December 12, 2011

Veet Gets you Ready for the Holiday Season‏!

The holidays are a time for shopping, dining and of course, juggling multiple cocktail parties! And whether playing hostess or attending as a guest, women always want to look their holiday best. 
Veet, the leader in at-home hair removal solutions, offers a range of easy-to-use products that will keep legs, arms (and more!) sexy, smooth and hydrated for the duration of the winter festivities. Veet also carries high-precision facial wax that will help define brows for a photo ready face. 
Within a few minutes as part of a regular beauty regimen, skin is beautiful to the eye, smooth to the touch, and hairless for weeks.

Veet® High Precision Facial Wax with Aloe Vera for moisturization is designed for women who don’t want just beauty but also perfection. The easy application of this professional quality wax will free you of facial hair. It is ideal for shaping eyebrows and removing the hair from the upper lip. 
Simply spread the wax onto the area where you want to remove hair, to efficiently remove it and leave your skin smooth and beautiful for weeks! And for more complicated areas, you can use the precision stick to achieve amazing results.
I've always wanted to try waxing my eyebrows to get that perfectly sharp shape but I was always too scared so at first I wasn't sure if I should accept these products to review or not, but after watching a couple of videos on YouTube, I decided that I had to give it a try, at least once in my life!

In the Salon Precision Facial Wax package, you get a tube of wax, 20 re-useable mini-strips, a precision stick and instructions. I personally don,t really care for the precision stick as I find the tip of the tube to be quite precise itself, but tis stick would definitely come in handy if you don't have a lot of hair to remove.

I was actually surprised at how simple the wax is to use. You simply pop the tube in a cup of hot water for 1 minute and it's ready to use! I have only tried the wax on my eyebrows but you can also use it on your upper lip and chin.

L - R: before and after

I'm not quite sure if I really like the results, I guess I was expecting a more sharp shape, but because it was my first try, maybe I need to keep trying and get used to it? I was also expecting the whole process to hurt like hell but I didn't experienced any real pain, just a slight discomfort when I pulled the strips - perfectly bearable! When I was done, the waxed are was a little red but it didn't hurt at all.

You only need a very small amount of wax at a time so I think this little tube will last a long time (it says 20+ full face treatments on the packaging). The strips are also re-usable and I find they are super easy to wash.

Veet Face & Bikini Wax Strips $8.49 for 20 strips
It’s a girl’s best kept secret, facial and bikini hair removal in a flash. Now you can get to the root of it with Veet® Facial and Bikini Wax Strips and Perfect Finish Wipes. They’re the best way to get rid of those hairy patches that just seem to appear from nowhere! 
Veet's small wax strips are great for targeting those hard-to-reach areas of your face and bikini as well as touch-ups around the body. Just smooth a strip onto your skin, remove with one swift movement and sweep over a Perfect Finish Wipe to remove any traces of wax residue. 
Our skin strips are designed for hair as short as 2mm, so you never have to wait for your hair to get "long enough" to wax. Just wax and go!
I won't be able to properly review these face & bikini strips because I'm having IPL done on my bikini area - meaning that I'm not allowed to wax or do anything that will pull the hair out - but I had my mother try them out!

Because the strips are small, it's easy to decide exactly where you want them to go, and she was also surprised to see that they hurt less than regular strips. My mother used 4 strips for her bikini area, and she said they stick well to the hair and she didn't need to go again and again on the same spot.

My mother didn't need the Perfect Finish Wipes as the wax was easy to wash away in the shower.

Overall, these wax strips are great when you are in a rush and they will leave you hair-free for as long as four weeks!

Be sure to check out Veet website for more awesome products and also follow them on Twitter and "like" them on Facebook!

*Please note that these products are NOT cruelty-free

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. How much was the tube?

  2. @Deanna: I included the price in the review, $13.99 for 15 mL

  3. I had a few bad experiences with waxing myself, so I decided to just leave it to the professionals! haha

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  5. I tried waxing my eyebrows once, and I couldn't get a sharp line, either! I gave up and just tweeze now. I have a little sally hansen facial razor thing that I sometimes use for the baby hairs around the brow area that works really well, too! Haha, maybe I'll try this though, it looks like it probably worked better than the wax I tried!

  6. I love my eye brows waxed! It took me a couple of times before I got it down really good!

  7. Hi Gaby! That's neat that the tube of eyebrow wax only took a minute to heat up in water. I don't think it's that easy to wax eyebrows into a nice shape. If you accidentally misplace the wax, I would think it's very easy to wax off part of your eyebrow that you weren't expecting too :S I haven't waxed my brows before and won't. I only tweeze my brows but get them professionally shaped every few weeks as maintenance - I think that's really the best thing to do if you want nicely shaped brows (go to a good professional). But with that being said, the wax is probably good for getting rid of some stray hairs quickly or to wax like your upper lip per say....glad it didn't hurt as much as you thought it would! :)