January 04, 2011

My Goals For 2011

I've been tagged by Sisi to write a post about my New Year's Resolutions. Now I'll be honest: I don't make resolutions because I know I won't seriously work on them. But anyway, I will list a couple of things I would like to work on through the upcoming year.


I'm absolutey not active, and while I'm very thankful for my awesome metabolism, I know this might not last as I get older, as your metabolism slows down. My goal is start by going for a walk everyday, and then start jogging. I also want to play Wii Fit more often.

completely cut meat out of my diet.

I already barely eat meat as I find it purely disgusting, but sometimes I just don't have the choice. I would like to learn how to cook vegetarian meals so that I never have to eat meat again. The truth is that I'm just too lazy...

bake desserts more often.

As for vegetarian meals, the reason why I don't do it is purely out of laziness.I love desserts, and they are more easy to cook than actual meals. I will try to post pictures and recipes on my blog.


I'm always stressed out and worrying about everything even when there's nothing to worry about.

be more patient, more caring, nicer, etc.

I have a very strong temper and I'm proud of it. I wouldn't change it, but still, there's a couple of things I could work on because I'm aware I've hurt people.

find a job.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to work while studying at university, but I guess I could give it a try. I don't need to work because I've been working since I'm 16 and I have saved up a lot of money (more than I need to pay university fees), but still, my main expenses are my car... and alcohol. Other than that, I've never been a compulsive buyer, but it's never cool to watch your savings go down instead of up.

post a blog post every single day.

I admire bloggers who are able to post everyday - or even, many times a day! When I have free time on my hands, I like to write posts and save them as drafts so I only have to push "publish" when I'm in a rush or too tired to sit and write a post. But still, sometimes I'm just too lazy to log in and publish a post every day LOL.

play more with makeup.

I have an amazing makeup collection (even if it's not half as big as some of yours), but my goal has never been to have a makeup collection. I rarely buy makeup expect when I really need it, and if I do so, I buy products on sale. I have some gorgeous eyeshadows that I have barely touched because they are out of my comfort zone (I prefer neutral makeup), and they will only go to waste. Now the goal is not to wear colors I don't like wearing (blue, green, pink...), it's more about making the most out of each products I own. Instead of using the same gold shade (for example) everyday, I want to use everything I own. I also want to do a big cleanup and give away the makeup I don't use.

go horseback riding more often. 

I love horseback riding, but there's no ranch near me, so I don't go as often as I would like. One of my greatest goal in life is to have a horse but this won't happen until a long time.

dress a list of 100 things that make me happy. 

I have seen these posts on quite some blogs (like Sofia's Journal) and I find it very inspiring. Time to stop being lazy and go at it!

take more fashion "risks".

My usual outfit mainly consists of a simple tee paired with jeans, and the main reason is because I'm being lazy. I love leggings so maybe I should try pairing them with denim shorts? I have seen this outfit everywere and I think it's so pretty! I would also like to have more than one pair of jeggings, as they are so much more comfier than jeans. I also have some nice pieces of clothing in my wardrobe that don't get much love, so I will have to work on that.

take pictures for Suicide Girls.

I've been accepted as a Suicide Girl quite some times ago (I'm not sure how their process works, but they accept almost anyone as long as you have tattoos and piercings), but I still haven't sent any pictures. This is not porn; this is art.

get better grades at school.

Again, I'm totally being lazy on that, but it's also because of a lack of motivation. I study translation in university, but I'm not sure if it's what I want to do for a living. To me, it's important to love your job, whatever the pay is. I wish blogging was my full-time job...

get more tattoos & piercings.

I have some projects in mind: a scorpio on my feet (with Sara), angel wings on my back (for my dog), script tattoo on my ribs, an helix piercing, and more...

Pictures are from weheartit.


  1. Wow,ça fait beaucoup de résolutions :)
    Je te souhaites évidemment t'atteindre tes buts!

    Pour l'exercice ; une fois que tu en fais une routine, tu as besoin de faire du sports pour te sentir bien.
    Ça procure une vraie satisfaction et un sentiment d'accomplissement. Alors ne lâche pas!

