January 25, 2012

Guest Post: Budget Beauty Buys – Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

This post was written by Sian Townsend who is a fashion and beauty writer for Café La Moda, she believes that even those on a budget can commit to only using cruelty-free cosmetics.
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So you want to make sure you don’t use any beauty products that have been tested on animals. But you’re not quite sure how to go about it and you’re not sure you can afford to pay more. These days plenty of brands boast about their ethics but how can you be sure?

Here’s the factual bit. In 2009 the EU sales ban stopped most animal tested products being sold in the UK. However it was not an outright ban, certain ingredients and tests are still permitted. The plan is for there to be a complete ban by 2013 but in the meantime concerned beauty buyers still need to be careful. We should count ourselves lucky though – in China cosmetics are required to be tested on animals to prove they’re safe before they can be sold there.

The best way to be sure that the cosmetics you use are completely cruelty free is to look for the Leaping Bunny logo on the packaging. In order to get this stamp of approval the product and the company that makes it must conduct no animal testing or purchase any ingredients from companies that do test on animals. So basically a bunny means the product is completely animal friendly.

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But don’t fret that your morals will mean a dent in your finances. Cruelty-free does not have to mean a large price tag. Take high street brands Lush or Body Shop, both follow strict codes of conduct but neither will break the bank.

Large household brands such as Marks & Spencer and Tesco also make sure all their own-brand products are not tested on animals or contain any ingredients that are. Both do great own-brand skincare ranges that are fantastic beauty bargains.

Neal’s Yard is another skincare brand that follows a no testing policy but is affordable, plus all its products are completely natural so the chance of an allergic reaction is unlikely.

For those who like to indulge in more luxurious brands Dermalogica, Arbonne and Liz Earle are all endorsed with the leaping bunny logo and all would fit in the ‘pay-day treat category’.

When it comes to makeup there’s also lots of brands that are all completely cruelty free. These include Barry M, MAC cosmetics and Urban Decay.

Search the full list of Leaping Bunny endorsed brands at www.gocrueltyfree.org.

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  1. Probably the best guest post ever! I'm so glad to learn Dermalogica is cruelty-free, and of course I love my MAC and Urban Decay <3

  2. This is really helpful!
    I've never been able to identify weather products are animal tested or not!


  3. Je te laisse un site super intéressant fait par la blogeuse Melisser (the urban housewife)
    Sur le site, il y a une liste très complète des options vegan dans plusieurs marques de maquillage (dont un liste assez grosse pour MAC). Pour les produits maquillage ''on a budeget'', il y a Bonne Bell, Hard Candy et Wet n' wild (qui offrent aussi des alternatives vegan)

  4. Excellent advice. And such a good idea for a post too.


  5. @Sarah S. : I'm glad you liked this post! I was so excited to post a cruelty-free guest post!

    @ Serena : Awww I feel your pain! When I decided to go cruelty-free, I had trouble with this at first and it's still confusing but I try to memorize the most brands I can.

    @Sea : Oooh merci, je ne connaissais pas ce site, merci!

  6. Thanks for bringing awareness on this topic :))