November 23, 2010

Review: Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express

Price: around $6 - $7

The claims:
  • Patented Spoon brush and Kera-fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping.
  • Unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of 300% more lashes.
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Contact lens safe

How to use:
Hold brush with spoon side against lashes and sweep from root to tip to fill in gaps and coat each lash with Kera-fiber formula. Repeat until false lash look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats.

  • lengthens and volumizes lashes
  • easily buildable
  • nicely separate lashes
  • holds a curl with a little help
  • inexpensive

  • flakes a little throught the day
  • clumps after 2 coats
  • strong scent
  • I didn't notice a "false lash effect"

What I think:
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so look for yourself:

Three coats of mascara on the left eye, and nothing on the right eye:


 Three coats of mascara on both eyes:

A closer look at the brush:

 Crappy pictures, I know, but the weather wouldn't cooperate!

And some more pictures of me flaunting my not-so-fake lashes:

First of all, if a false lash effect is really what you are looking for, I would say this mascara is not for you. I'm absolutely not the type of girl who gets suck in by pretty packaging or stupid ads. Case in point:

Do you honestly expected to achieve those lashes? "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's false lashes." I mean, come on.

Anyway, I figured out this mascara was too inexpensive to not give it a try. And I honestly haven't been disappointed by many mascaras as I have non-existent lashes, so even the most sucky one will make them stand out, at least a little.

The Falsies gives me amazing lashes, but it doesn't live up to its claims. Yes, it volumized my lashes, but certainly not 8x more, and even less, without clumps!

Another thing I don't get is the wand. A spoon wand? What's that? It's not curved but it's not straight. Does it make a difference? I don't think so. Yes it separates lashes, but I achieved this with a normal brush, too. And it certainly does give me 300% more lashes.

When I said that The Falsies could hold a curl with help, I meant that if you just curl your lashes and then apply the mascara, it won't do. What I like to do (with any mascara, really) after having curled my lashes and applied mascara, is to let in dry a little (but not completely) and then gently push the lashes at the base to "seal" the curl. I don't know if you get what I mean? Curling your lashes after applying mascara could cause them to break, that's why I'm not doing this with a curler. Just a little tip!

Overall, yes I had some rants, but I would definitely recommend this mascara. However, you are warned: don't expect a false lashes look!

Available colors: Blackest Black, Very Black and Brownish Black

Recommend? yes

Rating: ★★★


  1. I luv this mascara!! this is one of my favs right now! =)

  2. im so curious to try this mascara... there are so many mixed reviews about it.. thanks for your descriptive reveiw!
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  3. When I apply it to my eyelashes it doesn't clump and it looks like im wearing false lashes!

  4. @MakeupJunkie88 : Me too hehe! I'm still debating whether repurchasing it or not, because there's always plenty of new mascaras I want to try, but I also feel like the tube would be empty soon )=

    @Miss Krimson: Yes I know about the mixed reviews, that's why I decided to try it out for myself. And I'm not disappointed, it's my current favorite mascara!

    @The Duty of Beauty : That's great! Maybe it clumps because I apply more than 1 coat?

  5. I love your blog and you're ridiculously gorgeous on so many levels. Anyway, I have short, stumpy, pitiful lashes. I'll give this a try, but I really like Loreal Telescopic. I think some drug store mascaras spank the high end brands like nobody's business.

  6. Thanks for the review!!! I have this product in my cabinet ready to test...I know...dont ya just hate all the claims with *most* mascara advertising...I mean, I know that it wont live up to its claims...I just want a mascara to build volume a bit of lenght, not clump, and not smudge...then I am happy! Great blog! I am a new follower! Thanks for your follow over at my blog! You have a great blog here and are soooo pretty!!! :)

  7. This mascara really sucks. I bought it, thinking it'd be as good as any other mascara, but I was wrong. I put one coat on, it clumped like I'd never seen this before, and just threw it out in the garbage. The product was stuck on the brush, and really didn't apply well. I didn't have a good experience with this one, but to each its own, eh? :)

  8. I have far too many mascaras so i'll probably pass on this - i love the yellow version fo this though :)

  9. Haha I've heard a lot about this not being falsie standard. And your comment 'Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's false lashes' REALLY made me chuckle. Maybelline (and Rimmel) are THE worst offenders in terms of mascara adverts. The mascara does look nice on you though :) xxx

  10. haha! If not for what it claims, I think this mascara is really nice! Since I'm running low, I might just give it a go since it looks really nice on you.
    Haha,,, maybe she's born with it... maybe is false lashes!!

