January 05, 2011

Review: LUSH Lil Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Price: around $4-$5 (I got this as a gift and as it's a limited edition item, it's not listed anymore on the website, so I couldn't get the exact price)

How to use:
Fill tub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and enjoy its lovely color and fragrance. Some LUSH bath bombs contain flower petals and or other surprises. If you prefer not to have them floating in your tub, wrap the bath bomb in a nylon before use. To make your experience even more memorable, combine a bath bomb with a bath melt. 

  • smell is not too strong or overpowering

  • stopped fizzing after only 1 minute
  • turned the water a greenish-brown
  • did absolutely nothing for my skin
  • the scent didn't last long after it stopped fizzing

What I think:
I'm sorry, I don't have a picture of my bath to share with you as this is my first review of a LUSH bath bomb and I couldn't get a good picture because of the lighting in my bathrrom. But now it's fixed so I promise you pictures for the next reviews (and maybe even videos?). 

As I said above, there's nothing exciting to say about this bath bomb: it turns the water an ugly greenish-brown (reminds me of poop!), it didn't fiz for a long time, and it didn't moisturize my skin or anything. Basically, I felt like there was nothing in my bath (if it's not for the color of the water). I was also surprised to see the holly leaves laying on the bottom of the bath. They wouldn't melt until I crumbled them in the water! It's a cute, but useless, detail.

As for most LUSH products, the thing that made me excited about trying this bath bomb was the smell. To me, it smells more of gingerbread than pudding, but the scent wasn't too strong, expect when it fizzed in the bath, but the scent quickly dies down.

Overall, I'm very disappointed with this product as it was my first experience with a LUSH bath bomb, but I'm not giving up as LUSH carries a wide variety of them.

Recommend? no

Rating: ☆☆

Disclaimer: This product was a gift. I was not paid to write this post,  I am not  affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Ce n'est pas la meilleure en effet. Je ne l'ai pas acheté!

    Il y a un 2 pour 1 sur les produits d'hiver en magasin ça vaut vraiment la peine si tu veux essayer sans te casser.

    Ma Bath Bomb d'hiver préféré est : Père Noël Satsumo (Odeur d'Agrumes,Eau Rouge-Rose)

    Pain moussant : Maison Pain D'Épices (Odeur vivifiante,Eau orangé,beaucoup de bulles!)

  2. Lol soaking in a tub of poop coloured water? xD Yes.. I can see why you don't like this xD

  3. @luckiebeauty : Oui je suis au courant pour le 2 pour 2, j'y ai justement été me chercher d'autres savons. J'ai un post à venir là-dessus (= Merci pour tes suggestions, j'ai reçu Pè Noël Satsumo de mon copain pour Noël, je ne l'ai pas encore essayé. Maison Pain d'Épices est super mignonne et me tente!

    @Isabel: Exactly LOL! xD

  4. J'ai presque acheté Lil Lush Pud, mais maintenant que j'ai lu ceci, je suis contente de ne pas l'avoir essayé.

    Maison Pain D'épice est vraiment cute! Si tu veux essayer quelque chose de bon, je recommenderais de l'utiliser avec Cinders bath bomb! C'est ma combinaison préférée a faire avec leurs produits d'hiver!

  5. @Straight Up Glam : Wow, une autre qui parle français? Yey! =D Oh mais ne te fies pas uniquement à ma review, j'ai parcouru le net et j'en ai trouvé des très positives. Les avis varient toujours beaucoup. Eh puis, c'était ma première expérience avec LUSH donc peut-être que mes espoirs étaient trop élevés? Merci pour ta recommandation, je regarderai ça!

  6. poop colored water doesnt sound pleasant lol..hopefully your next experiece will be better =]


  7. @JazGlamour : I hope it will, too! LOL

  8. Sorry it didn't work out for you hun! I got given this too for Xmas, might break it though and use it in two batches...hopefully that will improve the colour of the water atleast! Am such a lushaholic though, have you tried the Honey I Washed the Kids soap? I seriously recommend it :)

  9. @Aysh : I usually use bath bombs in two batches but I wanted to properly review it, that's why I used it in one batch. But I don't think you need to save it for two baths, it's not really worth it in my opinion )= Yes I have tried Honey I Washed the Kids, it's actually the first LUSH soap I have ever tried, and I love it, it smells gorgeous!

