February 06, 2014

Guest Post | 5 Surgeries That Make You Look And Feel Younger

Serenay Taylor is a freelance journalist, writer and health and fitness blogger.

There are now a wealth of respected and advanced surgical methods to enhance beauty and offer youthfulness and vitality. While the expense for these surgeries may have dropped in recent years, the attention to detail and precision of the surgeons and medical staff involved have remained as proficient as ever. Nowadays customers can realise the benefits of the most modern and up to date forms of treatment. The following are five of the surgical procedures that can make you look and feel younger.


The traditional facelift of the past was all too often based around a generic treatment of alleviating and lifting sagging skin. While this is still the most basic of aims for the procedure, nowadays there is a far more individual approach to the surgery. A fully accredited surgeon will modify their form of facelift to ideally suit the patient - this can create a long lasting result of firmer rejuvenated facial skin. Offering one of the most progressive ways to revive aging neck muscles and facial skin, the modern facelift can act a byword for convenient beauty satisfaction.


The natural process of ageing can often leave a stomach sagging and in need of some help. Even a daily dedication to strenuous exercise may not be enough to move the most stubborn deposits of fat, which is where the surgical procedure of liposuction can be of great assistance. The most reputable surgeons can use the technique to skillfully improve the shape and contours of a tummy, leaving a patient looking and feeling far younger and more confident about themselves. The skill and experience of Cosmetics Canada is one such trusted outlet for the finer aspects of liposuction. The skilled staff at the centre can be relied upon to fulfil every patient's specific needs and desires.

Chin and Cheek Implants

The modern and technically advanced procedure of chin implants is specifically designed to allow a patient to enjoy a new sense of proportion to their profile. This is also the case with cheek implants which follow a similar desire to improve the augment and enhance the shape of the face. The noted ideal for a visage usually veers towards the triangular. These techniques can bring a patient's face closer to that goal, with stronger and more defined cheek bones and chins a great plus for a younger look.

Brow Lift

The brow is the part of the face that often tells a person's story. Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin around the forehead and eye lids are areas that a cosmetic surgeon is fully able to help with. With this method, tiny surgical incisions are made just under the hair line while the patient is under anaesthesia. During this procedure, the experienced surgeon will gradually reposition the patient's brow, relieving the face of those tell-tale wrinkles and lines. The result can take 10- 15 years off a person's visage, adding confidence and energy to the whole face.

Laser resurfacing

One of the most advanced surgical beauty techniques if laser resurfacing. This state of the art laser technology can be used to heal the facial effects of sun, acne, birthmarks or the effects of ageing. This perfectly safe form of laser resurfacing does exactly as its name suggests - tackling the bumps and blemishes on the surface of the skin and offering a youthful vivacity to the patient. It is one of the prominent ways available to all those who wish to see a younger, healthier face whenever they look in the mirror.

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  1. I'm only 26 but I'm definitely not against cosmetic surgery. If some day I start feeling unhappy with my appearance, I'd consider a little nipping and tucking or some botox.