March 07, 2010

Dollarama bargains

I should really raid my local dollar store more often! All of their products used to be exclusively 1$, but they recently introduced three new prices levels: 1.25$, 1.50$ and 2$. It's a little sad, but they still carry lots of good products, and well, 2$ is still inexpensive (=

Here's what I bought today:

I thought I'd give those baby wipes a try to wash my face in the morning (75 wipes for 1$!)

This Noxzema Original Deep Cleanser Cream was only 2$... it costs around 8$ at the drugstore! Not to mention that a cream cleanser might be a better option for my dry skin in the winter.


  1. Hi Gaby! Thank you so much for letting me know about the baby powder vs dry shampoo :) I'll probably try out the Tresemme one as I am liking quite a few things from their inexpensive line.
    Yah, all the Dollarama chains here had hiked up their prices for some items to $1.25 and up to $2. At first they said all items that were originally $1 would stay $1 and only price hikes would apply to new items. That wasn't the case :\ But it's still a bargain in a lot of cases.
    I love the scent of Noxzema :)

  2. Gabyyyy!! t'es allée quand?? ajd?? aah d'habitude je travaille le dimanche mais ajd j'avais un empechement alors jai demandé congé!!

    Jtrouve que le Noxzema pu.. lol
    Mais tu fera un review!!