November 26, 2012

Lather On A Little England With Baylis & Harding

I had never heard of Baylis & Harding before so of course, when I was very kindly offered the opportunity to try one of their collection currently available at Walmart and Farleyco, I jumped at the chance! I was delighted to receive the Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Restful Foam Bath and Balancing Shower Cream, especially because I can never resist fruity bath products.

Containing natural orange oil with vitamin A, B and C to restore and nourish the skin, these products have a really light and refreshing citrus scent - I must admit I was a bit disappointed that the scent was not heavier and does not linger on the skin after use, but I guess this is a good thing for those who prefer to fully relax in a bubble bath without having to worry about an overwhelming fragrance.

I was also surprised at the amount of product needed to produce the slightest amount of foam in the shower or in the bath, not to mention that the bubbles in the bath last about 5 minutes... but with such generous bottles at an affordable price, I guess I should not complain! These products did not seem to dry out my skin but I did not notice them to be moisturizing either, so I guess they would be great for any skin type.

Peach had to model, of course!

Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Restful Foam Bath and Balancing Shower Cream (750ml) are available at Walmart and Farleyco for $8.29.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. I love your dog!!! SO CUTE :) very jealous!!!!

    We sell the Baylis & Harding products at work! I haven't tried them yet though! They natural orange oils sound amazing!!

    Thanks for following my blog :) following you now!


  2. j'ai vue cette marque là au pharmaprix aussi

  3. Your Peach is sooo adorable!! :)

    Followed you.

  4. Aw Peach is so cute! I've had one of these shower gels before, but I can't remember the scent. They smell so good though!

  5. I think you should be a bit relieved that they dont have much suds because the more bubbles, the higher the likeliness of SLS concentration. SLS if a harmful chemical and the less you have of it, the more your body (and the earth) will thank you :D

  6. Merci Gaby pour tes commentaires! :D Je suis bien contente d'être de retour sur Blogger moi aussi ça me manquait! Même si j'y était plus, j'allais toujours faire mon tour sur ton blog! ;) hihihi!