  11. beautifull post :D i'm new on blogger and if you want to follow me i'll follow you back :D xoxo

  12. @Katie: Aww thank you, you're so sweet! I've been interested in tryin L'Oréal Telescopic, but the strange wand scares me a little LOL.

    @Miss Tapia: Some products just don't work for everyone z=

    @Pammy: Thank you!! I hope you will like this mascara (=

    @GabZ1985 : Aww that sucks! Clumps with only one coat? You could always complain to Maybelline, maybe your tube was defective...

    @..R May A.. : I didn't like The Colossal, it just did nothing for my lashes )=

    @Nats : Oh yeah, I totally agree! I'm not the type who naively believe in those stupid ads, so of course I didn't expected a false lash effect, that's why I'm not disappointed with this mascara. It woks really well for me, in fact (=

    @Dolce♥Bunny : Yes, it's great, even though it won't really give you that false lash effect. And yes, Maybelline are the worst with ttheir stupid ads -_-

    @the solar flare : Thanks!

  13. My review on this was pretty much EXACTLY the same as yours! It would have been better if they gave it a different name, because it most definitely doesn't give you a false eyelash look. All in all though, a decent mascara.
    I found it grew on me a bit =)

  14. @Miss*Kimmy: Aww really? I've read tons of mixed reviews about this mascara, and I wanted to make my own opinion on it. It doesn't live up to its claims, but I'm not disappointed; it's great anyway (=

  15. C'est mon chouchou! C'est celui que j'utilise tous les jours et j'en suis très contente!

  16. Hmmm, have you tried the Volume Express range? I swear they make my lashes twice the length.


  17. @Coraline59 : Je l'utilise tous les jours et j'en suis très contente également (=

    @Michelle Xo : Yes, I have tried the Colossal Volum' Express, but it didn't really work for me )=

  18. I always wondered about this mascara. I heard mixed reviews. Some say it works, some say it doesn't. I have not tried it yet, so maybe I will soon. Thanks for posting!

  19. @Jasmin : That's why I decided to give this mascara a try, and I quite like it (=

  20. Yeah! If I apply more then one coat it clumps.
    The trick is to apply as many coats as possible BEFORE it dries and it totally gives you the false lash effect!
    P.S your gorg. & love your blog

  21. I was thinking of trying this mascara even though I like those with primer on one end better.. looks like it clumped a lot on you though hmm.. xx

  22. @UrbanMermaid: Oh I can't stand those with primers, I absolutely don,t have the time to put primer on and then mascara in the morning when I'm in a rush before school. Yes, it clumpes a lot - as I said, it clumps after 2 coats. I don't mind clumps though - in fact, I always go for a clumpier look (=

  23. @The Duty of Beauty: Well I feel that if I don't let the mascara dry just a little between coats, the coats won't build up as nicely... but I'll give it a try with this mascara! Thanks (=

  24. Great review! You seem to be a big fan of Maybelline mascaras Gaby :) I use to love the Full N soft mascara from them because it really did make my lashes feel softer than it does with regular mascara on them. Have you tried the Full N Soft?
    I currently use L'oreal Voluminous and a lot of people either love it (like me) or hate it....I think the ones that hate it need to try using it with a lash comb. I always have to use a lash comb with mascara or else it gets clumpy a bit....
    And yeah, I never understand mascara's that claim to give so much more volume or length. I think honestly, you can't even achieve more than double the length or double the amount of lashes...not to mention 300% more. Like honestly I don't know who the company is trying to kid to!
    I hate mascara ads...ALL the models wear false lashes. WTF! Like if I wear false lashes I don't need mascara anyways.
    I'm a little bit strange when applying mascara. I always heard that curling your lashes after applying mascara will break your lashes but I actually only curl my lashes after applying mascara....I've done it for like ten years and luckily my lashes are intact LOL

  25. I finally tried my Falsies which have only just arrived in Australia... meh, it's ok, agree with you it doesn't do a false lash effect. Max Factor False Lash effect is way better.


  26. Great review :) This mascara looks good on you, maybe the formula of this is better than the Black Drama one? Hmmm...


  27. Maybelline mascaras usually state that you shouldn't let it dry between coats, implying that clumping would be our own fault. The Duty of Beauty is doing it right.

    Despite the clumping, this mascara looks great on you~ I totally have to pick up a tube!