March 08, 2010

Review: Freeman Goodstuff Organics Moisture Shea Butter Vitamin E Whipped Body Butter

Price: it's listed 6.99$ for 8.5 FL OZ / 250 mL on their website (but I got it on sale for 1.64$)

The claims: 
Good Stuff Organics Moisture Whipped Body Butter features a blend of natural Shea Butter to smooth and hydrate, Vitamin E to repair and improve skin elasticity, Brazil Nut Oil, organic Aloe Vera and Fair Trade Cocoa Butter for the ultimate moisturizing skin smoothing experience. Contains no parabens, synthetic dyes or sulfates.

 How to use: 
Massage over body until absorbed. Repeat as desired. Use as needed.

+ the scent is DIVINE! I've never smelled anything like that before! Maybe it's the cocoa butter
+ thick texture
+ really moisturizing
- the fragrance doesn't last long enough

What I think:

I'm absolutely amazed at what this butter does for my skin! It totally got rid of any spot of dry skin I had on my body, even eczema prone areas! I'm happy I bought two of these, as I think this is my new HG drugstore body butter ^^

Repurchase or recommend? yes

Rating: ★★★/5


  1. I tagged you for an award :) http://fernlaura.blogspot.com/

  2. i can't get over the greasy texture of body butter =/

  3. aah je savais pas quil en avait un a ste-therese =0
    Je savais pas non plus que dollorama avait un circulaire! haha
    C'est quand la vente d'entrepot de Annabelle deja?

  4. It's sounds sooo amazing! I love thick body butters. :)

  5. I love the scent of cocoa butter :)
    I don't know why my local pharmacies don't carry Freeman products anymore. I use to love some of their face masks/peels and lotions. It's too bad or else I would try this one out. I love body butters.

  6. Hehe , bah je sais pas =O
    Pcq cetais pas salé en tk, je crois que cetais plutot le nom du type de caramel dessus ou quelque chose comme ca..
    Mais j'ai checker sur wiki fleur de sel, pis ca lair que c'est vraiment un ingrédient!
    Alors mystere!
    Mais bon peu importe si yavais du sel ou pas dans le brownie, c'etais tellement délicieux!!!