February 01, 2012

Shopping: Walmart

I went to Walmart in search of some dog food for my 8 weeks old Yorkshire Terrier puppy but that was a waste of time because I was already aware they didn't have a huge selection, but it has been a long time since I last checked so I figured out I had nothing to lose. I had a clear idea in my mind of what I wanted to feed Peach (as in Princess Peach, from Super Mario!):

  • food that isn't owned by a company that conducts cruel tests on animals (companies to avoid: IAMS/Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet, Purina, Pedigree and their divisions)
  • food that contains chicken as the main ingredient (yes, dogs are carnivore; no, I won't feed her vegetarian food because I'm vegetarian myself)
  • food that contains no by-products
  • food that is affordable

I figured out the only alternative was Walmart store brand but after a quick look at the ingredients, I quickly realized they were all crap (would you feed your dog food with corn as the main ingredient? WTF?). I finally decided to have a look at Mondou (why didn't I think of that sooner?) and the super nice SA pointed me two brands (exclusive to Mondou and without cruel animal tests) that would fulfill all of my demands (I finally opted for Vetdiet). Mondou is great because they don't sell animals in their stores and they even have a cool rewards program that lets you exchange points for cash rewards (:

In the meantime, I figured out I would have a look around while I was in Walmart...

Original Carmex Jar $1.98 I keep hearing so many great things about this lip balm and being a lip balm junkie, I just had to try it. At $1.98 at Walmart, it was pretty hard to resist! I think I withheld for so long because I was afraid that camphor and phenol could make my lips react (what usually happen with lip-tingling formulas), but so far, I have nothing to report except that this is an amazing lipbalm and I'm so glad I finally decided to give it a try! Now I'm lusting after the cherry version... Oh, and do I really have to mention that Carmex is not tested on animals? (:

g21 by George long sleeves striped pulls on sale $9 each (instead of $14) I know, I should not have a look at the clothes everytime I'm in Walmart because I always find something interesting and affordable! Can you believe there was only one XS of the black and grey shirt left? But hey, I really needed long sleeves tops because I'm always freezing! Oh yes, you may have noticed that I have a thing for stripes =P


  1. Super cute ton chien Gaby! Tu nous montreras plus de photos!

  2. Wow, so difficult to find animal-friendly pet food! I might get a cat someday and I wouldn't feed it vegetarian either. Cats will hunt mice and rabbits, after all!

  3. I had no idea that science diet tests on animals! That's what I feed my dog, he's such a picky eater, we've tried many different brands, but he refuses to eat anything other than science diet :P


  4. You made a great list of things you want and don't want in a food.

    If you don't mind can I suggest some more things to look for?

    a food that dosen't contain:wheat, soy, corn, beet pulp...these are the top allergins for dogs and cause a lot of issues. Personally I believe companies add these ingredents to fill up the dogs cheaply.

    I personally use fromm four star. There are 9 flavours (Monty loves Duck or Chicken) and it might be a bit pricer (about $20 for a 5 lb bag) but since you have a small dog a 5lb bag will last you a long time (5lb last 12 lb Monty about a month). It also is an all life stages food so it is good for puppies.

    Just from what I use, love and Monty loves...so I thought I would share since you were on the hunt for a good food.
    So happy you are loving your pup and I love the name.


  5. These are really cute shirts!! Great find.

  6. Boy, that grey n black LOOKS sooo nice b it's so freaking affordable!! I want!! But I think there won't be any sizes left :(

    I love ur puppy!!! My sister has 2 puppies and they actually cook them food ong so much work!!!.. She left them at my moms place for 1 month and we made large badger of fish fillet, carrots sweet potatoes, potatoes etcccc boil them small then n serve! Freeze the rest lol but omg so much work! But it's so worth it cuz they are so cute!!!


  7. @Ms Bubu: Il risque d'en avoir des tonnes dans mes month in pictures ahah!

    @Sarah S. s: Exactly! Just a stupid question I've been asked by meat eaters -_-

    @MaviDeniz : Hills Science Diet is owned by Colgate-Palmolive which is not a animal friendly company. I understand if your dog is a picky eater though, and I don't know what I would have done if there wasn,t a Mondou near where I live!

    @Jill-O : Thank you for your input Jill! Yes I know these are cheal fillers but there's not a lot of options for healthy dog food around here, and I haven't seen this brand you are talking about around here. Also, I find it really hard to completely avoid these fillers! The worst is when some of them are listed as the MAIN ingredient! WTF?!

    @Sweet As Honey Blog : Thanks!

    @ThisIsAlx : I find that Walmart clothes always get sold so fast, especially when they are on sale! yes I've been suggested to DIY my dog food but vets don't agree with this option because they say the dog is likely to lack vitamins ):

  8. i love carmex
    i wish we had a walmart in the uk it looks so good

  9. There's cherry Carmex now? Sweet! I will need to try that!

  10. The shirts you got are really cute! :)

  11. toi tu peux mettre un chandail à 1$ et tu vas toujours etre super belle.

  12. Super beaux les chandails et pour pas cher en plus! :) Le Carmex c'est vrai que ça va vraiment bien mais je sais pas pourquoi, je le préfère en tube qu'en pot ... En tube, c'est plus crémeux et hydratant on dirait! Contente que tu l'aimes en tout cas! :)

  13. I want to go out and buy a new pot of Carmex now! x

  14. You're so in shape! The shirts look great on you!

  15. Yay you have Peach! =D
    I have never liked the packaging of the Carmex so I havent ever tried it.. good to hear it works well!
    I love the stripes too! I have a couple of those from Wally World as well =) super cheap and they fit nice!

  16. hey so nice to meet a fellow Canadian blogger :) I love carmex its pretty much the only stuff that really works. Lipsmackers don't really do it for me... Even the Fresh lipbalms that were $20 (so expensive) don't work but carmex does! Have you heard of Joe Fresh? Its pretty awesome as well.

    take care!

    xoxo champagne

    p.s. I followed you hope you follow me too :)

  17. @Beauty Fiend : Whaaaaaat?? No Walmart in the UK? Well I wish we had Topshop and Target here ):

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections : Yes, but I don't think it's that new, it's because I have never tried Carmex before. Looks sooooo yummy though!

    @Vintage Makeup : Thanks (:

    @beauty combat : Ahahah merci tu es trop gentille!

    @ Alex-Fashion-Beauty : Ah oui? Ce pot là c'est le seul Carmex que j'ai trouvé chez Wal-Mart, mais pourtant on m'a dit que le pot était plus épais que le tube? Bon bin ça a l'air que ça va me prendre le tube aussi... moi qui essaie d'arrêter d'acheter des baumes à lèvres LOL!

    @ Katherine : Wow, thanks Katherine! =D

    @ *MoNtseR GiRl* : I personally don't mind products in pot as I usually find them thicker (: Maybe you could try the tube version?

    @Ms. Champagne : Thanks for the follow hun! Yes I've heard of Joe Fresh but I haven't tried much of their stuff.

  18. Agree on finding good food for pets. My cat is allergic to chicken, beef, soy, wheat (the list goes on) and then you look at the ingredients on a packed of FISH for cats and it goes 'chicken, soy, milk, peanut, wheat, rice, FISH..' its like WTF!?!

  19. @Tali : I know right, what are they thinking, I mean, I don't care what they claim on the box/pouch, I will ALWAYS check the ingredients!

  20. I love your haircut, you look so stylish! Great haul!