March 30, 2013

Guest Post | Laser Liposuction Is For Everyone

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Laser liposuction is a technique which involves the use of a laser to destroy stubborn pockets of fat beneath the skin which may be proving difficult to remove by diet and exercise alone. It can be applied to all sorts of skin, and unlike different treatments that aren’t always right for you, non-surgical laser liposuction can definitely fit. After the fat cells have been broken up, they can be removed by suction, or absorbed back in to the body to be eliminated via the lymphatic system. Because the laser liposuction procedure is minimally invasive, it is perfect for use on areas which have been previously difficult to treat such as the chin, knees, and upper arms.

Differences between Laser Liposuction and Surgical Liposuction 

Laser liposuction is primarily used to contour, shape and sculpt the body, whereas surgical liposuction is more suitable for removing greater quantities of fat over larger areas. Laser liposuction requires no general anesthetic, although it does require local anesthetic to be administered - generally no overnight stay is generally required however. This is in contrast with surgical liposuction which requires a general anesthetic and hospital recovery period. Laser liposuction causes less disruption than surgical liposuction to everyday life, and is less invasive.

(image: weheartit)

How Laser Liposuction works

Treatment involves the insertion of a laser fiber through a small tube, into the body – so enabling the fiber optic to be guided to break down the cell walls, liquefying the fat. One of the new breakthrough procedures is Syneron's Velasmooth. The treatment has to be carried out by trained doctors and surgeons with results being seen immediately after treatment. Maximum results are not usually visible however until 6-12 months after treatment, as the body continues to process and naturally remove the debris from the fat cells until none remains.


VelaSmooth is a new FDA cleared procedure which has some advantages over the traditional form of laser liposuction. There is no need for a local anesthetic, and treatments can be completed in just 20-40 minutes with positive results seen after just one treatment. The unique patented Elos technology uses a combination of infrared light energy, laser light energy and external skin manipulation to smooth and contour the skin. The VelaSmooth is FDA cleared, and has been extensively clinically trialed, and has been shown to achieve excellent results time after time. 

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  1. thank you for sharing about it! nice review! :D

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  2. I didn't actually really know about this procedure but it sounds way better then traditional lipo!