April 16, 2012

MJ's Soap Shop Cherry Lip Balm

This lip balm contains Shea and Cocoa butters to quickly hydrate your lips and is effective for a long time without any need to re-apply. Shea butter and Vitamin E are known for their healing properties which makes this balm great for dry, chapped lips. That is.. if you can resist eating it!
I have been very lucky recently to be given the opportunity to try some handmade products from MJ's Soap Shop, a company based in Québec that crafts all-natural and heavenly scented bath and shaving soaps, lip balms, hand creams, body butters and even shampoo bars. The best part about MJ's Soap Shop? They can also create custom products for you! Oh, and they also ship worldwide.

Today I'm showing you my favorite product that I got to try from MJ's Soap Shop, their Cherry Flavored Lip Balm. I know I seem to be constantly complaining about my dry and chapped lips but unless you are dealing with the same problem, trust me, you don't know how bad it can be. I have to be careful with what I put on my lips because chemicals and fragrances in commercial lip products tend to cause eczema flare-ups on my lips really easily, leaving them insanely chapped and cracked. I have tried tons of lipbalms and I though I had finally found my HG in My Lip Stuff Lip Balms but I'm happy to say I now have a new favorite!

I have tested MJ's Soap Shop Cherry Lip Balm when my lips were at their worst - irritated, dry and chapped all over, the corners cracked - and I was amazingly surprised to see them heal after only one day of use, seriously! I even tried applying it around my irritated nose when I had a cold ... and it was almost immediately soothed. This lipbalm is seriously a miracle worker!

I love how it comes in a cute little jar - I'm a sucker for cute little packaging and I like to re-use them when I have emptied them. Sure, it's less hygienic than a tube, but I don't really mind as from my personal experience, I have found that most lipbalms that come in a jar tend to be thicker and often more moisturizing than those in a tube, but that's just my opinion. Another reason why I don't mind the jar is because this lipbalm works so well that I don't even feel the need to re-apply it through the day - I apply one thick coat in the morning and I'm good to go! When I received this lipbalm, I thought the jar looked so small and that I would use it up super quickly, but I was wrong.

The texture of MJ's Soap Shop Cherry Lip Balm reminds me a bit of Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Natural Balms - when you unscrew the cap, the balm looks solid, but once you dip your finger in it, you can notice a grainy looking texture - but it's actually not grainy! It's creamy and it melts to the touch, leaving just a hint of shine to the lips as I find it's super quickly absorbed, leaving your lips smoothed and moisturized.

Because I was stunned at how amazing this lipbalm worked, I was wondering what was the miracle ingredient in it, and after a quick glance at the list, I'm not surprised it works so well - sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, flavor oil, vitamin E - no chemical nasties, only pure and natural ingredients. Also, because it contains flavor oil instead of cheap synthetic fragrance, MJ's Soap Shop Cherry Lip Balm not only smells like real cherry, it's also taste really yummy!

At $2 for approximately ¼ OZ, you absolutely can't go wrong with this little miracle worker packed full of nature goodness. You can trust me when I say that I'm not raving about a lipbalm lightly...

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.  


  1. Sounds nice!
    thanks for sharing:)
    Have a nice week!
    xo xo

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  3. Ooh, this sounds like a really nice product! Good find!

  4. the texture look sso odd! it also looks kind of oily! but i trust your opinion and if you say its good its good lol. 2 dollars is an amazing price too

  5. @WitchHazel: It's actually the first time I tried using a lipbalm on my chapped nose but I had a cold and it worked so well!

    @Donna Dell : I know it looks odd but it's absolutely dreamy! It's not really oily, it's a bit weird to apxplain ahah but I do really like it!

  6. @ vanaja : ... why is it odd? 0=