August 29, 2011

Soul Beautiful: Your One-Stop Shop for Silicone Enhancement and Bra Accessories!

Soulbeautiful.ca helps you enhance your natural beauty with the Soul Beautiful Silicone Enhancer Collection, fix wardrobe malfunctions in seconds with quick fix solutions, and convert any bra with the innovative Bra Strap Collection. 
“Haven’t we all ruined a night out fussing with a strapless dress or worrying our bra straps are showing? Soul Beautiful enhancers and accessories are designed to make women feel confident and arm them with the fashion tools to pull off any look,” says Christine Peters, Soul Beautiful President. 
We're women too, and at Soul Beautiful, we strive to line up the most unique, customizable, and affordable accessories to enhance any woman's wardrobe.

Let's be honest - who have never wanted to try "chicken cutlets"? I never really thought about purchasing some because I'm pretty happy with my push-up bras (sssh, it's a secret!), so when Joyce's email popped in my mailbox, I must say I was sceptical at first, but then I thought, "Why not?" I ended having fun playing around with their products!

Looking to create a natural oomph? The Regular Enhancers are made of a soft silicone material that will feel like your very own. Simply insert into your bra, adjust for fit and feel and walk out with a natural confidence!

  • Increase one cup size
  • Natural movement and feel
  • Creates a naturally fuller shape
  • Fits into any bra
  • One size fits all
  • Reusable and washable 
  • Affordable!

Having never tried "chicken cutlets" before, I didn't know what to expect from them, but I was actually impressed at how comfortable they are. Once properly inserted and adjusted, they stay put and won't budge at all.

They are very soft and I even forget I'm wearing them! I don't think they are quite comparable to my trusty push-up bras, but they do add some natural "oomph!". If you have a relatively small chest like me (I'm a B cup) and you are looking to create a natural cleavage and lift, I think you will be pleased with those. Because of that, I don't think you will have to wear these enhancers everyday to get away with it, which is a good thing.

If you wish for an even more fuller bust line, have a look at the Voluptuous and Super Voluptuous Enhancers. Afraid to make a too big statement? I suggest you go for the Demi Enhancer instead.

Going away on a beach vacation? Take these Bathing Suit Enhancers with you to give you natural support and volume in your swimsuits. Waterproof and reusable makes it the perfect beach essential.

  • Create natural lift, shape & cleavage
  • Provides support in bikini bathing suits
  • Detachable and waterproof!
  • Fits into bathing suits and bras
  • Clear to conceal into any skin tone or coloured undergarment

After my great experience with the Regular Breast Enhancers, I was expecting these ones to be just as awesome, but I was very disappointed.

They feel very heavy once inserted and they seem to drag down my bikini top, which is absolutely not comfortable! I won't recommend to go swimming with these because I would be afraid for them to fall (especially if you go playing in the waves). I think they are only good to stroll on the beach, and even then, I don't feel comfortable wearing them at all.

Another thing I didn't like is their shape. Instead of being more round/oval like the Regular Breast Enhancers, they have a triangular shape and the bottom is slightly curved inward to provide the push-up effect, which is uncomfortable and results in a not so natural lift.

I have also tried them in a bra and even though they are more comfortable than in a bikini, I still prefer the Regular Breast Enhancers.

Perfect and affordable solution to transform your own bra into the perfect racer back bra, while giving you extra lift and cleavage.

  • No need to buy a new racer back bra
  • Keeps straps hidden
  • Use with ANY of your favourite bras
  • Creates extra lift and cleavage
  • Comes in three colours to match w/ your outfits

This little thing is simply genius! I have never own a racerback bra and never really felt the need too, because honestly, I don't really care if my bra straps are showing, but there's those times when they are better hidden like for special events or when you simply want to look a little more pulled together.

The Strap Solutions do provide a subtle and natural lift and cleavage, but it's not comparable to what you get from the Regular Breast Enhancers or a push-up bra.

I like that they come in three colors to match your outfit or bra. They are relatively small and they don't bug me at all - I can barely feel them on my back once they are installed.

I should warn you though - I have only tried the Strap Solutions on an old bra that cost me $2.50 and that I don't really care about because I'm a little scared it could stretch or even break my favorite bras' straps. Also be sure to loosen up the straps to the maxium before installing the Strap Solutions, it's easier to tighten them after than before and it will prevent the straps from getting all stretched out.

