May 07, 2012

Shopping: My First EdenFantasys.com Order!

After setting up an endless wishlist and contemplating which items to get first, I finally placed my first order on EdenFantasys, an online shopping site but also a welcoming community with a focus on intimacy, relationships, and sensual love. At EdenFantasys, in addition to adult products such as sex toys, you will find a wide selection of beauty and body products (yes, even makeup!), candles, lingerie, massage kits, and novelty items.

I placed my order on April 5 and I got an email confirming that it was shipped the same day, and I received my package on April 13, which is good. Well, technically, I missed the delivery man Friday so I had to wait until Monday to claim my package at the post office, which was awful, but I managed to survive =P

The two items I ordered came carefully folded in a sturdy cardboard box, protected by wrapping paper. I appreciated that the lingerie sets came in a protective garment bag, and I liked that the hangers were included, which are always useful to store delicate pieces of clothing.

The first item I ordered is the Coquette Red Leopard Chemise ($33.99), and I must say I was absolutely stunned by its quality! I did not know what to expect as from the reviews I read on the website, the quality of the lingerie items varies from a product to another, and I was not familiar with the brand Coquette. 

This chemise is incredibly soft and smooth, just like velvet, and because it's made of lycra, it's amazingly comfortable - I even sleeped in it despite of the underwire push-up cups, which are also perfectly molded and not super stiff like most push-up bras I have wore in the past. I personally enjoy how this silk chemise hugs my body and accents my curves in all the right places, but maybe this is not something you will like if you are self-conscious about your middle and backside areas.

This lycra red leopard print detailed chemise with underwire molded cups is completed with a floral print lace hem and adjustable straps. It's available in small, medium and large and it's also available with beige leopart print stripes.

I ordered the Fantasy Lingerie Purple Vintage doll bra, mini skirt & g-string set (on sale $22.49) solely because it was the only other lingerie item left on the website that looked OK and that was not sold out in my size - which seems to be a constant problem with EdenFantasys lingerie products - and because it was on sale and I really wanted to try another lingerie set.

The quality is lower than the Coquette chemise, but it's still relatively good. The purple parts look a bit too shiny and cheap, but this set is still comfortable to wear. The push-up bra is slightly padded, not as much as the Coquette chemise, but it still provides a nice and comfortable lift. I really like the black lace detailings!

I must say I'm not a big fan of the garter mini skirt - I've never been a fan of these anyway - but I did not really intend on wearing it when I ordered this set, it was more for the bra and the g-string. The skirt looks a bit awkward on me and it's not really comfortable to be honest. I quite like the g-string though, it's super cute and comfortable.

This vintage doll bra, vintage skirt and g-string set is made of lace, nylon, satin and spandex, it's available in small, medium and large and it's also available in white and blue.

I am really happy with my first EdenFantasys order and I can't wait to try more of their products. My next order will probably include some Cake Beauty products as well...

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  1. Yay! Glad you had a relatively good first experience with Eden Fantasy's :) My first order was awesome! Everything fit right. I ordered an item for my mom and I was shocked. Dreamgirl usually is pretty stretchy for garments, not this one! No stretch at all:( my mom is pretty tiny but that's crazy that an extra large didn't fit her. She was shocked too! LOL Guess it all depends on the style. Weird for Dreamgirl though, which is one of my faveorite lingerie brands. Haven't tried Coquette yet.

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  3. So pretty, Gaby. Je n'ai jamais acheté de la lingerie online.

  4. Oooo lallala!!! I love them all!! SO sexy!

  5. love them..^^ lets follow each other!


  6. wow they are so beautiful.

    From Paris with love!

  7. You picked some really cute stuff! I always have my stuff delivered to my job because I'm never home during the day to receive my packages.. I always get so pissed when a delivery falls on a Saturday and I have to wait 'til Monday to get it. I just barely survive each time.. lol!

  8. Ooo I like the first one and it sounds really nice for the price! Glad their quality was good.

  9. this looks fab!!! I bet it looks sexy on too ::wink wink::