    Pour la bouffe Vegan, je sais qu'il y a des sites avec pleins de recettes sinon il y a le resto Aux Vivres que tu aimerais beaucoup situé sur St-Laurent : menu entièrement végétalien!

    Puis je te lirais à chaque jour si tu y arrives :D


  2. I hope you'll be able to fullfill it all! I like your resolution it seems a bit of a challenge but a fun thing to do :)

    Vegetarian cooking is really fun! I didn't like cooking meat, but when I went veg a whole new cooking world appeared! So many colors and tastes and fun! :))

    Can't wait for a giveaway! :))

    Yaaay for Suicide Girls! They're all gorgeous!

  3. i love this post =)
    i am a veggie and i find it so easy to make veggie food - sometimes it is quicker than meat =)

    Do you have any tattoos at the moment??


  4. This post was great to read! So many things I totally agreee with :)

  5. @luckiebeauty : Je ne sais pas si on peut vraiment appeler ça des résolutions, j'ai toujours été un peu contre cette "mode". Je veux dire, on n'a pas besoin d'atteindre la nouvelle année pour changer, non? C'est pour ça que j'appelle plutôt ça des buts. Et puis, de toutes façons, qui suit ses résolutions?

    Oui pour l'exercice, j'en avais entendu parler qu'une fois que tu commences, tu ne veux plus t'arrêter! Le problème, c'est commencer, justement ahah! Mais je m'amuse beaucoup à la Wii Fit, donc je crois que je pourrai y arriver (=

    Je n'ai pas été manger à beaucoup de restaurants végétariens sauf Le Commensal (si on peut appeler ça un resto ahah), mais pour ce qui est de cuisiner végétarien (ou cuisiner tout court), c'est la paresse le problème. Ça aussi, il faut que je travaille là-dessus!

    Oh ça me fait chaude au cœur de savoir que tu vas me lire tous les jours! Ça me motive! Merci =D

    @ Helena (XOXO Parisky): Well they are not really "resolutions", I prefer to call them "goals". Yes I've been told that cooking vegetarian is absolutely not the same thing than cooking meat. Now this is motivating =D

    @Hayley: Well I'm glad you tell me that cooking vegetarian is easier and quicker! Very motivating for me =D

    Yes I have two tattoos, but it's never enough LOL!

  6. A great post - I definitely need to make more effort on a few of those like taking more fashion risks and trying to relax which I find so hard. I worked a couple of days while at uni and it was good to have something else to focus on for a little bit outside of assignments and also earn some money to pay for stuff but it's a personal choice and I did feel a bit stretched during the final year.

  7. @Meeta : Well I call it "fashion risks" but my goal is to make an effort to wear something other than just jeans and tee. As for working, I'm not sure I'm ready, as I know it won't be easy to find a job that will agree to not make me work too much. I feel like it will only stresses me out even more x=

  8. Hi Gaby! I don't make New Year's resolutions either because there's always ways to improve myself and once in awhile throughout the year I try to reflect on things I need to work on and just do it - I don't wait/depend on New Years either.
    Ah, piercings (and tattoos) are addictive. I wanted so many after I got my first and then second one ;) But now I've managed to relax a bit.
    I didn't work during university except full time in the summers. That was very crazy. I had no breaks. I started full time working even in the middle of final exams! Very stressful for me, but you seem to do so well in school so perhaps you could manage time a lot better than me.
    I never heard of suicide girls before!
    Yes, I've seen girls wearing jean shorts or jean skirts with leggings and it looks fab! You have the legs for it so you should try ;)
    I have way too much makeup and I need to start making use of my other makeup as well.
    Haha - yeah I wish we could get paid well for blogging - that would be awesome wouldn't it?! Have you gotten anything from Business2blogger? I signed up after you did your post on it :)
    I think that's a very wise choice you made in trying to be more understanding to people and it's really good that you've acknowledged that you've hurt people before from your personality. A lot of people refuse to believe or admit they have done wrong. That's a great start Gaby - but it's also good that you're very self assured too :)
    My younger sister became a vegetarian like overnight many years ago...and she never turned back. She just said, "Mom, I'm not gonna eat meat. So cook me some vegetarian meals" so now my Mom cooks her vegetarian dishes whenever she visits us. Maybe your Mom can for you too?
    Oh and about the lash glue being black... Hmm that does make it messy. I use the DUO clear glue so it's not too bad since it dries clear and goes on white - but yes, it's annoying to remove the glue when it's dry and then start all over again only to have it get messed up again. I totally know what you're going through LOL

  9. I have alot of the same goals as you plus I too have been accepted for a while on SSG!! LOL I just havnt't found time to have someone help me with the pic taking, and actually use a good quality camera.

