February 23, 2011

100 Things: Part II

11.  coffee

12. camping

 13. yogurt

 14. clubbing

 15. leggings

16. lounging in pyjama bottoms

 17. loud music


19. my friends

2o. poutine

See part 1 here.

Pictures are from weheartit, except my friends (obviously).


  1. I love these types of posts :)
    The camping picture is so lovely and one of my favourite things to do! x

  2. All these pictures are so gorgeous! I desperately want to try poutine, it looks fantastic.

  3. cute! i love them all. I like the quote, it makes sense. xo

  4. Poutine is so yummy! From time to time, I just need a really fatty meal :)

  5. Nice post, I also love poutine! But it contains lots of carbs, not good for everyone :( but it's sooooo good! Have you tried La banquise in montreal? If not! U MUST TRY IT whenever you go downtown! ;) The picture of your friends is beautiful! Love reading your blog, can't wait for next post ^^

  6. Lovely photos!
    I just noticed the little hamster spinning on the wheel in your sidebar,so cute! XOXO

  7. Yay! The next part of your 100 things post!!! I was just thinking that I needed to do part 2 soon too! We have many similar fav things! I loved reading this! xoxo!!!

  8. je peux pas manquer la poutine ^^ trop bon

  9. Love these posts with pretty pictures!


  10. J'adore cette liste! Bien, toute, sauf pour le camping, hehe!
    Mais la poutine, omg, je pourrais vivre sur ca! C'est définitivement mon met favoris! Si seulement c'était bon pour la santé, haha! Maintenant j'ai faim pour ca, merci Gaby! Haha! =P

    Andrée xx

  11. Hi Gaby! Ah you know the best poutine I love is at A & W (seriously!).
    I don't think I have been camping before...and I try to stay away from too much coffee but the past two days I've been busy and had to have coffee to wake up :) I'm just like you - I love a good night club and I love leggings as well

  12. Ah ca me manque tellement de la poutine! Prends-en a ma sante, stp!

  13. @Ellie : I love camping but I don't get to do some as often as I would like )=

    @Susalie: It is fantastic! It's actually my favorite meal, I could eat it every day of the week hehe!

    @Shayla: I love this quote, too (=

    @Taika : I love poutine, I could it it everyday of the week! =D

    @Anonymous: I have never heard about La Banquise before, maybe I could ask my bboyfriend to bring me there one day? Thanks for the suggestion (=

    @Venus In Virgo : When I'm bored, I can spend hours feeding it and plyaing with it LOL.

    @Pammy : I try to post it once a month but it's pretty tough to fit it in my posts schedule sometimes z=

    @petitechouxx : J'adore! Mon plat favori =D

    @Laiqah: I'm glad you like it! Thanks (=

    @Straight Up Glam : Tu n'aimes pas le cmaping? Moi, ça me manque! Ah oui la poutine, comme toi, j'en mangerais tous les jours si je pouvais ahah!

    @Karen : A&W, seriously? I tend to be picky when it comes to poutine LOL. I don't really like the one from McDonald, for example. I think it's the fries, I like them crunchy and deep fried, yum!

    Maybe Dale will bring you camping one day?

    We have similar taste, that's great (=

    @Ms Bubu : J'en mangerais tellement tous les jours! Je penserai à toi la prochaine fois (=

  14. J'adore ces articles là avec les choses que tu aimes! La poutine, ça quasiment l'air fancy tellement la photo est belle, ahah!

    Et pour répondre à ta question, oui je suis en relâche mais c'est bizzare je trouve car ça fait à peine 1mois que le cégep est recommencé. Il en reste pas mal plus après qu'avant! Bonne chance pour tes exams!

  15. @Alex-Fashion-Beauty : Je suis contente que tu aimes ces posts! Ils ont l'air d'être assez populaires sur pas mal tous les blogs (= Merci pour les examens!!