April 09, 2013

Guest Post | The Do's And Don'ts Of Dressing For A Night Out

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Choosing your outfit for a night out is all part and parcel of the evening’s fun, but what if you get carried away and your friends and colleagues are too embarrassed to tell you you’re making some huge fashion faux pas? Here’s a look at the do’s and don’ts of dressing for a night out:

Don’t sacrifice comfort
The number one rule for dressing on a night out is to think about practicality alongside style. Think about how comfortable you’ll really feel after several hours of dancing or post three course Indian. Tight clothing may make you feel amazing at first, but you don’t want to lose your glow as the night progresses and you get more and more sore. Boob tubes that slip down and skirts that slip up are another common evening out discomfort, there’s something unattractive about watching a woman have to readjust herself every five minutes!

Do consider the classics
If you want to get your evening wear right, do consider the classics. Little black dresses have become iconic for good reason and can help you get your look spot on with ease. Other night-out classics include: an elegant blouse and flattering pencil skirt, sophisticated midi boycon dress or simple t-shirt, jeans, blazer and heels combo.

(image: weheartit)

Don’t overdo accessorise
Unfortunately, it’s possible to get your clothes just right and then ruin your entire outfit by going overboard on accessorise! You don’t want to look like an overloaded Christmas tree; keep bangles and bracelets to a minimum and choose one statement piece over layers and layers of bling. Try to keep distance between accessories. If you’re wearing large dangling earrings, forget a necklace and choose a chunky bracelet or statement belt instead. If you’ve opted for a large necklace or sparkling collar, choose tiny and understated stud earrings.

Do remember less is more
When it comes to dressing for a night out remember that less skin is more. This means choosing between having your legs or your cleavage out at any one time. When you go for a plunging top team it with a classic knee length hemline. If you choose a modest blouse a shorter skirt or smart shorts may be a nice way to add a sexy twist. The less is more rule also applies to make-up. Though putting on your face may be part of your clubbing ritual, it’s easy to over-do it and detract from the outfit you choose so long perfecting.

Don’t dress for others
You may want to pay a little attention to what others think but ultimately you should dress for yourself. A woman looks at her most attractive when she is confident and comfortable in her own skin, there’s no need to pull out the mini dresses just to impress the opposite sex; if you feel more at home in a blazer and trousers – go for it!

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  1. Good post. I agree with it all, glad to know I don't dress like a fool, I'm up to date. LOL

  2. such a great post! I always dress weather appropriate it's always so cold in scotland!

  3. This was a really cute post :) Great advice and tips :)

  4. Fab post!

    Spot on with the advise! There is nothing sexy about a woman struggling to walk in her sky scraper heels too. Stumbling out of a club? Not. sexy.

    I take a pair of foldable flats with me for when my feet start to kill!



  5. I loved this post. Definitely helpful for those just starting out in the world of clubs too.


  6. Why didn't I read this in my 20's, when I went out all the time with one too many accessories and 4-inch heels (not comfy).

  7. Haha when I first saw the mini fed version of this I thought you were about to give us hoochie tips since i thought that mini dress picture was yours =P

    And i TOTALLY agree with the last one, of not dressing to impress anyone but yourself. One of my pet peeves is when girls dress for guys- come on, what do they know?!

    xo Marlen
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  8. @Belinda xo: It always makes me laugh when I see girls waiting in line for entering the club, shivering in their super short dress when it's WINTER!

    @Allie T. : Glad you liked this post Allie!

    @Halima - Fashionicide: I should definitely do this too, although I don't wear sky scraper heels ahah!

    @Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle : Didn't we all started this way? I guess we live and learn!

    @Marlen : AHAHAHAHAH I guess that would not be such a great post... would it? I know, guys are useless ahah