December 09, 2011

Mail of the Week (December 5 - 9)

My prize from Alex's giveaway : Can you believe I have never tried Joe Fresh before, except for their double end concealer a looooong time ago? I'm so lucky to have won this giveaway because I keep hearing great things about their cream blushes and their nail polishes! Here's what Alez kindly sent me:

  • Joe Fresh Cream Blush in Melon (a gorgeous peachy-coral)
  • Nail Polish in Twilight (a flaky with a black base and reflective flakes that sheen orange, yellow and green)

My order from Apothica.com: I'm sad to say that I'm disappointed with their shipping this time. I placed my order on November 28, it was shipped on November 30 and I received it on December 6 - the thing is that I opted for the USPS Express Mail International, which means I was supposed to get my order within 3 days, not to emntion I wasd provided with a tracking number that didn't even exist... well, don't waste your money on that. At least I got my whole order safe and sound, and I'll do a separate post about it (:

Oral-B Pulsonic Power Toothbrush* from ChickAdvisor: As I'm a member of their Product Review Club, I was lucky enough to be chosen to be test and review this toothbrush! I haven't used power toothbrushes in a long time but I really think they are awesome! I'm not sure if you'll be interested in reading a review on a toothbrush so I don't know if I should post this review on here or only on ChickAdvisor? Let me know if you want me to post it on here also!

Coupons from WebSaver.ca for a free box of Kellogg's Special K and a free Glade Sense & Spray

January issue of Glamour

January issue of Cosmopolitan

♫ The One That Got Away - Katy Perry

*These products are NOT cruelty-free


  1. Wow le vernis Joe Fresh est vraiment beau! :)Tu nous feras un NOTD!

  2. I can't NOT use a power toothbrush now! I had gum recession until I started using one, and now my gums don't budge. Yayyyy Sonicare!

  3. Hey,
    That shipping sounds horrible especially because you didn't even get the tracking number you paid for, so dodgy! Oh and I tagged you to do a Christmas Loves tag :)
    ~ Jordy xx

  4. Joe Fresh Twilight est surtout très difficile à trouver!
    Chanceuse :P
    Bonne journée :)

  5. I love that song by Katy Perry. Her music is so much fun and makes treadmill time almost pleasant.


  6. Yay! Glad you received the prize in one piece - I'm always worried when sending nailpolish. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

  7. Love the looks of the nail polish! fun!

  8. Le vernis à ongle de Joe est trooooooop beau!

    Et la chanson de Katy Perry, je l'aime tellement <3

  9. Congrats on getting chosen for the chickadvisor toothbrush review! I entered too, but wasn't chosen :(

  10. Ooh! Congrats on winning! I've never tried Joe products but have been curious about them. ^^

  11. Wow, that polish looks beautiful! I can't wait to see a NOTD with it.

    Have you noticed they changed Cosmo a bit? I feel like there's not as much content, that it feels "thinner" - if that makes sense.

  12. Hey, thanks for the comment, neither did I you know (know CK had lipsticks).. And I love that Burt's Bees facial wash.. it's great!

  13. @ Ms Bubu : Je m'apprêtais à en faire un mais quand j'ai voulu prendre des photos en revenant de travailler, il était tout chippé ):

    @Sarah S.: Oh really? That's awesome! I have a bit of gum recession too because of my tongue piercing but it has stabilized.

    @Jordy's Spot : Well I didn't technically payed for the express shipping because I had gift cards but still, it sucks that they make false promises! Thank you for tagging me!

    @Alex Kay : Thank you so much again Alex! =D

    @ Justine (Productrater): Oh really? Maybe next time? I've been chosen maybe like 6 times in total since I've signed up with them, but I never received something as cool as that toothbrush! It's awesome!

    @Arezu : Hmmm I don't know as I'm sooooo behing in reading my magazines, I have a huge pile that I have to get through, that's why I decided to stop my subcrisption when it will be over. It's getting ridiculous! Plus I enjoy reading blogs more than magazines (:

  14. Congrats on getting to review the toothbrush!

  15. I'm excited to see the Joe Fresh stuff in action, it looks so fun! And I would totally read a post about the toothbrush, I'm thinking I'll have to start using one sooner or later because my gums have been in bad shape the last few dental checkups :( I don't know why, but power toothbrushes kind of freak me out! It's so weird, I know...

  16. pulsonic?? wow.. now that sounds like clarisonic for the skin.. :D i love the new katy perry song!!

    btw,,, please make a review of thebalm comcealer.. :D

  17. Yay!!!
    That picture of Kim is not cute tho..

  18. That polish is super gorgeous!

  19. aww, t'as encore gagné de beaux prix :) mais on dirait que le vernis de Joe Fresh chip facilement? c'est trop plate, il a l'air tellement beau :/

    J'espère que tu parleras de la brosse Pulsonic, elle a l'air différente dans le sens que je pensais que toutes les brosses électriques avaient une petite brosse ronde qui tourne au bout... je sais pas si tu vois ce que je veux dire? elle, elle ressemble à une brosse ordinaire.

  20. Your prize looks great, I've never even heard of Joe Fresh before!

  21. That polish is amazing!
    And the Stila foundation looks mad!! :P
    Gorgeous goodies! And I love your xmas header :P

    Hope youre well!


  22. I am eyeing the Stila,lip balm and 100% pure from your order:D looks like some good things!
    I haven't tried to joe cream blush, I want to know you
    Think of it!
    yes totally post the tooth brush review! I will..l it's prettly friend cool!
    And damn I need that Cosmo now!:)

  23. I keep forgetting about those Joe Fresh cream blushes..must try them.

  24. That toothbrush looks really neat and high tech. So cool you were sent one for review. As for Joe Fresh products, I have yet to try that brand. Hehe... The blush is so pretty and the nail polish looks so unique. :)

    Annabelle sure does rock. :) Wish we had them here in the States. I'm very happy Nancy included an Annabelle blush in the package. :)

    Enjoy the new goodies. Happy weekend. :)

  25. Great post!!! p.s. I'm your newest follower! http://glossandmagic.blogspot.com/

  26. Joe Fresh looks so nice! That nail polish is stunning :D

  27. Hi Gaby! Ooo you're so lucky to be chosen to try out the ORAL B Pulsonic toothbrush!!! It looks so sleek and I bet it's awesome. I have a regular ORAL B Professional toothbrush that I'm in love with - I can't go without it LOL I'm actually part of the Chickadvisor Product Review Club but I don't know how it works. I've never been contacted to review anything LOL Ah well...
    That's too bad about your shipping with Apothtica. I always think that if you pay the premium to get it shipped fast, it must be shipped on time or at least you get a refund. Dale ordered me eyelashes from Madame Madeline and he shipped it express even when I advised him just to have it shipped regular. Well, same thing....it's way beyond the express ship date arrival and I'm not impressed! In any case, it looks like you got some really nice products from Apothica to try out :) I love Burt's Bees products but haven't tried that facial cleanser and I also love 100% Pure products too!

  28. =O Le vernis de Joe Fresh!!! Ça doit être beau sur du noir!!