April 06, 2012

Guest Post: Swimwear Essentials - 4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Suit for Your Body

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Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, and most of us have started thinking about our dream beach bodies and the new suits we will buy for the summer this year. This, unfortunately, is much easier said than done. As any woman can tell you, finding just the right swimsuit – the one that hugs in all the right places and makes you feel beach-ready sexy – is no easy task. With so much exposed, wearing a suit in public can be really intimidating, and many women tend to give up and go with last years’ old suit before braving the stores to try to find something that actually makes them feel great. Instead of hiding behind the same suit you’ve had for years, get a head start in 2012 in finding the perfect suit for your body so you can rock it all summer long.

1. Cut is Most Important

The first thing to do when looking for the perfect suit is to nail down the cuts that work for you and the cuts that don’t work for you. This takes a bit if experimentation, but it really is the key to saving stress, time, and tears. For example, if string bikini bottoms always look strange on you, then go for a boy short or full bottom. Try looking for celebrities with similar body shapes and check out what suits they have worn. The cut of the suit will determine the type of silhouette it will create on your body.

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2. Play up Your Favorite Features

This is advice all women have heard when it comes to picking the right swimwear, but it really is true. In fact, it’s much better to play up the features you love than to constantly hide or play down features you dislike. If you have more curves than you want to admit, but have a huge bust, why not show it off? Go for a push up bustier top and a skirted bottom or full-coverage one piece. Focusing on letting your best features shine will make you feel even better in your suit.

3. Make Pattern and Color Work for You

Choose colors that complement your skin tone, because your skin will be out for all to see. If you have a warm skin tone, look for colors like brown, pink, red and orange. If your skin has a cool tone, then colors like blue, gray, purple, and green work well. Black and white look great on anyone’s skin, but watch out for white suits if you have very pale skin. Use pattern to your advantage, as well. If you want to highlight your bust, choose a bright patterned top with a solid bottom. Or, if you would like to appear to have extra curves, go for a horizontally striped bottom.

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4. Try on, Try on, and Try on Again

Sometimes you just have to commit yourself to a day or two in and out of dressing rooms to narrow down which styles simply won’t work and which styles stand a chance. This can be a horrific experience if you let yourself get down on the way your body looks. Instead, think of yourself as playing dress up and bring along your iPod to lighten the mood as you try on. Sometimes it takes breaking free from what you thought would look good on you and trying something new. Never be afraid to take a risk and try on a suit that’s daring and catches your eye. You might just find your dream suit.

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  1. The pics are so pretty! ;) Great post once again ;)

  2. Bonne article! Les photos me donnent hâte à l'été! :)

  3. Great article! I hate swim suits haha! I always were a slip over my swim suit..just way to self conscious. If I could though, I always wanted to be able to wear the 50s style swimsuit with the really high waist one and cute top! You know which one?

  4. Hi Gaby! Those are some really cute prints on the swimsuits in the first picture of this post :) I can be quite picky about the swimsuits that I prefer to wear and I agree that you just have to try on different types of swimsuit styles to see what you think flatters you the most

  5. I always have to have a bikini from a bra company that specializes in bigger chest sizes , otherwise it wont be a good site !!

  6. such a great article! really enjoy your blog Gaby! :)

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