February 05, 2014

Guest Post | Personalized Clothing - Expressionism Meets Fashion

There are so many great things about fashion today. Not only can inspired fashionistas turn to top designers or brands for trendy looks, they can easily show off their style through DIY projects that yield custom garments and pieces. Even ladies not handy with a thread and needle can grab a glue-gun, iron, scissors or other common household items to help create their own look while showing off unique personalities. Take these ideas from fashion bloggers:

(image: Instagram)

This fun concept could also be done on jackets or flannels, but looks amazingly fabulous on rolled boyfriend jeans as shown. The blogger muse used military, varsity and rock inspired patches, combined with a black leather jacket and modern Oxfords to help solidify an edgy look, perfect for day or even the right evening event.

The girls behind A Beautiful Mess created a custom sweater complete with a cute red heart to show off a feminine look with a touch of child-like whimsy. The model’s softly curled hair and natural-hued makeup palette help to ensure a sweet yet modern vibe.

Women wanting to look like they’ve styled themselves in a ridiculously expensive designer sweater can take a cue from this custom project. Made with an old sweater and a piece of applique this Trash to Couture blogger simply hand sewed the edges and cut out the middle portions. Her high-fashion sense definitely shows through with a custom sweater perfect for a multitude of occasions.

(image: Love Maegan)

Of course, as anyone into both high fashion and the punk trend currently invading our pop culture knows, a feathery headpiece is certain to be a just-right accent. While celebs pay big bucks for designers to create these pieces, fashion blogger Maegan took to her craft supplies to construct a one-of-a-kind headpiece every bit as punk as the runway styles, but undoubtedly way more affordable! And somehow, when paired with plaid and leather, it works flawlessly!

(image: Zomoc.com)

Ladies who appreciate the fun side of fashion will adore these custom designed sunglasses complete with a 3D effect thanks to faux pearl embellishments. This blogger undoubtedly has a quirky yet hip take on style, and a variety of sunglass silhouettes could easily be adorned with faux-pearls but also, crystals or metallic detailing.

Of course, business owners, coaches and many others may want some custom gear of their own, but aren’t as savvy as the above bloggers. So another, easy way to personalize any outfit is by taking advantage of zipgraphix.com. Send in a logo or artwork and they can screen or embroider it onto shirts, pants, bags and much more to help you standout in a crowd. To show individuality and uniqueness, start customizing your garments and accessories in 2014!

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  1. love all the outfits pics. im loving the white sweater top with heart details to it, so cute!

  2. The Trash To Couture sweater is pure genius! It looks amazing! <3