December 13, 2012

LUSH Snow Fairy - Sweet, Sparkly, And Candy Scented!

I was a bit hesitant to post about the beloved Snow Fairy because well, it's LUSH best-selling holiday classic and I think everyone and their great-grandmother have heard about it - and have it in their shower stall - but I figured out I could not pass on this Christmas favorite, especially since I do not share the same opinion on this product than most bloggers.

I was extremely excited when I received Snow Fairy as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend solely because of all the rave I continuously read about it on the blogosphere, but sadly, this is one of those products that are simply overrated for me.

Yes, the mouthwatering cotton candy, sweet vanilla and bubblegum scent is simply intoxicating and I could not have asked for something better in this department, but the letdown is that, despite its fairly consistent texture, the shower gel requires tons of product to get an adequate leather, which is a real shame considering how overpriced this product is! Another detail is that Snow Fairy is said to be infused with a dose of iridescent glitter, but no matter how much I shake the bottle, it only sticks to the bottom!

Appart from the scent - which is not as strong in the shower as it is in the bottle - I can't justify the price of Snow Fairy and I won't be repurchasing it.

Snow Fairy is available only around Christmas in 100ml for $9.95, 200ml for $16.95 and 500ml for $24.95.


  1. Ahhh j'ai le même problème avec Twilight!! J'ai mis la bouteille à l'envers et, je te jure, ça a pris une semaine avec que tous les brillants migrent vers le bas... Pour le prix, sur lush.uk c'est 10.25 euros pour le format 500ml (environ 13.20$), c'est le genre de produit de Lush que je ferais venir de l'Europe pour payer moins cher :P

  2. Haven't try anything from Lush yet!
    I know,soon I will! lol
    Nice review honey!


  3. I was very disappointed with it too. apart from the smell, there was nothing really spectacular about it and it made my skin break out.


  4. That sucks this isn't as good as you thought it would be :( But at least I won't waste the money on it now! Haha (:

  5. Love this. This used to be a repurchase every year for Christmas. However, the scent got a bit overwhelming for me after I bought too many bottles and had to use it for many months.

  6. I do like the scent but I agree, it's hard to justify the price when it doesn't lather nicely.

  7. Dont you hate when something smells good but after the scent washes away the product isn't that amazing. XOXO

  8. J'ai comme envie d'aller en ville pis d'aller chez Lush et BBW la... ca fait un bout, jsuis due!

  9. Honestly I'm not a big fan of the scent. I like their other holiday shower gel out, ponche. Smells amazing!