. Nice deal on the lip butter! Man I totally just threw my flyers in the recycling bin this week and I shouldnt have!
    I agree dollarama does have some random good things, I just picked up the sprite lip smackers from there lol.
    Thats great about Nivea too!