January 24, 2012

LUSH NEW! Shampoo Bar

Clove and peppermint oils to motivate tired scalps. 
Help treat hair loss with cinnamon, clove and bay oils. When stress or life goes to your head, this shampoo will encourage hair growth and stimulate scalps. It's intense, but works a treat on irritated scalps or hair that's thinning.  
Herbs for softness. 
Rejuvenate hair with rosemary and nettle to make hair shiny and soft.  
Nettle and peppermint 
Nettle and peppermint stimulate the scalp and the hair follicles.

I'm not a regular LUSH shopper because all of their products seem too expensive for what they really are - $6.95 for a one time use bath bomb, really? - but I must admit I have made a mental whishlist of things that truly interest me, that are original and that can't be found elsewhere, but I keep saying to myself that I don't really need those things... I probably wouldn't have tried any of their shampoo bars if I hadn't let the sale assistant explain me in details what they are, how they work, what are their benefits, etc. I must admit, I didn't even listen to what she was saying at first as I came there for Boxing Day specials, wandering around and emitting random "huh-huh" when I thought it was appropriate... but when she mentioned "oily roots" somewhere in her monologue, I froze in place. I interrupted her, amazingly excited and full of hope: "Did you say one of these things is especially designed to control greasy hair?"

OK, I new they had a solid shampoo designed for oily hair and I would have initally gone for Jumping Juniper if I really wanted to try one, but the sale assistant told me this shampoo did nothing for her oily roots but that NEW! worked awesome for her, and that, as an added bonus, it was also great to stimulate hair growth. I was still a little hesitant because I thought that $10.95 was crazy for a shampoo - especially a strange-looking shampoo like this one - but then I rembered that I had read somewhere that one LUSH shampoo bar was the equivalent of three bottles of liquid shampoo, minus the nasty things such as silicone and the not-so-green packaging. So curiosity won me over and I came home with this cute little thing. I couldn't wait to try this and now I'm excited to share my thoughts with you!

Another thing that made me hesitant to try those solid shampoos is that I was afraid it would be hard to use and that it would not lather well - I know we have to get over the idea that a product has to lather to properly clean, but still, it's hard to say where I have put shampoo if I can't feel it! - but the sale assistant assured me it lathers really well, even better than most liquid shampoos! As soon as I came home with NEW!, I hopped in the shower, ready to put it to the test and let me tell you, the lady was right - it really does lather like crazy! It produces such a nice, luxurious and silky foam that I have never experienced with liquid shampoos - I never want to stop rubbing it onto my hair!

Because of its strange shape much like a hockey puck, I had no idea how I was supposed to rub NEW! onto my hair, but I went at it anyway and surprisingly, it does the job almost on its own! It glides well on the hair, making sure to cover all of it and leaving a trail of luxurious foam behind it. When I rinse the foam away, I can feel my hair being squeaky clean.

 Size comparison with my hand

NEW! may seem small but just like solid soaps that seem to last forever compared to shower gels, it should last a great deal of time if it's true that it's the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo and honestly I do believe it is. I makes sure to let NEW! dry in a area free of humidity to keep it from melting before storing it in a little container I re-used (instead of the stupid-useless-waste-of-money tin they will try to sell you).

I personally love the cinnamon smell, yes it's strong but it's very pleasant and refreshing to me. It's not everyday that you find a shampoo that smells like that! I didn't notice it lingering into my hair but I think it would have been quite pleasant.

From the reviews I have read on the LUSH website, many people say this shampoo is drying but I didn't notice my hair being dry and I really don't care as I use conditioner and leave-in conditioner everytime I wash my hair, and honestly, I would rather have dry than greasy hair! After each wash with NEW!, my hair is left perfectly clean, really shiny - something I don't think I have experienced with any liquid shampoo - and also touchably soft.

After this great experience with NEW! Shampoo Bar, I'm seriously contemplating getting rid of all of my liquid shampoos because when I think of it, none of them really did something for my hair and they sure don't work as well as NEW!. Maybe I'll use them up and then stick to solid shampoos?

Oh yes, NEW! is safe for colored-treated hair, like all of LUSH shampoo bars except Seanik because it contains sea salt which can roughen up the hair and easily strip color from the hair.

You can get NEW! Shampoo Bar for $10.95 for 55g at LUSH.ca and be sure to have a look at their wide variety of solid shampoos!


  1. I've never used solid shampoos but my mother swears by them. This one looks so pretty and sounds like it's a great shampoo.
    I totally agree with you, I'd rather have dry hair than greasy hair!

  2. Hehe ca ma fait penser a un p'tit gateau Vachon... Billow Log que ca sappelle, j'pense?

  3. I love lush shampoo bars! I haven't tried this one, but I love the Shine one and Godiva!

  4. hahaha je suis d'accord avec ms bubu! il a l'air d'avoir une texture semblable à ce petit gâteau :P Mis à part qu'il est beau il a l'air très bien!!! :)

    1. I don't know French but I've been taking French in school for a few years:)

  5. I've been wanting to try their shampoo bars forever but I also often avoid a Lush haul because it seems pricey for what it is... I'm so tempted to indulge now, after reading this!

  6. I'm currently using the Seanik (sp?) shampoo bar from lush. I've had it for months and harldy put a dent in it. it lasts forever and lathers like crazy!


  7. I tried a shampoo bar from Lush a long time ago, and I was really pleasantly surprised with it as well.

    I didn't think it would lather for me either, but I was really surprised.

    I also really like the "green" aspect of it, no bottles to through out, it literally leaves nothing behind.

    The only problem I had was that it had some kind of "herbs" in it, that when the shampoo bar wore down the "herb" would get stuck in my hair, but there were only like 3 peices, and it was easy to take out, so it wasn't that bad.

    I think I need to check out the shampoo bars again! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. J'ai ce shampoing depuis un bon bout et je l'aime tellement! Il aide beaucoup pour ma perte de cheveux :)

  9. I love their shampoo bar and I used to use the Sqeaky Green one for months. Then I dyed my hair a dark purple, which is a delicate color.. My hair have also a lot of red in it so as soon as my hair color fades, I look almost like a ginger ahahah. I use this shampoo on a trip and my hair was not purple but red after.. I was really sad.
    But I really love this shampoo anyways. I have oily hair so maybe you can check it out next time !!

  10. Thank you for the review! I have been so curious about using a solid shampoo like this one, but because my hair is on the dry side, I always thought it would accentuate frizzies. I'll have to give Lush's shampoo bars another look!

  11. lol. It does remind me of a hockey puck. And I also like Cinnamon smell. Should be fun to try.

  12. Saw the pic before reading the title and went.. 'Mmmmm... cupcake!' Lol.

  13. I'm not sure I'm disciplined enough for the whole take it out of the shower, put in a safe, dry, non humid place thing. Otherwise it sounds great...!

  14. Thanks for the review Gaby! I was curious about this after you had commented on my Squid Balm review. :) I'm seriously considering purchasing it now!

  15. Great review! I've been interested in the Lush Shampoo bars but have never tried them. I got one in a Lush gift box recently & you reminded me that I should try it! :)

    PS: I agree about the Lush tin, it looks cute but at $5, I don't think so!

  16. @Nora Schu : I'm glad someone agrees with me! I could understand if someone was fighing friz or something but my main problem is oilyness and this shampoo is amazing for that!

    @Ms Bubu : Billow Log, c'est pas en forme de bûche? Ce shampooing me fait plutôt penser à un May West ou un Joe Louis LOL!

    @Kelly : I just want to try them all now!

    @Sarah S. : Exactly! But this shampoo bar is the exception because it's the equivalent of 3 liquid shampoos so I think it's a pretty good investment. Not to mention that you do your part to save the heart (:

    @MaviDeniz : I won't be able to use Seanik because it's not recommended for coloured hair but I really want to try some other LUSH shampoo bars, even though I'm sure this one will last me a loooooooong time (:

    @Arezu : Oh yes I remember the SA told me about this shampoo bar with annoying herbs in it ahah! NEW has two little cinnamon sticks in it but after a few uses, I was able to remove them easily so they won't sick in my hair.

    @Fashion Vanity : Tant mieux! Je n'ai pas ce problème, moi c'est plutôt pour soigner mes cheveux gras, et je l'adore!

    @Dayday : Awww so disappointing! I had my hair purple a while ago and nothing could make the color stay ): I'll have a look at Squeaky Green next time, I really want to try all of their shampoo bars!

    @ Sari : Oh but they have shampoo bars designed for dy hair, I think it's Trichomania or Godiva? Can't remember but you could have a look at their website, I'm sure you will find one you will like (:

    @Tracy D : Yeah that's what I thought at first but our shower is too small for us to let our shower in here so I always have to take my stuff from my room to the shower, so it's not really an added step for me. I think it's worth it to do your part for the earth anyway (:

    @ Vintage Makeup : I hope you will like it as much as I do!

  17. I've never tried solid shampoos, but I must say they do seem interesting. I find with Lush that most of their items don't impress me, so I really get picky over what I buy from them. I might just give this a shot!

    I awarded you the Cute Blog Award on my blog, by the way. http://www.fashionableheart.com/2012/01/cute-blog-award-new-blog-layout.html <3

  18. Ca fait longtemps que j'ai envi d'essayer un shampoing solide de chez Lush (bon ok, longtemps c'est relatif) mais la tu m'as convaincu ! :)


  19. =D SO glad you reviewed this!! I have been waiting to hear your thoughts! SOO strange you rub that in your hair! Would it work to lather in your hands and then rub into hair? and it is equivalent to 3 bottles of shampoo!?? thats crazy! That might be worth it, especially if it keeps oils away and stimulates hair growth! I need that! I want to know if you notice any extra color leaving your hair with this??
    Very good review, You might have sold me on buying a hockey puck bar of shampoo soap lol.

  20. Interesting, I have been hearing about shampoo soaps and now I'm getting curious to try it. Thanks for sharing your experience :))


  21. I've always wanted to try Lush's shampoo/conditioner bars but I always have trouble letting a bar of soap fully dry and it ends up shrinking without much use :(