Fashion Tape ($7.99 for 48 pieces)
A great quick fix tool to hold down gaping necklines and revealing clothing.

  • Fabric-friendly two-way tape won't ruin your delicate clothes
  • Cut to follow the curves of your clothing.

These little wonders are seriously incredible! For the purpose of this review, I put these tapes to the test with a tube top and I walked, run, jumped and danced all around the house and guess what? I was expecting my top to fall out anytime, but no - it did not budge at all!

I even tugged on my top and it didn't fall out! The Fashion Tapes are really sticky and you can definitely trust them to not fail you during a night out on the town.

These Fashion Tapes come in two styles in two sizes each, for a total of 48 pieces. Each tape is one time use and it is clear, thus completely undetectable under your clothings!

Now I will never be afraid of strapless top or bra anymore!

Convert any bra into a stylish new accessory and add a little shine to your outfit!

  • Converts any bra with detachable straps
  • Conceals look of exposed straps
  • Soft material make straps comfortable without causing irritation and added pressure on your shoulders

Let me put this straight - I have always hated those tacky clear bra straps. I mean, come on, just buy a good strapless bra instead!

Don't expect these bra straps to be invisible - they aren't. You can clearly see they are made of plastic and they just look... tacky. I can't find another word to describe them. And those little blingy hearts... yes they are cute but come on - on a bra straps, really?!

Yes they are comfortable, but this doesn't justify their tackyness (is this even a word?). If you don't have a proper strapless bra, just wear a normal bra - or no bra at all and rely on the Fashion Tapes!

View the complete Soul Beautiful collection at www.soulbeautiful.ca and follow them on Twitter @SoulBeautifulCA and on Facebook for the latest style tips, news and contests!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Hi Gaby! You're so lucky to try out these products from Soul Beautiful!
    I know what you mean about a clear bra strap looking tacky. I don't fancy clear bra straps myself, but I think under certain types of tops, a bright coloured bra/bra strap or even wearing a cute bikini top under a certain type of shirt would look great and the rhinestone hearts might look good with that ;)
    Their Fashion Tape sounds really good! The fashion tape I have (from Le Chateau) will easily come off if I tug on my top or something. This tape sounds good for certain low draping tops that I'd wear clubbing ;)
    Hmmm...that's too bad about the Clear Silicone Bathing Suit Inserts being too heavy. Thanks for letting us know - but the Regular Breast Enhancers sound really good. Great review Gaby!

  2. Haha, my sister likes cutlets... but I'm luckier than her in the bust department. I once tried that Victoria's Secret bra that bumps you up two cup sizes and I looked like a cartoon that was about to fall on her face! I have a good size as is, and I feel lucky to never have thought I need larger or smaller.

  3. Great review! Especially the part about the clear and blingy bra straps. Call me old fashioned, but I think bra straps should remain hidden.

  4. Cute Bra straps! :)

    Lucy x

  5. Right on about the clear bra straps! Never tried cutlets before but yes, I'll admit it, I'm curious about them... ;P

  6. your super lucky to get sent all these great things that's awesome !! loved your review

  7. I love the packaging, that blue is gorgeous!

  8. Some interesting items there. XOXO

  9. Very very very cool products! I have to agree with you about the "chicken cutlets" comment. However, those ones don't seem all that big and with your comments, it might be beneficial to try it out


  10. Haha I am glad you didn't like the hearts for the straps, I couldn't wear those! I've never ever used the chicken cutlets, they always freaked me out! I do not see how they would work in a bikini ever!! The strap solutions look great but I like how lots of La Senza bras have that option, they work soo well and have the good old push up style :)
    Great review! The packing is so cute!!!

  11. Those ones for our swimsuit look alarmingly like jelly fish, can you imagine the fear you could cause if one 'got loose' :) Nice review of their products Gaby.

  12. Hello there dear! I recently came across your blog and I saw this post. you are so lucky to get to try these!! sexy indeed! ;) feel free to drop by my blog if you have the time!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

  13. ohhh lord knows i need those silicone pads haha. and yah i think clear bra straps are dumb cause you can CLEARY see them no matter what brand makes it lol. id say just go strapless :)

  14. Thanks for sharing........
    Fashion Bra Straps is so helpful for safety.