January 15, 2013

Project Pan Them All | December Empties

Since I was so in love with The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, I had high hopes for the Mango version as well, but I ended up being imensely disappointed! Despite being formulated for very dry skin, just like the Shea version, it is not nearly as thick - in fact, I had the impression of using a greasy body cream! And when I say greasy, I am not kidding - it takes forever to be absorbed into the skin, and the oiliness transfers on everything I touch, including my boyfriend, who kept complaning that I was all "buttery"! I never got proper results with continuous use, since my eczema-prone skin started to itch again after a few minutes of applying this product.

Since body mists usually never stay on the skin very long, I used Calgon Mmmmm! Vanilla Swirl Body Mist* mainly as a room spray, and it really smells amazing, but never sickly or overpowering.

I bought Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint For Face and Décolleté in June 2011 so I guess it has passed its expiration date since it barely shows up on my skin anymore, when it used to give me a nice, dark, uniform tan. I hate the idea of a tint anyway, since it's super liquidy and virtually impossible to blend on the skin.

LUSH Gingerbread House Bubble Bar is probably the cutest bath product I have seen with its little snowy roof and cinnamon stick chimney, and its sweetly spicy smell just like fresh gingerbread makes me want to eat it! I usually prefer sweet scents but this bubble bar happily surprised me - as soon as I popped it in the bath, it created a mountain of spicy and fruity foam, while turning the water a bright orange, and best of all, the scent lingered for as long as I relaxed in the bath, without being overpowering. It is a warm, inviting and relaxing smell that just makes you feel good.

I used Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra Enriched Foot Creme daily and my feet really felt incredibly soft!  I was sure I would not like it because of its light formula but I have been proven wrong. I find the tube is too thin for daily use though because I used it up within two months!

My mother and I bought a couple of those Icy Breeze Spearmint Breath Spray in a Dollar Tree while we were on holiday in Wildwood and they really work amazing for only $1! I kept mine in my handbag for a quick breath refreshment whenever needed, and the small bottle lasted me a fairly long time because one spray is all you need for long-lasting fresh breath.

I was not expecting to be completely blown away by NYX Doll Eye Mascara Long Lash but it is one of the best mascara I have ever used! Everything about it is great - its brush which lets you reach even the smallest lashes in the corners of your eyes, its not too dry yet not too wet formula which lengthens, volumizes, curls and defines even the shortest lashes, and it never flakes or smudge. A true drugstore gem!

*Calgon Body Mist is NOT cruelty-free


  1. Wow you got through a bunch of stuff! I'm lucky if I get one empty per month 8) I was actually thinking of trying out the body shop mango body butter but I think I'll stick to my chocolate one :)

  2. Ooh! Ca fait peur ton histoire de beurre a la mangue! J'ai horreur des trucs huileux!

  3. That room spray sounds amazing!!

  4. I like seeing what people use up. I have never tried the LUSH gingerbread Bubble Bar - is it limited edition?

  5. @Marvelle : Ahah yes using up products does take some will power, but I've been on a "project pan them all" for so long that it is now natural for me to use up something before I try or buy something new.

    @Stephanie B: Je dirais plutôt graisseux, même avec ma peau extrêmement sèche, j'en reviens pas!

    @AngieBeautyBelle : It's actually a body spray but it works really well as a room spray, especially since it's so cheap (:

    @Vicki: I'm glad you like these posts, they are my favorite! Sadly, yes, Gingerbread House is only available around Christmas time ):

  6. I used to have Calgon Mmmmm! Vanilla Swirl Body Mist and I too mostly used it to spray around my room :)

  7. Nice empties post! Like you, I am also in love with The Body Shop's Shea Body Butter. It is so moisturizing on my skin and it softens up my dry and rough elbows in no time!

  8. Ahhh le spray Calgon <3 mon chum m'en parlait justement hier en me disant 'hey y'avait quelqu'un dans le métro qui sentait la barbe à papa' et moi de répondre 'ça devait être une brume pour me corps de Calgon à la barbe à papa :P
    Dans mon cas, il sent vraiment longtemps et j'en mets sur mes vêtements. Ça fait des années que j'en ai pas acheté, mais tu me donnes le goût de faire un tour au Pharmaprix héhé

  9. Sad TBS was a disappointment, however you used quite few good things! I want to try that mascara:)

  10. My fav calgon spray is white orchid, it's so fresh smelling.I need to try lush it's really hard to find in Canada.

  11. ohh and where i am in Canada we have no NYX products

  12. @SheerBeauty (Kayla): I works great for this purpose since I have found the scent lasts quite some times on my bed sheets!

    @Alina : Well I was very disappointed by that Mango version but I'm in love with the Shea one!

    @La reine des neiges: Ahahahah j'avais hâte de terminer celui-là pour commencer à utiliser celui à la barbe à papa que j'ai depuis un bout de temps justement! Très drôle!

    @Supergirl: That mascara is awesome!

    @katie m : Hmm LUSH is not hard to fins where I am, we do have quite a few stores around here. I don't know about NYX though since this mascara was a giveaway prize!

  13. I need to check out the foot cream - my feet are pretty gross and dry at the moment!

  14. i need a good foot cream!
    this damp weather makes me shoes rub on me :(

  15. C'est drôle parce que j'ai essayé le beurre à la mangue de TBS il y a plusieurs années puis j'avais eu le même problème et j'avais détesté! C'est bizarre qu'ils n'aient pas amélioré le produit depuis.

  16. Ooh, you got through a lot of stuff in December! Wish I could take a leaf out of your book and use up more of the products I buy ha!
    The Nyx mascara sounds great, but I'd have to agree with you about the body butter, it's really not very pleasant at all! xx

  17. The vanialla body spray looks and sounds like it would smell amazing. x

  18. That Lush Bubble Bar sounds delightful! I love that the scent is long lasting too. I have only recently tried Lush products and I have to say they've impressed me so far :)

  19. @Ampersaand: It's great, although the best I have tried is definitely the one from Julep, called The Best Foot Crème Ever or something?

    @Kate Lister : Aw I know what you mean, winter sucks!

    @Cocovanilla : Je ne comprends pas, c'est sûr que je m'attendais à ce qu'il soit un peu gras puisque c'est pour les peaux très sèches, mais même avec ma peau extrêmement sèche, elle a de la difficulté à l'absorber! C'est plate pour le prix, et parce qu'elle sent tellement bon!

    @Francesca. : Using up products do take a lot of work but it's so worth it in the end - feels so liberating!

    @Bright Town GirlL It really is, especially for the price!

    @sleepandwater: I can't say I'm a huge fan of LUSH - I think they are overrated when there are so many other lovely brands out there - but some products are worth it, such as their bubble bars (:

  20. That LUSH Gingerbread bubble bar is so nice, always makes me feel good when I have a bath in it! Love the sound of that NYX mascara x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  21. Everyone uses up all their stuff except me. Maybe I should stop buying so much, lol! XOXO

  22. It is funny you mention their body butter making you itchy because I had been using the hemp hand cream for a while and found it to be extremely itchy and agitating to my hands. I stopped using it one day and have not had that problem again since even with cheap hand creams. Weird!

  23. I love Empties post, you went through so many products. I love the smell of Mango body butter xo