  10. Aw that's too bad Gaby. Yeah personally I've only purchased lush bath bombs as gifts or, they have been given to me as a gift. I just can't justify spending several dollars on something I use up in one bath and it doesn't do anything special for my skin. I have bought a few other lush products for myself such as the Dream Cream which I like but other than that, nothing too special. Bubble bath or bath oil works better for me. Sometimes I feel Lush is over rated on blogs and such.
    And I see you like Honey I washed the Kids! I LOVE the scent too but I felt like the soap was melting away before my eyes LOL
    And I think black lash glue isn't a bad idea if you already have experience putting on false lashes - because then you don't have to worry about any white or kind of plastic-y shiny "clear" glue that you can still see along the band of the lashes. But I agree that black glue is not idea for beginners that are practicing :S

  11. Aw, dang!
    You should definitely try another:) I usually hear good things about Lush bath bombs. Sad this one wasn't that great though :/

  12. Poop colored water - well that does it for me! haha... I kind of find the bath bombs over-rated and a bit of a pain in the ass for the OCD person who doesn't like to deal with the clean up :)

  13. I'm gutted for you that this bath bomb wasn't so great as some of their other ones!

    I'd recommend (if you can get hold of it) their blackberry bath bomb or space girl. Both smell gorgeous, turn your bath purple and the smell sticks around for a while

  14. Awwww I'm sorry to hear this, I'm actually waiting for this to arrive in the mail.

  15. @Karen: Oh I totally agree with you on the bath bombs; I also feel Lush is overrated, especially the bath bombs. I would personally rather spend that $5 on a body lotion or mascara. Oh I just find black lash glue totally incovenient for me as I never get to properly place the lash on the first try, so I always end up with a mess on my face. I've tried again tonight, and I absolutely can't do it -_-

    @saranghaeyo : Of course I will try another one, but the thing I know is that I won't be purchasing anymore bath bombs myself.

    @Tracy@mybestbeautybuys: Ahahah you are right LOL! I'm not really an OCD person and it didn't stained the bath so it was OK though eheh!

    @Natasha: I'll be sure to try the other bath bombs I have, and thanks for this recommendation. Purple water must be gorgeous!

    @Tee: Oh well I hope it will work better for you than it did for me )=

  16. Awee the packaging looks so cute! I'm sorry it didn't work out and thank you for the honest review :]

  17. Ah I'm so sad that you disliked it! It looks so cute too. :)

  18. I've not tried bath bombs by Lush so i can't comment. However, I tried bubble bath melts and i relly like it. I reviewed one bubble bath melt on my blog that you can have a look.
    Have a nice day! :)

  19. I've given away LUSH bath bombs as gifts but never tried them myself. I love how some of them smell. Hope you'll eventually find one that you'll like :)

  20. So glad I didn't pick this up -it looks cute but I didn't think it smelt amazing :)
    lovely review!! x

  21. i am a lush addict!! lol. however the christmas bath bombs don't do anything for me, i am really disappointed with them!
    However the normal range of products are incredible =) xx

  22. I'm a new follower, I saw your blog on Business 2 Blogger. I like what you have to say.

    Stop by and see me sometime


  23. @SiSi Sparkles @Stefany : Yes it's cute, but quite quite disappointing (for me, at least)

    @GlamourMe: Thanks for the link to your review, I'm definitely checking it out!

    @JANE : I wouldn't buy some for myself but I agree that they would make cute gifts (=

    @..R May A..: You are right. I used it first because it's the one that looked less interesting LOL! I hardly smelled anything too.

    @Hayley : Oh really? I have received a bunch of Christmas bath bombs for Christmas... anyway, I hope this was the only bad experience I'll get with LUSH bath bombs!

    @Purple Froggie Clay Stuff : Thanks for the follow! Business2Blogger is amazing, isn't it? =D

  24. I totally agree with you Gaby on Lush products. Hopefully some of the other Lush products your boyfriend bought for you, you will enjoy. Or perhaps you can have him join you on your next bath so it'll be more worth fun =)
    Ah I saw your picture on the Business2Blogger update yesterday morning for the most referrals. Congratulations on your success Gaby!!! You referred me -that's for sure. But um, the only thing I got so far was a weight loss book review....they're still looking for participants if you're interested but I'm not so sure how much the book will change my lifestyle in all honesty :S

  25. I;m sorry you didn't like it. Oh well, there are a lot of good ones out there to try :)

  26. The same thing happens with most of them, they smell good for a while, but then they turn your bath water into some weird color... Still love Lush though ;)

  27. @Karen : I didn't know there was such a thing as "top traffic referrer" LOL! What a nice surprise (= I'm glad you got something. I wasn't really interested in this weight loss book review, as I don't want to lose weight (in fact, I should gain some!). But maybe you could have a friend read it and do a guest review on your blog? Guest reviews are always interesting (=

    @Katherine : Yes, I can't wait to try more LUSH products!

    @Salony: I'm not fond of the creepy brown color LOL but I would love to try others that turn the bath pink or purple, must be awesome!

  28. I love bath bombs! I've never tried this Lush one though and I don't think I will. I get my bath bombs in bulk at Whole Foods in Houston. Lavender - purple water - soft skin :)

  29. @Laura: This is the first one from LUSH I've tried, and I'm disappointed )= It's definitely not worth the price.

  30. I came across your blog while looking for Lil LUSH Pud reviews to see if other people disliked this bath bomb as well. I just discovered Lush a few weeks ago and the addiction went so deep I decided to start a blog reviewing some of the items I bought (http://squishysquidsrandomthoughts.blogspot.com/).
    I look forward to reading your blog some more.

  31. You know as much as I love Lush I don't understand the hype for the bath bombs at all! It's so quick and like you said no moisturizing or pleasant scent for too long.=/