February 22, 2011

Peta2 "Cut Class, Not Frogs!" Shirt

A while back ago (in November, actually), I redeemed 13500 Peta2 Street Team points for another shirt (I showed you the first one I got here). This one is very summery and cute:

Description from PETA Catalog:

Our updated classic 'Cut Class Not Frogs' is made in the U.S.A. by American Apparel and is available in standard and fitted sizes.

  • The sunshine fitted T-shirt is 100% sheer Jersey cotton construction.
  • Baby rib cotton stretchable collar for increased comfort and durability
  • Flattering, stylish fit on virtually any body type
  • Reinforced shoulder construction to maintain shape through repeated washings
  • Durable double-stitched bottom hem
  • Machine wash cold with cruelty-free detergent
  • Tumble dry low

I ordered it in Girly Small and it fits nicely. However, I'm not too sure about the collar. I would have prefered a deeper v-neck. The color didn't come out very well because of the poor lightning, but it's more of a "sunny" yellow.

This shirt (along with the others redeemable with Street Team points) are also available to buy in the PETA catalog for $20, which is quite a great deal in my opinion. But hey, why pay when you can get if for free while helping animals?

 Join Peta2's Street Team to earn free shirts, pins, and other merchandise for helping animals! It's all FREE!


  1. Your shirt is adorable! I am acatully already apart of Peta's street team and its great.

  2. Great message and very nice shirt.

  3. @Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea : Thanks! I love the Street Team, it's awesome!

    @Jennifer Leigh @Ansa: Thanks! (=

  4. I adore this t-shirt :) I'll have to check out that site :) x

  5. Adrienne : If you love animals, you definitely should!

  6. I really ought to sign up too but I still feel a bit guilty and hypocritical doing it because I eat meat (even though I am humane and love pet animals).
    But I love the t-shirt and yellow is such an understated colour.

  7. @Jasmin @Princess Feef: Thanks!

    @Karen: Oh don't feel hypocrital! I still sometimes eat meat (only chicken and fish) because it's really hard to go vegetarian (expensive, not a lot of food choice, etc). The only requirement to join the Street Team is to love animals; you don't have to be vegetarian (=