August 30, 2011

Guest Post: Get a Baby Soft Skin!

This post was written by Erum Faysal who is a herbal beautician and blogs regarding natural beauty tips on Caring Whispers. She also advises herbal products and remedies through herbs, fruits & vegetables. She believes that these remedies are very easy to follow but have great results. Only few things to do during your daily routines and you'll find yourself as you want to be.

You want a baby soft skin. Well here are the tactics to get it. Follow some simply easy steps and you can have a fresh, smooth and a baby like skin.

Most importantly, remember to cleanse every day. Cleansing the skin removes the layer of dead cell from the skin and stops the skin from breathing. Cleansing daily brings you closer to your goal of achieving baby soft skin. After cleansing you can always do moisturizing with essential oils.

Furthermore, there is a strict need to avoid all products which have harsh chemicals. You can always use products which have natural ingredients because they don’t harm the skin like the chemicals do. Products with natural ingredients can fulfill the requirement of essential minerals and vitamins which replenish the skin and maintain its hydration and ph level.

One essential step in getting a baby soft skin is applying of lotion or cream right after a shower or a bath. This is the time when the pores are still open and are most receptive for anything. So applying a lotion at that time will provide the skin enough nourishment required to keep the skin soft and smooth.

Sunscreens are very important in keeping the skin baby like. It’s recommended to apply the sunscreen at least 25 minutes before leaving home. Its advised to apply sunscreen every 4 hours if you tend to be out in the sun for most of the time. Sunscreens reflect UV rays which helps to keep your skin bright and fresh.

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  1. Great post. I really enjoy herbal remedies. And I love studying about herbalism. <3


  2. I think it's such a great reminder to apply the sunscreen almost 1/2 hr before being in the sun...easy to forget that, thanks!

  3. Great post! i love! the baby is so adorable too!!
    i want to pinch pinch her! cuutee
    thanks hun for sharing.. mmuah!

  4. Hi Gaby! That's so neat that you incorporate guest blogger posts ;)
    I agree with what Erum said but I think what you eat is also very important on how you skin looks. Plus there's a lot of environmental factors involved - like I heard certain skin conditions like psoriasis is triggered from stress sometimes. With that being said, I still have difficulty finding a great sunscreen that really absorbs well into my skin for my face so that I can apply foundation on top of my sunscreen. So far Neutrogena Sheer has been the best for that. I remember you got the face Neutrogena Sheer. Did you like that product? Have you tried any sunscreens that absorb better than that Gaby? Thanks so much in advance ;)

  5. Good post- especially because the winter is on the way.

  6. @Tracy D : I agree, I tend to forget that easily too! I will just slather it on and then run in the sun LOL

    @ Karen Law : You are right Karen, I agree! Eczema is also triggered by stress ): I personally hate to apply sunscreen on my face before makeup, that's why I try to find some good face cream with SPF. If not, shame on me, I will just go out without protection! Yes I have a Neutrogena Sheer for face but I don't remember what it's called exactly. It's OK for the beach I guess even though I usually just use my body sunscreen as face sunscreen, but I think this one from Neutrogena tends to be really runny and absorbed super quickly so you have to work fast to spread it evenky on your face. I agree that it is non oily and it absorbs very well.