April 05, 2012

Juliet Renaissance Inspired Bustier From Adore Me - The Perfect Way To Playfully Adopt New Roles

I don't know if you remember the post I wrote back in November to introduce you to Adore Me, a new subscription service that offers a unique personalized shopping experience for $39.95 a month? Well, monthly subscription services are nothing new, but were you expecting such a service... in the lingerie department?

Adore Me is a new trendy lingerie club that offers a unique personalized shopping experience. Everything begins with a short quiz that allows professional stylists, to hand-picked each month for you a new selection of lingerie. You get access to your personalized showroom for free! If you decide to buy, price is a steal! $39.95 per matching set with free delivery and free exchange!

So how does it work, you ask? First, you start by taking the fun Style Quiz to define your personality so Adore Me's stylists can analyze your style profile and pick the very best lingerie for you. Then, in as little as 2 hours, you will discover your hand picked selection of lingerie available in your showroom. To see your private showroom, you need to create an account, which is simple, quick, easy and free.

When I took the quiz, my result was Sexy-B but nothing really catched my attention in my showroom - or my size was always sold out - so I waited a few months before ordering a set, hence why I'm writing this post just now. I wanted to pick something special and unique, but I still wanted the piece to be comfortable. After many months of hesitation, I finally made my mind.

Ordering lingerie is always tricky for me because I wear two to three bra sizes, depending on the company and the style of the bra. After taking my measurements, I opted for 34B for the bra and S for the panty. Placing my order was quick and easy, it was shipped one day after I ordered and I got it in maybe three days if I remember well.

I was disappointed to see that the flimsy and thin cardboard box was simply wrapped in a thin plastic envelope, without any more padding than a piece of sturdy cardboard. This immediately screamed cheap to me, and of course, no need to mention that the box itself was bent at some places. I'm glad the product inside was not really fragile...

My lingerie set was carefully folded and wrapped in pretty pink silk paper with a little welcome note on top, and I was relieved to see that the cups have not been bent or damaged.

Juliet - Renaissance inspired bustier, the perfect way to playfully adopt new roles. 
While this set plays the perfect role as an evening piece, the trend to transform underwear to outwear could also be applied. Pair this piece with a lovely pair of slacks and a loose blazer to create a look suitable for a night out.

  • False lacing down the center front
  • Lightly molded deep plunging cups
  • Removable thigh-high clasps
  • 12 hooks down the back closure
  • 90% Nylon/10% Spandex
Juliet is not something I would have usually gone for as it's delicate and girly but as I said, I was looking for a unique piece that I did not already had in my linger drawer - can you believe I don't actually own any bustier or corset? I fell in love with the delicate lacing and the sheer frabric.

When I opened my package, I must say I was surprised to realize that this set was more on the yellowish side than white, like it appeared to be on the model, and I was put off a little at first. But still, I proceeded to trying it on... and I was disappointed again.

The cups were a little too small for me - it was not uncomfortable but let's just say it was not the most flattering thing as I don't have the biggest bust to start with - but I would have been better in the size just above. This was very disappointing as I made absolutley sure to take my measurements and ordering my size according to their size chart. The panty was OK though.

Another surprise for me - I say "surprise" because it's entirely my fault for not reading the description of the product properly - was the back closure, which consists of 12 hooks all the way down. At first sight, I thought it added a nice little vintage touch, but after much struggling, I had to resort to ask my mother for help for the sake of this review, which of course, I won't have the luxury to do everytime. I can slip in it if I pull it over my head, but I'm afraid it could stretch or damage the delicate fabric over time. I don't know what I will do with this.

Juliet is a high quality lingerie set that is super gorgeous. Sadly, I won't be able to wear it too often... until I figure out how to close those hooks myself!

Each month, as you receive your monthly showroom, you can choose between purchasing an item or skipping this month and not buy anything - as with most similar subscription services - which is considered to be "the most flexible form of membership ever!" but I have to disagree as it's just annoying to have to remember to skip. Shipping is free to US and Canada, and  Adore Me offers free unlimited exchanges for their customers to be sure that the bra will fite - how awesome is that? - but a $5.95 restocking fee per purchase will be applied to all orders returned for refunds.

Have a look at some of the featured products of the current collection and then see your personalized selection for free and start the quiz

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. I don't own a corset but I've tried a few on (for fun ;) before- what I usually do is turn it around so the hooks are at my front, fasten them, and then twist them back around. Sometimes if it's too tight this is harder to do, but it might help!
    The lingerie you got is gorgeous, but I think I agree with your mixed feelings. A monthly subscription service for something like lingerie (that is so specific to each individual person) seems difficult.
    Kudos for trying it, though! Hopefully you can wear it more than a few times. ;)

  2. wow that is SEEXXYY! i love it! theres so many companies doing the monthly thing now lol

  3. This set looks gorgeous! Too bad it is bit small for you and also the problems with the hooks. I hope you figure out a way close them yourself :)

  4. This is a beautiful set, I love girly lingerie! I also hate back hook and eye closures... Front hook and eye closures are bad enough, but having to do the closure in the front and then wiggle and wiggle until you have it in the back again, most likely ending up with an awkward back muscle cramping... Haha, let's just say that I'm too stubborn to ask for help, but I think you had the right idea getting another person involved!

  5. GORGEOUS! I would love to try something like this on. It's sweet. XOXO

  6. Oooo lala that one is really pretty!

  7. Ooo I love this corset and panty set that you chose out Gaby! The ivory/off white colour is definitely what I like and I love the lace - it's very sexy! As you said it does look high quality and not cheap at all....except for the packaging as you noted.
    I know what you mean about the small hooks at the back that are so annoyingly difficult to put on LOL I have struggled with those hooks on this one dress I have and I also struggle with garter hooks too :S Great review though!

  8. This product is not only very comfortable and made from great material, but it tucks you in and perks you up in all of the right spots. I would recommend this for Christmas parties, weddings, and proms. I just used it for my bridal portraits and it didn't bother me or get in my way one bit. Also, very easy to clean. I would recommended bali x800