October 20, 2010

Thank you mom!

My mother went to Montreal this past week-end and she brought me some goodies!

Fortune Cookies: I love those! I love reading the little fortune in each cookie. This bag is so big... but I know I could eat them all in one sitting LOL.

The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover: There was a sale at The Body Shop, I think it was buy 2 get the 3rd for free or something like that. I don't think I have tried something from this brand before but I definitely hear a lot of rave about their body butters. I don't fancy a particular brand when it comes to make-up removers as baby oil does the trick perfectly for me, but I can't wait to give this one a try!

And those products were on sale for around $4 at Jean Coutu, if I remember well:

 Garnier Fructis Style Volume Booster and Alberto Heat Styler Heat Protector Miracle Mist

Garnier Fructis Style Volume Booster: The instructions simply say to distribute product from roots to tips and let air dry. I'm a little sceptical about this, but I guess at around $4, it's worth a try!

Alberto Heat Styler Heat Protector Miracle Mist: I almost grabbed this product with my $5 off voucher the other day... but I'm glad my mother did! I already have two heat protectant sprays so I don't really need another, but I can't wait to try it.
Thanks mom!


  1. Fortune Cookies!!! <3


  2. Fortune Cookies ~~~ We got very less Fortune cookies selling in Malaysia =( I would love to read those little fortune while eating too ! haha..

  3. how was the body shop make-up remover? could you do a review about that :)

  4. i love the camomile makeup remover from body shop as well :)

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  5. @Mia: Yeyyy! ^^

    @AnnaYJia: Yes, those are so fun!

    @Nadine Natalin: I haven't tried it yet as I have to finish the one I'm currently using, but I'll definitely be reviewing it, even if it's going to be in a loooong time eheh!

    @Phoebe!x: I'm glad you like it! Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway (=

  6. How sweet of your mom!!!


  7. @Kasia_B: I'm very lucky to have her (=

  8. cookies!! YOUR MOM IS SWEET ♥

  9. Your mom is so sweet!!So cute to send cookies along with bauty products!!!

  10. ta mere est gentille! =D j'aime les items qu'elle a achetes! =O

  11. @Blushingloves : ^^

    @petitechouxx: N'est-ce pas? J'aime aussi ce qu'elle m'a acheté hihi (=

  12. Oh my gosh, a BAG of fortune cookies. I need to get some of those. I haven't had any in forever because I didn't know you could buy them in bags, at least I haven't seen any haha.

  13. Coucou Gaby ! J'adore ton post précédent <3 , le far sur tes paupières est vrmt beau et ta coiffure n'en parlons pas ... elle te va à merveille c'est sublime :D
    Plein de bisous et à très vite.

    PS: Nouveau post sur mon blog d'ailleurs :)

  14. Your mom is too sweet!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. The body shop is amazing! Defnetly go and check out some body butters!

  16. aww how sweet =)
    the body shop ,, makeup remover seems great
    i saw it in a review before =)
    i love everything body shop <3

  17. WOW!! That is a BIG bag of fortune cookies!!
    and really curious about the body shop make up remover! I too use baby oil to remove make up!! Its the best ^ ^

  18. @Stephine: I didn't know you could buy them in bags either! And that's a BIG bag eheh!

    @Elisabeth-Modèle: Merciiii ^^ Je vais voir ton post de ce pas!

    @Marie: Isn't she? ^^

    @Liasbubblebath : Yes I've heard a lot about their body butters! But $20 is quite pricey in my opinion for a body butter )=

    @Princess Feef: I'm glad you have seen a positive review about the makeup remover!

    @Dolce♥Bunny: I also always go back to baby oil when I run out of eye makeup remover. It just melts everything off in a snap!

  19. Biensur que tu peux réutiliser la réplique : "Ce ne sont pas mes jupes qui sont trop courtes, ce sont mes jambes qui sont trop longues " :D

    Bonne fin de soirée Gaby

  20. @Elisabeth-Modèle: Merci pour la permission =D

  21. OoOO, fortune cookies!! Had one before but they all said the same,

    p.s: The brushes are actually quite different and colossal is more on volume and magnum is a little bit of both.
    I wish I could get more Colossal where I live. LOL, nice blog btw

  22. @hevn: Thanks for letting me know! I don't think the Magnum is available where I live z=

    @Caroline59: Je ne me rappelle pas avoir déjà essayé un produit de cette marque, mais j'ai bien hâte d'essayer le démaquillant (=

  23. I want to go to Canada again!!
    I miss the onion bread, we have it here too but it's not the same :(


  24. @LynSire ♛ : Yeah, I bet it's like poutine!

  25. Awww that's so sweet of your Mom to pick up things for you from Montreal - and it's so nice to see how much you appreciate it as well :)
    Have you tried blow drying your hair after using the Got2B voluminizer?
    Mmmm I love fortune cookies - not so much because of what they have to say but I love how they taste hehe