February 24, 2011

Review: 88 Color Earth Tone EyeShadow Professional Palette from KKCenterHK

 About KKCenterHK:
Professional false eyelashe and wigs supplier at wholesales price direct online. Our prices are lower than all online store that you could find.
Price: $12.60 at KKCenterHK

The claims:
  • Make Up Set Extremely Portable.
  • 100% New, Never Been Used
  • Case Is Black
  • Size : 167mm X 232mm X 13mm
  • Suitable For All Day & Night Make Up
  • Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up


The palette came to my door nicely wrapped:

Look at all that bubble wrap!

 Finally, the palette itself!

 At the thought of 88 eyeshadows, I thought the palette would be huge, but it's actually very sleek and slim.

with flash

without flash

Swatches, from the first row to the last one (with flash):

First row

Second row

Third row

Fourth row

Fifth row

Sixth row

Seventh row

Last row

  • sleek case
  • inexpensive
  • huge selection of colors
  • very wearable neutral shades
  • some are heavily pigmented

  • too many white eyeshadows 
  • the matte shades tend to be quite chalky 
  • most of the eyeshadows are not enough pigmented

What I think:

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect from a 88 eyeshadow palette. I thought it would be cheap, and that the eyeshadows would be chalky, but I must say I'm quite surprised. Sure, this palette is not the top quality, but I've discovered some nice shades that I definitely can see myself using over and over again. Just look at the last row.

The case is nice, too, with its big mirror and its two sponge applicator (hey, I do like sponge applicators, OK?). It doesn't feel too cheap, expect that it's full of finger prints after you touch it.

The main problem I have with this palette (and with many palettes) is the amount of highlight shades. Come one, do I really need that much in a palette? Half of the palette is occupied by a variation of totally useless and chalky white shades: light grey, beige, blue-white, light blue, light green, etc. If I wanted that much highlight colors, I would have ordered an highlight palette!

Overall, this is a great palette for the price if you are a neutral shades lover like me, and if you don't mind the ridiculous amount of highlight colors, of course.

Recommend? yes

I would definitely recommend checking out the wide variety of products on KKCenterHK, and if you are interested, they also carry false lashes (see my review on some here), wigs, hair extensions and even well-known brands such as Essie and OPI at such cheap prices!

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. very very pretty colors! thanks for the swatches :) and it's been confirmed that target is going to replace zellers ;)

  2. Wow that looks amazing! Have fun :) Following your blog!

  3. @Jenny: Seriously? Yeah, that's amazing! Zellers sucks anyway =P

    @Vanessa: Thanks for the follow (=

  4. Yay I'm so happy you did this review! Can I post a link on my blog to this post? I posted about this a while ago, idk if you remember. There are a lot of highlight colors :/ but still very pretty. thanks!

  5. @Shayla : Hey Shayla! Of course you can post a link to my post on your blog. Yes I do remember tour post about a similar palette, and I thought it looked just like the one I got. It's strange how Coastal Scents, Sedona Lace and a bunch of others companies make similar palettes... even the ingredients are almost exactly the same!

  6. Wow, those are a lot of colours! Do you still buy brown eyeshadows even though you have this one?

  7. @littlelucy : Sadly, yes, I do. I thought I wouldn't need to anymore, but most of these shadows are chalky or not pigmented enough for my liking )=

  8. Wow that is a lot of swatches you went through. I kind of expected for a palette that big that many colours would probably swatch the same or very very similar. It's too bad though that many of the colours are chalky - I find that to be a problem with cheap eye shadows when I use to purchase them as a teen. Great review Gaby!

  9. @Karen : Hi Karen! Yes I didn't have high hopes about this palette either. My current to go palette is Too Faced Natural Eye and as much as I really wanted to love this one, I couldn't. I thought I wouldn't never need to buy other eyeshadow palettes because 88 is a lot, but I think I will just give it away as I have so much eyeshadow palettes that I don't even use LOL!

  10. I think it's the nature of the makeup industry. You just keep buying and buying! : (

  11. @littlelucy : Yes, how sad is that?

  12. wow! That pallet is amazing! What a great range of colours, there's not a single bad colour and your photos are awesome!

  13. @Jenny : Actually, iy's not that amazing. I was excited when I got it but some shadows are so chalky and difficult to use )= I'm glad you liked the pictures though (=