  10. These are great goals. I clicked onto the link about your dog and now I'm crying! Those are beautiful photos of your dog. My golden retreiver just turned 11 as well... her arthritis is getting worse and I'm absolutely dreading the day I lose her, I'm not sure I'll even be able to cope.

    I actually have a tattoo of her name on my ribcage, some people might think that's weird but she's my best friend and I got it after she lived through her operation getting a cancerous tumor removed back in May, cause she's such a miracle and inspiration. I think it's sweet you're getting one relating to your dog too, at least you understand :)

  11. Good luck with your goals! I love meat and cannot get enough - so I can't relate with that one :) But I really like all your other ones! I also really like the pics too :) Great post.

  12. Find a job & take more fashion risks -- I need to do those too! :)

  13. Great resolutions Gaby! I'm currently on my Week Five of '100 Things That Make Me Happy'. It's a really fun/rewarding post that I hope you do!

    Kisses, Melanie


  14. @Karen: Like you, I usually don't make New Year's resolutions, but I decided I should kick myself in the butt since Sisi tagged me LOL.

    Oh I started well in school, but I'm sure my grades won't be that good this semester. I have lost my motivation (I don,t know if I've ever been motivated to start with).

    I only got one or two emails from Business2Blogger, so I'm not sure what's going on with them...

    OMG No I would never ask something like this to my mother! She already doesn't have time to cook "normal" meals because her work shift is noon to 8h (crazy, right?) and when she comes home, she isn't in the mood to cook. I don't want to give her even more trouble because of me. That was clear from the start, I would never involve her in that. And I'm 22, maybe it's time I start to learn how to cook? LOL.

    @Deanna: It's the same for me! I want to take my pictures with a good quality camera as Photoshop isn't allowed z=

    @Jennifer: Aww I'm sorry I made you cry. But be sure to cheri9sh your doggie while you have the chance to have her. Time goes by so fast, I never thought we would have to part ways some day )=

    I really love the idea of a tattoo with the name of your dog on your ribcage. I've always said that other people can't understand what it is to love a dog until they had done so themselves. They are also missing a big part of life. Dogs are irreplacable, even more if it's your first! I'm not even sure if I will ever be able to have another dog one day )=

    @ndoodles: Thanks!

    @Mia: I'm glad to know I'm not the only one (=

    @melanie: I've seen some of your "100 Things That Make Me Happy" posts and I find them very inspiring. I love those posts, they make me happy (=

  15. Hi again Gaby!
    I just got your question - oh gosh sorry to hear about the problems of getting the lash glue off. It sounds you got some awful glue sent to you. In all honesty, the glue is very very important - more important than the quality of the lashes because with decent glue like DUO, it glues pretty easily and comes off super easy. I basically gently pull of my strip lashes at the end of the day - like just take it off slowly starting from the inner corner (it's never pulled out my real natural lashes before thank goodness). And then since I have eyeliner and eyeshadow on, I just use baby oil to remove the rest of my eye makeup - just rub some baby oil around the eye area with my eyes closed and then take a tissue and wipe. Then I just use Cetaphil face cleanser to wash off residue oil. If your eye is still irritated and you already tried makeup remover and washing your face, maybe just put some rich eye cream on to help get rid of any redness/soreness and also the oils in the cream should dissolve the glue hopefully. Sorry to hear about your experience Gaby :( You should post a picture of that glue that was sent to you so others don't buy it :S Good luck with that.
    Yes, if your Mom works late hours it's not a good idea to ask her to cook for you - that's very considerate of you Gaby. But my Mom is a house wife so I guess I was just thinking about my situation - my Mom just spends all day cooking and stuff so it's easy for my Mom and I think it keeps her busy that way too :)

  16. moi aussi jai besoin de trouve une job pour payer le cegep prive >.< et les depenses personnelles =(

    et je commence a porter des vetements plus ''a la fashion'' ^__^

    je souhaite que tes buts vont realiser

  17. I love Suicide Girls! You should definitely join. :) You can post sexy photos on there. Some are nude but hey, as long as they are tasteful.

