September 28, 2010

Shopping: Jean Coutu

I went to Jean Coutu after school today to pick up my prescriptions, and I also brought home two more things:

The best part? It cost me nothing! 

A while back ago (in May, actually) I discovered that Alberto were offering their Facebook fans a coupon redeemable for a free full-size Alberto European styling product of our choice, so of course I took advantage of this! At first, I was hesitant between getting a mousse or the Heat Protect Miracle Mist Heat Styler, but I figured out I already had one (or more) of these products, so I finally decided to use my coupon to try Alberto Weather Resistant Hairspray Mega Hold Finish as I don't really like the hairspray I'm currently using. The thing with Alberto hairsprays is that there's so many! There's Mega Hold, Extra Hold and Firm Hold, and then you also have the unscented ones, the non-aerosol ones... so I decided to go for the "strongest" (scented and aerosol, thank you) just to be sure it would work all day! It says "Long lasting mega hold for ultimate staying power", but it also claims to be non sticky or flaky. We'll see!

About two weeks ago, I received a coupon from Save.ca for a free pack of Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular with wings (18 pads). I prefer tampons over pads, but I guess I will just give them to my mother.


  1. J'ai eu leur coupn aussi sur Facebook avant de partir et jài aussi pris du fixatif, jme rappelle plus lequel, jai du le laisser a ma mere pcq javais trop dans mes valises! Mais je trouve que cest un bon freebie!

  2. Wow, you are one smart shopper!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. @Ms Bubu: J'ai longtemps hésité quoi acheté, à tel point que mon coupon a faillit passer date (le 30 septembre) ahah! J'ai bien hâte d'essayer ce fixatif (=

    @Marie: I know haha =P

  4. Free is always good! XOXO

  5. @Venus In Virgo: Oh yeah! =D

  6. Talk about being a smart shopper! We must take advantage of freebies! It's money saved. :)

  7. @Toni Tralala: Right! WHo doesn't love freebies? ^^

  8. haha you are such a lucky girl i never get coupons for anything! :D im such a looser lol!

    i love fun posts like this keep them coming! :)

    Smiles and kisses



  9. Sweet deal! Can't wait for a review on that hairspray!! I hope its exactly what it says it is!! :D

  10. ahaha lol j'adore ce poste mdr Gaby :)

    ps: Nouvelles photos dans mon blog, à très vite la miss. Je te fais des bisous ..

  11. @Miss Vendella: Well you have to search for coupons, and it's pretty hard work =P I'm glad you like those posts!

    @l-article: I hope, too!

    @Elisabeth-Modèle: Merci Elisabeth, je passerai!