June 01, 2013

Save1.com - Changing The World By Changing The Way We Shop

The founding members of Save1.com have started a journey driven by their passion to help the most desperate people in the world. They have traveled the world and seen horrible things and they have been devastated by what they have seen and experienced. Their entire family has been changed to a point where they can’t go back to what was considered “normal.” The things that are truly important are now different.

Did you know that every day 17,000 children die from the effects of malnutrition? Five children have died since you opened this webpage. Tonight, while you are sleeping, 5,000 more children will die from the effects of malnutrition. We can’t allow this to continue!

Save1 invites you to make a difference.

When working together, we can make a difference! We can help change these statistics! We can save lives! Save1.com's slogan is “Save money. Save lives!” because when you redeem our coupons or use their special offers you save money and you help save the lives of starving children around the globe.

Save1.com offers coupons and special deals from thousands of the top online stores in America, with more being added every day. When you buy something from any of these stores using one of their coupons or special offers, your purchase will provide a meal to a hungry child. The more you use Save1 to save money, the more children you will feed.

When you use a coupon or deal from Save1, we receive a small commission from the store where you make your purchase. We then give away a portion of the commission we earn to help hungry children.

The organizations we have selected are among the most credible and respected charities in the world, specializing in feeding hungry and malnourished children. We invite you to learn about Our Feeding Partners and Selection Criteria.

Here are some suggested steps to get started:
  • Familiarize yourself with our website and see how simple it is to find stores, use coupons, and start saving money.
  • Check out our Getting Started eGuide to learn more about how to save money with all your online purchases.
  • Before you make any online purchase, visit our website to see if we have coupons that will save you money.

Help spread the Save1 mission: share their site on Facebook, like their Facebook page, tweet about them and share their story with your friends and family. Just do whatever you can to bring awareness to Save1, so people can save money and help save lives! Together we can change the world by changing how we shop.

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  1. An inspiring idea! Thanks for sharing the info. XOXO