September 14, 2012

Wildwood Shopping | Ross and Walmart

I enjoyed a much needed holiday in Wildwood, NJ, last week with my mother and my boyfriend and even though our hobby of choice is to relax on the beach and "play" in the ocean - my boyfriend and I almost drowned, but that's another story - we do like to wander around at night, especially in shops that we don't have here in Canada.

I did not really need something in particular when I stepped foot in Ross - which is the US equivalent of Winners, if I'm right? - but of course, some pieces of clothing catched my attention and at these prices, I simply could not pass them up! I did not go crazy though and I only left with two items, which go amazingly well together!

If you know me, you are surely well aware of my love for animal prints, so when I spotted this $5.99 leopard print tank, I did not even hesitate because, yes, it's a very basic tank, but still I don't have any with animal prints! Plus, it just goes so well with everything and it can easily dress up any outift.

Then, I fell in love with this $19.99 red faux-leather (of course!) cropped jacket - I have a thing for motorcycle jacket, and it's even better if it's cropped and if it has zippers. I bought it in Small and even though it does run small and it's not very stretchy, I love it and I can't wear for the weather to get a bit colder to wear it out!

Of course, we had to stop by Walmart! Honestly, the only reason why I really wanted to go there is because I remembered they sold Revlon ColorSilk hair color for less than $3, which is not even readily available in Canada for some stupid reasons, and having already tried this hair dye in Brown Black 20, I could not wait to try it in Burgundy, so I picked up the last two boxes. I also noticed that their packaging has changed and the formula seems to have been improved because it now features UV Defense. I even already used one box - you can see the results in the picture of me modelling my purchases - but of course, I will write a complete post about it.


  1. Love the tank with the jacket! Looks good! Love that hair color also. Wish I could go burgundy.

  2. Leopard print is my fav! So sexy and feminine.

    Style Nirvana

  3. Nice little haul! That red jacket is super cute on you! LOVe the burgundy hair on you too!

  4. J'espère que tu vas bien, c'est inquiétant cette histoire de quasi-noyade!

    Sinon, jolis morceaux, le look est juste assez sexy et te va très bien!

  5. @ Alicia : Oh but why can't you go burgundy?

    @ Froso M. : I know right! It's my favorite print too!

    @Jennifer : Thanks!

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections : Thank you so much Tracy! =D

    @Nastia : Oui, tu parles d'une histoire! Mais bon, au moi, je suis encore vivante ahah!

  6. Nice tank! I love leopard print. Awesome deal on it too!


  7. Moi aussi j'ai coloré mes cheveux bourgogne la semaine passée hihi :) J'espère que tu as passé un beau voyage et je craque pour la veste rouge!

  8. En effet, le mix des deux est vraiment beau. La camisole est très sexy!

    Contente que vous alliez bien, toi et ton chum! :S

  9. @ t : Thanks! I can never resist leopard print!

    @Katerine Beaudoin : J'ADORE TES CHEVEUX! J'espère que tu n'auras pas autant de problèmes que moi pour maintenir la couleur par contre ):

    @Miss Vay : Merci! J'adore vraiment!

  10. This is my favorite hair dye! I've actually just picked up two boxes of the Brown Black shade to dye my hair! ♥