April 08, 2013

Clarins Rouge Eclat Spring 2013 Collection

I am not really familiar with Clarins makeup products since I was more interested in their self tanners and skincare products, so I guess you can imagine my excitement when a package full of products of their new Spring 2013 collection, Rouge Eclat, landed on my doorstep! Inspired by the beauty of the Iris, Rouge Eclat gives you the fresh and soft feel of spring, a velvety complexion, captivating eyes and youthful, radiant lips.

Poudre Multi-Eclat Mineral Loose Powder in 01 Light

Since I have not tried a lot of face powders, I was very interested in the Poudre Multi-Eclat Mineral Loose Powder ($47.00), which I like to use to set my Marcelle BB Cream or my Annabelle CC Base. It is ultra-fine and lightweight, and I like that this powder never looks chalky or cakey, no matter how much you pile it on - it always gives the complexion a translucent, radiant finish, thanks to the exclusive "Light-Optimizing+" complex.  Its extremely soft, silky and comfortable texture prevents skin dehydration and keeps it looking smooth all day long, but it unfortunately fails at keeping my skin - especially my forehead - oil-free all day. I received the shade 01 Light and I must admit I was afraid it would be too light, but since it is translucent, it simply does not show up on my skintone. The packaging looks very chic on my vanity, but it is too bulky to carry around.

Joli Rouge Brillant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick in 17 Watermelon

Joli Rouge Brillant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick in 17 Watermelon ($27.00) looked so bright in the tube that it scared me a bit, but after reading the description on the packaging stating that this lipstick combines the transparent colour and shine of a lip gloss with the creamy texture of a lipstick, I was very eager to try it on. It really goes on smoothly on the lips, and it is so lightweight that it actually feels just like a lipbalm! However, I was quickly put off by the amount of gritty glitters, in this lipstick, which is a shame because Watermelon is such a gorgeous, juicy pink for summer! Despite being moisturizing, I did not find the Joli Rouge Brillant to be especially long-lasting - it starts to fade after around one hour on my lips.

Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 05 Candy Shimmer

The product that completely blew me away is the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector ($20.00) - I don't even know where to begin! As soon as I unscrew the cap, a delicious whiff of vanilla caramel (think cake frosting) hit me, and you know what? This even tastes like vanilla caramel - yum! I love how this product comes in a squeezable tube and with a sponge applicator, which make for a quick and easy application - why are not all lipglosses like this? The texture is really nice, it's a bit like a gel that glides on smoothly on the lips, without feeling goopy, heavy or, most importantly, sticky! The Natural Lip Perfector does not last especially long for a lipgloss but at least I don't feel the need to constantly re-apply since it moisturizes my lips really well, and I also like that I don't have to apply lipbalm prior to using this product. This lipgloss also contains 3D shimmer that gives the illusion of fuller and perfectly shaped lips and you know what, they really do! Clarins Natural Lip Perfector has quickly become a favorite of mine since it is so easy to use, it delivers just the right amount of sheer color without any mess and it moisturizes my lips like crazy.

What do you think of Clarins Rouge Eclat Spring 2013 Collection?

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Wow! I can't believe how pretty the lipstick is!! :) I was expecting a hot pink, but it's gorgeous!!!!


  2. I definitely thought that lipstick was going to be brighter, nice to see it's such a pretty wearable shade xx

  3. nice lipstick color :)

  4. WOW all the products are beautiful, but my favorite is the Lip Perfector. I've heard so many raves!

  5. That lipgloss looks pretty! I have always wanted to try Clarins!

  6. When did you received this package?

  7. @Catherine @ bcrueltyfree: This is definitely one of my favorite ligposs! It's is absolutely wonderful!

    @Josianne Brousseau: Shortly before the event (:

  8. Hi Gaby! Great review of the Clarins Rouge Eclat Spring 2013 Collection - you're so luck you got to try it out :)
    The Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector sounds like a hit - I love a great lipgloss that isn't sticky. Mmm and vanilla caramel sounds so yummy. Right now my favourite lipgloss that I keep reaching for is the Essence Stay with Me Lipgloss - it's so much better than my other $20+ lipglosses.
    Once I'm done the MAC powders I am using I will be on the hunt for a new setting powder so I will definitely keep this Clarins Poudre Multi-Eclat Mineral Loose Powder in mind :)

  9. Gorgeous lipstick! I really like the powder too-it's really nice and glowy!

  10. LOVE that lipstick! The shimmer is so perfect- and I usually don't love it in lip stick.

  11. The lip gloss looks great...


  12. Le rouge à lèvres est vraiment beau! ♥

  13. @Karen Law: HI Karen! Oh I think I have tried Essence Stay with Me Lipgloss but I did not like the shade I got so I gave it away - glad it works so well, I will have to check for another shade now!

    @Bailey- I Know All the Words : Glad you like it, for me, it's way too frosty ):