October 21, 2010

Win Vegan Shoes From OlsenHaus!

Do you read Lucky, In Style, Marie Claire, or any other fashion magazines? If so, you've probably caught a peek at some olsenHaus shoes. If you love fashion and animals, olsenHaus is a must. The shoes are 100 percent vegan, fashion forward, and come in tons of trendy colors (take a look!). So it's no surprise that olsenHaus is a celebrity fave. Cameron Diaz, Alicia Silverstone, and Emily Deschanel all have olsenHaus shoes in their closets. Now you can too!

Complete this form by October 27 for your chance at fabulous, guilt-free style.

Contest description from peta2.com


  1. Thank you for telling us about this giveaway!

    If you apply lip balm before the lipstick, it's not bad or at least for me... hehe~ I think the Wet n Wild lipstick is better than the Revlon Matte ones.

  2. these shoes are really pretty :)
    Yeah we have snow now haha, cant wait for xmas time :)

    xo Christine


  3. @Ahleessa: Oh I haven't tried the Revlon matte lipsticks. That's what I do when a lipstick is too dry (applying lipbalm before). Thanks!

    @Christine: Aren't they? =D