December 01, 2011

Anastasia Beauty Express Brow Kit

Anastasia Soar has dedicated a lifetime to the pursuit of balance natural beauty. She has combined both her methods and expertise in beauty regimen, and product line that creates the perfect face. 
For years, Anastasia has shaped the brows of Hollywood's elite in her Beverly Hills Salon. Now she brings her brow products to you. She's created her signature line to help you achieve beautiful Anastasia brows at home.

I must admit I've always been lazy with my eyebrows but for one good reason - they won't behave! I hate their shape, it's just boring and no matter how much I try to give them an angled shape, they refuse to hold it! I've always been envious of those lucky girls with full and perfectly shaped eyebrows, but I was about to give up when I was offered the opportunity to try Anastasia Beauty Express Brow Kit from Anastasia Soare, known as The Definitive Brow Expert!

Anastasia Beauty Express Brow Kit in Blonde

Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes is an all-in-one kit with instructions straight from Anastasia herself. The kit contains:

  • brow wax cream
  • brow powder duo
  • eyeshadow duo
  • stencils
  • angled brush

When I first opened the kit, I was overwhelmed by the number of steps indicated in the instructions and I immediately thought I wouldn't have the time for such product in my morning beauty routine, but I was proved wrong as not all of the steps are mandatory, and you can easily achieve great brows in around 5 minutes.

All you need to do is select the stencil that fits the most of your natural brow hair through the cutout, then align it to your brow and apply the brow powder to the open area using light stroke (you don't want to end up with drawn-on brows!). Then, remove the stencil and tweeze hair outside the powdered area and finish with a touch of eyeshadow to enhance brow brone, lids and inner corner of eyes.

Of course, you don't have to do this every morning - once you have created the perfect shape for your brows, you just need to fill them in and you can set them with the wax cream (which can also be used before the brow powder to help it adhere).

Personally, I don't really care for the brow wax because I feel I have to really dig in to get some product on the brush and I find it hard to apply on the brows. Also, the eyeshadow duo is a nice bonus - it's very pigmented, gorgeous and easy to apply - but it's not a necessity as I'm sure you all have at least one highlight shade in your collection.

I was actually impressed at the quality of the brush, I must say I was expecting a crappy brush as it's what happens with most kits, but no, this one is of professional quality and the bristles are stiff enough to allow a precise application.

L - R: before and after

This is how my brows looked after using the petite arch stencil. Not bad for a first try, don't you think? Now I can't wait to play around with the other stencils and experiment with various eyebrow shapes!

Anastasia Beauty Express Brow Kit is available in Blonde and Brunette for $39.50 on Anastasia.net.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Nice!

    Moi y'a pas de brow kit qiu me font, j'ai les sourcils noirs! ils disent de mettre une couleur plus pale, mais j'irai pas mettre du gris! Ni du brun! Haha!

  2. ooo nice it looks so natural! anastasia eye brow kits are supposed to be wicked awesome! It looks it! I would be over whelmed too! It looks like alot of work! haha :-P

  3. This kit looks awesome! I never leave the house without filling in my brows.

  4. I am so curious about this kit! I have seen it around awhile now and just keep wanting it more and more!

  5. Im so glad you have a review I have been wanting to try this out.
    New follower!


  6. Hi Gaby! Great review on the Anastasia Brow Kit :) I've seen Anastasia products in Sephora...and I always have to get my eyebrows professional upkept every few weeks or so because like yourself, I have difficulties maintaining them all by myself.
    I can see a nice difference in your before and after stencil use!

  7. Your brows look great!! I've always been curious of the brow products by Anastasia. Looks like this kit is quite promising. :D

  8. It did make your brows look fuller and they look quite natural too. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I just ordered this brow kit from Sephora last week and now I really can't wait for it to get here. I didn't realize it came with stencils so now I'm pretty excited ;D Thanks for the great review!

  10. @ Ms Bubu : T'es pas sérieuse? C'est vrai qu'ils recommendent de ne jamais utiliser de noir sur les sourcils... bizarre, je ne sais pas ce que tu peux faire! Peut-être une ombre à paupière foncée?

    @MissTwist : Yes I know, that's why I was so excited to try it! But it's really not a lot of work, it tool me around 5 minutes!

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections : I'm not too fussy about my eyebrows but I'm extremely lazy!

    @ Karen Law : Hi Karen! Maybe I should go see a professional to have my brows shaped and then maybe it will be easier for me to take care of them? But I don,t want to have to go see someone every few weeks, it would drive me crazy z=

    @WitchHazel : Yes, that's what was I was the most excited about! I can't wait to try so other ones! Hope you'll like it too (: