April 23, 2012

Julep Maven Boho Glam April 2012 Box

There is a long and complicated story behind this box that I was not supposed to receive, but this will be for another day, when the issue will have been fully resolved and when things will have properly settled down. For now, I will try to adopt a neutral point of view while reviewing Julep Maven Boho Glam April Box.

This month's box contained little extras such as green shredded paper and the little chocolate eggs, which were a cute touch for Easter.

Let's have a peek at what I received this month:

The Best Pedi Creme Ever! ($22 for 2 FL OZ) was a nice surprise! I can't say I was extremely happy with the other skincare products Julep included in the past boxes I received because honestly, if I chose to subscribe to this service, I would expect nail polishes, not random skincare products... but I must admit I needed a new foot cream as I just run out of the cheap Avon lotion I was using for this purpose.

I think the packaging of the cream is super cute and the product itself smells absolutely delicious and fresh - juicy cucumbers, yum! This pedi cream contains alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate, shea butter and coconut oil to hydrate and vitamin E to nourish - what more could I ask for? Yes, maybe I wish the tube was bigger, but even though the cream is light, you don't need a lot of product to cover both feet.

Julep recommends to apply nightly for noticeable results in just 1 to 2 uses, and even though I can't say I was absolutely amazed at the difference this cream made for my feet, it did leave them softer and smoother.

I have always been disappointed with Julep nail polishes because for the price, they chipped super fast on me, but the exception to this is their creme finish, which is absolutely awesome and clings to the nails for almost a full week, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that this month's Boho Glam box contained two creme Nail Vernis!

At first sight, I must say I was very sceptical with Alyson ($14 for .27 FL OZ), which is described as an almond creme, the new neutral, as I have never seen anything similar before, and it just looked so dull in the bottle, but to my surprise, it's absolutely gorgeous and creamy on the nails, and I think it's very classic. Sure it's not the most exciting shade around, but I find it complements my skintone well, and I even think it would be appropriate for my friend Gen's wedding that is coming up this summer.

As for Molly ($14 for .27 FL OZ), it's the other way around - I thought it looked so gorgeous in the bottle, but it's such a disappointment on the nails! It is described as a classic cherry red creme, but it's more of a boring tomato red to me! Not to mention that it did not apply as nicely as what I'm used to with Julep creme nail polishes, and also, it chipped on the second day - wow.

Included in this month's box was also a makeup bag, which is surprisingly less cheap than it looks! The silver zipper-pull with Julep logo is a nice touch and I also like the quilting, featuring the Julep logo as well. I love how it had compartments that can easily house nail polishes, but also various makeup essentials. Yes, I already have tons of makeup bag, but I'm sure I will have a utility to this one as well.

There were also toe spacers in the box but I never use these because they just hurt my toes so bad!

Overall, I enjoyed the content of this box but I must mention that I did not choose this month's box, and I can't help to be a bit disappointed after seeing the content of other boxes on the blogosphere, such as It Girl, which contained three absolutely gorgeous creme nail polishes instead of the makeup bag! 

Personally, I don't think Julep Maven is worth the $19.99 a month because none of their shades are truly unique and so far, I have only been happy with some of their cream nail polishes. I'm happy that my account has finally been cancelled after much trouble that I will soon address in a blog post.

For more details on Julep Maven, please see my Classic With A Twist Intro Box review and my Boho Glam Intro Box.


  1. Trop belle la petite pochette!

  2. thanks for your in-depth review! I have heard mixed accounts on the quality of the makeup bag. I am looking forward to hearing your experience with Juleps cancellation policies- I've heard nothing but bad things about it!

  3. It stinks that you don't like julep, but I don't think it's so bad. did you know you could pick a different box. Cause you can. I like the new feature they add is you can add other polishes to the box for only $4. It's not so bad. I do have admit I skip most months though.

  4. I love that cream nail polish, it looks gorgeous on you! And isn't it funny how tricky getting the right red cream can be? I find it to be a shade where subtle nuances make a big difference.

  5. Good stuff! I need those cushion footsie beds mine are hard and old. XOXO

  6. this looks like a great box but it doesn't seem like you got much for $19.99. That first nail varnish will look great for the wedding x

  7. I called Julep and managed to cancel my account no problem.
    They did ask me why I was cancelling and I told them frankly that their nail polish quality was poor and chipped too easily. They didn't dive further into the topic and cancelled my account promptly.
    I have another friend who cancelled without a problem either.

    I look forward to seeing what sort of customer service you had with had with them during cancelling.

  8. Alyson est très joli, je l'ai ajouté à ma commande. J'aime aussi la pochette pour les mêmes raisons que toi et j'ai aussi choisi it girl et je suis très contente, les couleurs sont belles. C'est inquiétant que tu ais eu de la difficulté avec eux. J'espère que ce sera correct pour moi, car j'ai de la difficulté à skipper le mois actuellement (je ne reçois aucun message de confirmation). Bref, si tu as une minute, je t'invite à aller voir mon post sur ma boîte it girl. http://lookinsidemycloset.blogspot.ca/2012/04/julep-spring-mystery-box-and-april-box.html

  9. Alyson est une belle couleur!


  10. those polish colours look lovely

  11. I like the nude polish, so pretty

  12. @Canadian Beauty: As sad as it sounds, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who have had a bad experience with them ):

    @ Beauty on a College budget : I don't think the overall service is bad, it's just not for me and I would not recommnend it after the awful customer service I received from them. Yes I know you can change box, but as I said, I was not supposed to received this month's box (as my account was supposed to be cancelled, so I didn't think of skipping the month of course) so they sent me the box according to my profile.

    @Venus Loves Virgo : These things hurt me so bad!

    @xXxStundonxXx : That's exactly what I think too! $20 for two polishes... hmm no thanks!

    @Victoria : That's good for you that you didn't have any problem while cancelling your account, unfortunately, that's not my case. I'm waiting for the final confirmation that the problem was solved and I will post about my experience.

  13. Thank you for this in depth review :) I have heard so many youtube gurus RAVE about the Julep polishes that I thought they were the best ones ever invented :D haha

    Toe separators are awful.. I have a few pairs and they really do hurt badly :/ I don´t like them at all :)