February 06, 2013

January In Pictures

little treasures found at Dollarama / with my grandparents ♥ / falafel burger / enjoying some Carling Lager in a Christmas glass / my prize from Lilit's giveaway, Illamasqua Powder Blush 'Tremble' / my new mouthwash container / Peach ♥ / scrumptious desserts my grandmother baked / gooey "omelette" (eggs, tomato and cheese on a pita, baked in oven)

pancakes / veggie gyro with chow mein noodles / bath time treats / snack / yummy instant spice apple cider found at Dollarama / quick dinner (melted cheese and sun dried tomatoes on pita) / giant EdenFantasys order / amazing vegan peanut stew / my first homemade latté ever - this really helped!

veggie sandwich / Peach always picks the best spot to take a nap / delicious beers / I am now on She Said Beauty / sample of David' Tea Organic Pure Chai / decadent Sweethearts by Cake Beauty limited-edition treats / vegetarian "pizza" (cheese, sun dried tomatoes and salad on pita) / in love with my new PETA Tundra Hat / apple pie with cream

Bath & Body Works makes me crave cupcakes! / Pupa Vamp! Kit, my first ever Pupa products! / semi-healthy dinner (eggs and sun dried tomatoes on toast with dill pickles and chips) / Tim Hortons donuts / cute Stewie and my brother / I won Marvelle's Lime Crime giveaway, yey! / new job uniform / apple pie with latté / healthy salad with cherry tomatoes, almond, cheese and chow mein noodles


  1. These are seriously my favorite type of posts. Monthly re-cap in photos! :)

  2. But de cet article : nous donner faim? Il est 11h du soir et tout d'un coup, j'ai envie de manger haha! Nonnnnnnnn il faut que je résiste!!! -.-

  3. vegetarian "pizza" a l'air vraiment bon!

  4. Aaahhh Illamasqua! I want one :P
    ANd all of those food photos makes me hungry, they all looks so very yummy :))

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  5. Oh man, this post is making me so hungry!

  6. Yummy food :)
    Congratulations on the giveaway wins.
    I've seen a lot of pancake photos today and am now really craving them! x