November 24, 2012

BassBuds High Performance In-Ear Headphones

BassBuds strive to create the highest quality, high performance in-ear headphones designed to compete and exceed other major established brands, both in features and at an affordable price. They take great pride in researching the latest in high end sound technology as well as current fashion trends; visualising and fusing the relationship between style and sound.

BassBuds Classic in 'Pink'

BassBuds are one of the best valued earphones on the market, made from high quality materials which packs an amazing sound. In addition, each pair of BassBuds has an integrated High Spec Mic/MP3 Controller for ease and convenience for our customers on the go. BassBuds are also compatible with all Smart Phones!

Thanks to their Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology, BassBuds offers you an amazing noise isolation and ultra distortion-free bass and crisp treble to allow you to completely immerse in the music, which is one of the main thing I am looking for in earphone. I can honestly say that it is the first time I have experienced such amazing immersion with in-ear headphones, seriously, I am amazed!

With every set of BassBuds, you also get a velvety protective storage bag, three sets of replacement silicone and luxury memory foam ear-buds in three sizes and two colors, a product range brochure and a certificate of authenticity.

All BassBuds are engineered to (almost) perfection. Made with Swarovski elements and engineered using high quality materials such as lightweight, precision-metals, and an anti-tangle (yey!), durable, double-wrapped cable, BassBuds will be a the high performance, luxury earphones you will want to showoff!

When I say "almost perfection", it's because I experienced the same problem with these earphones as with any other in-ear headphones I have tried - they hardly stay put in my ears! I have to really stuff them hard in my ears for them to stay put, but as soon as I talk too much or something, they start to some off... very annoying! Does this happen to you too or do I just have weird ears?

BassBuds Classic is retails at $85 on the BassBuds website but as their Christmas gift to you, BassBuds would like to offer the readers or Gaby's Beauty Blog a $30 discount using this unique code: BB75252 (valid for the whole month of December). Available in over 20 colors, which BassBuds will you choose?

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Je n'avais jamais eu de difficulté à garder ce genre d'écouteur dans mes oreilles avant de perdre l'un des «coussinet» et de devoir installer une autre grosseur de ceux de rechange. Depuis, ils tombent... Bref, peut-être que tu devrais en mettre des plus petit ou des plus grand?

  2. @La reine des neiges: Hmmm oui c'est ce qu'on m'a suggéré également, je me sens stupide de ne pas avoir pensé à essayer les différentes grandeurs inclues dans le kit ahahah merci!

  3. Such a cute color! :) I'm very fortunate headphones stay in my ear without any discomfort, and that is such a HUGE discount with your code!

  4. Ooo that's so neat that you got to try out some nice earphones! I love the swarovski rhinestone for a glitzy touch :) That's too bad that the earphones don't sit well in your ear. I don't seem to have that problem.....the earphones I have been using the past couple of years is the iPhone one with the built-in microphone for hands free talking when I'm on the phone a lot. Great review Gaby!

  5. @lindah: Aww lucky you! I must have weird ears then ahah! Yes that's a great discount (:

    @Karen Law : Hmm I'm not familiar with Apple products - hate them ahah! - but that's great that your earphones work well and sit well!

    @Jennifer from Spiced Beauty : I know right!

  6. ca c'est le genre de cadeau qu'on doit offrir à une amie qui n’enlève jamais ses écouteurs et quand elle a l'impression qu'elle vient de rater un truc elle dit un maudit HEIN ...et moi je lui dis: rien on parle des promotions pour le fromage chez maxi mais en réalité on parlait d'elle , lol.
    non mais sérieusement c'est vraiment le CADEAU pour elle .

  7. The pink is kinda cute!