February 08, 2013

Sweethearts by Cake Beauty - A Sweet And Sassy Collection Inspired By The Nostalgia Of Youth

Renowned Canadian beauty label Cake Beauty has partnered with Sweethearts, the iconic candy brand, to launch a five-piece, limited edition bath and body collection. The Sweethearts by Cake collection hits stores in time for Valentine’s Day and will remain on shelves until May. This delectable new set captures the spirit of youth, with each product kissed with the luscious scent of sweet vanilla candy.

Sweethearts candies evoke a powerful element of nostalgia that spans generations. First introduced in 1866, they are as popular as ever today - more than four million pounds of Sweethearts candies are sold in the six weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. The spirit of these candies resonate with 60-year-olds and 16-year-olds alike; equated to fond memories like first kisses, hand-holding and afternoons giggling with girlfriends. 

Never one to to resist gourmand body products, I litterally jumped in joy when I was very kindly given the opportunity to try two delicious products from the collection!

I have not tried a lot of products from Cake, but I keep hearing great things about their hand cream, and I must admit that "Hands Down, You’re Mine" Luscious Velveteen Hand Creme ($20) is absolutely amazing! Not only does it have a mindblowing but never overpowering sweet vanilla candy smell - I also smell a hint of bubblegum, but maybe that's just me! - its perfectly rich texture is absorbed into the skin in no time, leaving my hands incredibly soft, smooth and moisturized, thanks to marshmallow extract, mango butter and glycerin. It never feels greasy and I don't feel the need to constantly re-apply it through the day.

My favorite fragrances are those that are sweet and fruity, so I was pleased to spritz “Fresh Start, Sweet Thing” Luscious Hair And Body Mist ($18) and indulge into a delectable swirl reminiscent of sweet vanilla candy. The fragrance is very strong at first but it calms down quickly, so even though you might be initially put off, I am sure this will appeal to young girls as well as older women. Sadly, this fragrance does not last long enough for my taste despite its claim to be designed to last all day, but this was expected since it is a body mist and not a proper perfume. I do enjoy a quick spritz of this mist when I step out of the shower and it also works great as a room spray.

This scrumptious collection appeals to beauty lovers and scent-enthusiasts alike - it’s the perfect marriage of Cake’s natural and quality ingredient formulas, designed and packaged to embody a playful sassiness to which all women can relate.

The Sweethearts by Cake collection is available at Sephora Canada, Murale and cakebeauty.com, and also includes "Call Me, Super Soft" luscious body butter ($24), "Come Clean, Cutie Pie" luscious bath & shower froth ($22)"Come Clean, Cutie Pie" luscious bath & shower froth ($22) and “Kiss Me, I’m Sweet” luscious lip treatment ($14).

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. These sound pretty delicious!I love anything that smelss sweet!!

  2. Sounds fun and definitely can tell this would be right up your alley! Hehe yummy!

  3. Miam les produits Cake sentent toujours bon!

  4. The packaging is cute and the line looks great. I think if I tried anything I would want to try the lip treatment :)

  5. This stuff looks gorgeous! I love anything that leaves me smelling of a sweet shop! Shame its not available in the uk :( x

  6. Oh, wow. Looks good. Haven't heard of this.

  7. Je crois que je vais aller sentir ça la prochaine fois que je veux chez Murale D: ça me donne faim hahaha

    p.s. Je t'ai nominé pour le Versatile Blogger Award :)

  8. mmm cake! I could go with some of that right now :D
    These sound great, I love the packaging!

  9. I really want to try something from Cake but it's not sold in the UK which is a shame!