    Good luck with the job hunt! I was a vegetarian up until last year. :s

    Hey, I gave you an award on my page! <3 I hope you'll accept.

  18. ♥ the pictures!

    great post!!


  19. I'm so disappointed with Maybelline :[ I've been scared to try Sally Hansen Hard as Nails since my most recent purchase, but I will possible try it again if I see any colors worth purchasing.

  20. Je te souhaite beaucoup de ténacité pour tenir tes résolutions. Moi je suis faible, je ne me donne aucune résolution car je ne les tiens jamais. Je préfère la spontanéité et me sentir libre. Les tiennes sont courageuse, tiens bon.

  21. @Karen: Thank you so much for your tips Karen! I'm such a noob when it comes to false lashes -_-

    @petitechouxx : Moi je pense que c'est plus pour mes dépenses personnelles, parce que tout le temps que j'ai travaillé, c'était pour me ramasser de l'argent pour l'université. C'est fait, mais je ne veux pas avoir à piger dedans si j'ai plus rien dans mon compte (ce qui ne devrait pas arriver, mais on sait jamais!)

    @Toni Tralala: I have already joined a looooong time ago actually, I just haven't found the time to properly take pictures. Your set has to contain a precise number of nude pictures, but it's OK because it's not porn, it's art.

    Oh, did you you give you being a vegetarian?

    Thanks for the award, I'm checking it out!

    @BEAUTIFULL: Thanks!

    @Amaris: They have such a wide color range, I'm sure you will find something you like (=

    @Laurence: Moi ce n'est pas vraiment que je suis faible, c'est plutôt que je n'ai pas de motivation. Je ne vois pas trop cela comme des résolutions mais plutôt comme des buts à long terme, et pas seulement pour cette année. Merci de tes encouragements!

  22. Great post, i totally agree with most of your goals here and getting another tattoo is a definite must this year!

  23. @Ess-Jay24 : Oh yes, for sure! =D

  24. wow you have a cool list of resolutions! I hope you will be able to accomplish all your goals and wishes :] Some of them could apply to myself too! hehe

  25. Hey there! I discovered your blog in the Blogger2Blogger email this week. :)

    I haven't eaten meat in almost 2-1/2 years. It's been easy peasy for me. Having a supportive hubby who does most of the cooking and a supportive family helps a lot! We've found that cooking without meat is SO much easier, not to mention healthier. A couple of cookbooks I'd recommend you get for the lazy cook (like me) are:

    Student's Vegetarian Cookbook, Revised: Quick, Easy, Cheap, and Tasty Vegetarian Recipes


    Vegetarian Times Fast and Easy: Great Food You Can Make in Minutes

    Good luck! You can do it!! :) If you ever start having a craving, sheesh, just come back to the little piggie picture, and it'll wipe it out!! ;)

    Also, I have a tattoo that represents one of my dogs and my mother, who both passed away too young. <3

  26. @SiSi Sparkles : Thanks for your support! I know I can do it!

    @Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist : Oh wow, I never though this email shoutout would bring so many people on my blog! I didn't even know there was such a thing as "top traffic referrer" LOL! Nice surprise =D

    I love reading encouraging stories like yours. I don't fear a craving as meat disgusts me and I love animals too much to eat them. Thanks for those books recommendations, I think I have already heard about Student's Vegetarian Cookbook Revised, and this would be perfect for me, as I'm a student!

    That tattoo is an amazing idea, I'm definitely going for it!

  27. Great blog! That cute little piggy is the reason I don't eat meat! soooo Cute! Come visit me at www.HalleAnderson.com

  28. @Halle Anderson : Thanks! I'll be checking out your blog (=

  29. wow this was interesting to read! I didn't know you like Sg or horses or that you used to not post so often on your blog! =D def get the tattoos and piercings you mentioned! I got my ribs done with some wicked script a few years ago and LOVE it!