May 31, 2013

PUPA Vamp! Mascara - A Revolutionary Mascara For Exaggerated Eyelashes With An Oversize Volume

PUPA Vamp! Mascara '100 -Vamp! Ultra Black'

Thanks to its exclusive formula that combines a mix of full polymer waxes, PUPA Vamp! Mascara claims to make your eyelashes look just as spectacular as fake lashes - and I must say, the result is darn close!

The natural, vegetable and synthetic waxes make the texture of this mascara very creamy and extra rich - when I used it the first times, I even thought it was a bit too wet for my liking, but it got a bit drier with time and wow, I could not believe how thick, full, dense and naturally fluttery my lashes were after only a few strokes! I absolutely love how this mascara holds the curl of my lashes all day, without smudging or flaking, while keeping my lashes soft and flexible.

I must say I was a bit clueless when I saw the Vamp! mascara's brush, but its special hourlgass shape, with soft and extra dense fibres enables you to collect a greater amount of mascara on its central part, to get maximum product release for exaggerated and super finalized lashes. I never have to struggle to get just the right amount of product on the applicator, and the rounded tip makes it easy to reach even the shortest and most difficult lashes.

I have the Vamp! Mascara in the shade '100 - Vamp! Extra Black', which is a nice ultra black, but I never doubted that the formula actually combines two types of colourings: carbon black and ultramarines. Carbon black makes lashes immediately extrablack; ultramarines, a special black-blue pigment, gives a magnetic, deep look to the eyes. How amazing is this?

I love how I get amazing results with only two coats of mascara - I am talking volume and length! - and I think this is definitely HG material, however, I am a bit sad to notice that the mascara dries up so quickly. I have been using it for only around two months and it is getting harder and harder to apply properly - it has even started to clump after the first coat, when I experienced absolutely no clumping before!

PUPA Vamp! Mascara is available in 6 spectacular colours for $35 in drugstores.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. hi!!! i really love this mascara...expecially the dark one...i also bought the purple one my no doubt the dark one gives more volumes!

  2. Loo I want I want I want!! Your lashes look pretty damn amazing. Thus sounds great other then the drying formula but maybe its worth it for gorgeous lashes!

  3. So voluminous! Great review!