April 01, 2013

OOTD | May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground

Hi ladies, I hope you had a great Easter! Mine was spent working, of course - the perks of being an assistant manager! - but I still enjoyed the holiday, I cooked a nice supper for the family and everybody enjoyed my vegetarian quesadillas - I will be posting the recipe on the blog soon!

I had a great night with the boyfriend recently - we were overdue for a date night so he brought me to Le Picasso, which is a very cozy and romantic BYOW Italian restaurant in St-Eustache. They offer tons of vegetarian options - yey! - and I opted for the Penne al formaggio di capra, which is probably one of the most delicious pasta dish I have ever tasted, but they served me Penne carbonara instead - can you imagine my surprise when I found pancetta (fancy word for pig belly...) in my dish! I almost ate it since the lighting was so dim, I could barely see what was in my dish...anyway, that aside, I then had their oreo cheesecake for dessert - yummmmmmmm! - and we ended the night at Goudale, a local restaurant-bar, where I tasted a delicious earl grey beer!

cropped jacket - H&M | white tank - ? | studded leggings - Giant Tiger | key necklace - etsy | oversize glasses shape metal ring - ROMWE

My grandmother gave me these leggings recently and although they are not warm enough to wear in the winter, I figured out they would be OK since we were going to be inside anyway, and I really like the gold studs - I think they spice up the whole outfit! A friend also gave me that white tank and I am so happy with it because it fits incredibly well and it is long enough to allow me to wear leggings with it! I sompleted my ouftif with my beloved H&M cropped jacket, of course!

nail polish - Essence Colour & Go 'Off to Miami!'

I have been wanting a double finger ring for so long so when I spotted this Oversized Glasses Shape Metal Ring on ROMWE for $12.99, I did not hesitate to get it in Golden! I absolutely love the vintage look the worn trace provide and the faceted rhinestone detailing is just gorgeous!

Lyrics are from Carry On, by Fun.


  1. The gold detailing on the leggings is great & I love the shade of your jacket. Fabulous outfit!

  2. Ah ca fait bizarre de voir ta chambre! Quesadillas jai hate de voir ta recette jai envie den manger auj jespere quon a des feves lol! Jai aussi cette couleur dessence, le probleme avec les vernis corails sur moi ca donne tjrs orange! Jadore les leggings studdes! Vive ta grand-mere!

  3. such a nice outfit! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog,too <3 keep in touch!


  4. J'adore le look! Les leggings wow, je les veux ! :)

  5. I love those leggings!

    Ughhh at being given a dish with meat! I hope they gave you a discount lol

  6. Lovely outfit, love the leggings :) Also love the title ;)

  7. Love the look. I recently painted my bedroom walls in almost the same exact shade, lol XOXO

  8. @Beauty Thesis: Thanks so much!

    @Stephanie B: En fait, c'est la chambre de ma mère, où je prends la plupart des photos pour mes outfits car elle a la meilleure luminosité!

    @ Thi Lan : Thanks hun, will definitely have a look at your blog!

    @Marina Blissious: It's just so versatile! Thanks!

    @daintyglitter: Aw merci!

    @eight: I know right, but no, of course they did not ): The staff apalogized profusely though!

    @Ess-Jay24: Thanks hun, love this song - Fun. rock!

    @Venus Loves Virgo: Thanks Venus!

  9. Wow c'est super beau! Je trip pas sur les vetements H&M d'habitude mais la petite veste est trop belle! Je vais peut-etre aller voir s'il en reste en fin de semaine.

  10. I love the studded leggings with the cropped jacket. It's got a cool urban feel to it.