December 04, 2012

Marcelle BB Cream-to-Powder

Since my great experience with Marcelle BB Cream, I was curious to see how their BB Cream-to-Powder would compare since I saw it for the first time at the #DevoilementAnnabelle event, back in June - but what took me so long, you ask? As I mentioned in my most recent FOTD, being a beauty blogger, it was out of the question for me to even swatch it if I had not taken proper pictures of it before, which is hard with this crappy winter lighting, but I finally managed to do it, and I was not disappointed!

Marcelle BB Cream-to-Powder comes in a pretty and practical compact with mirror and sponge built-in, which makes it ideal for all-day touch-ups. I think this is my first cream-to-powder makeup product, so I was a bit hesitant on how to apply it at first, and because I am not a fan of full coverage product, I decided to skip the sponge and use my SPAresource Stipple Brush, which allowed me to apply a thin layer of BB Cream where needed.

Marcelle BB Cream-to-Powder in Light to Medium

The texture is very unique - it looks solid in the compact but it just melts when in contact with your fingers or skin, which allows for a smooth and creamy application, and it dries to an almost matte, satin finish. I personally prefer to set it with a translucent powder just because this is what I am used to do, but when I don't use any, I have not noticed a difference in its lasting power, which is pretty good.

The Light to Medium shade does look quite a bit dark and yellow-ish in the compact, but because the product contains self-adjusting pigments, it will adapt to most skintones and it blends really well with mine, without the slightest hint of yellow (hello, Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation!)

Complete FOTD can be seen here

It conceals my redness - damn eczema! - and the few blemishes I have without feeling heavy, although I have been told concealer is needed for dark discolorations. I have never been a fan of foundation but this might just be my new favorite everyday product because it smoothes out imperfections, unifies my skintone, provide a nice light to medium coverage while looking absolutely natural, and it even brightens my face while providing an healthy glow! And to say I have waited five months before trying it...

Marcelle BB Cream-to-Powder is hypo-allergenic, perfume-free, paraben free, oil free, and non-comedogenic. It is available in Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. for $22.95 for 0.03 OZ / 7.5 g.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion. 


  1. Marcelle is the master of North American BB cream I think :D

  2. You look gorgeous Gaby! I love this BB powder too-except it's a little dark for me right now. I love it in the summer-gives me a great glow!

  3. It looks great on you!! I have SO much redness from eczema too, I should try it out!! Does it dry out your skin at all?? :)

  4. Wow, I'm surprised how light it looks for being a cream to powder makeup. I usually stay away from those too b/c I fear that the coverage may be too heavy. It looks great on you, really natural.


  5. Great review Gaby! The light to medium shade looks more medium to me. I'm a little weary of skincare products that say they have self-adjusting pigments (then why do certain brands like MAC come out with 30 skintone shades if they can just have 3 or 4 with self-adjusting pigments? *shrugs*). I'm glad it works so well for you :) And yes, concealer is great for spot problems that your foundation doesn't cover. I have tried a few cream to powder foundations (I currently have MAC Studio Tech) and they are great for quick touch ups since I don't need to wash a brush or my fingers after applying the liquid foundation and I don't have to do a separate application of powder.

  6. @eight : I do think the term "BB Cream" is a bit too widely used nowaday but the ones from Marcelle absolutely rock!

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections: I thought it would be too dark for me too but I use a bit of self tan in the winter so this works well!

    @KatXoXo : I don't think so, at least, I haven't noticed! I make sure to use my serum, moisturizer and primer under it though!

    @MaviDeniz: Well since it's a BB Cream, I knew it would not be too heavy, hence perfect for me!

  7. I gave up on BB creams ~ too tan for them lol. - side note, I really like your hair in the photo & peach is soooo adorable!!

  8. i havent even seen this out here yet but it sounds really nice! I really don't like full coverage products either. I might have to give this a try one day