September 01, 2011

L'Oréal Féria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color in 40 Espresso (Natural Deeply Brown)

Féria absolutely masters the art of shimmering prismatic colour. Its advanced Silk & Shimmers Deep Conditiong hydrates and conditions week after week. Plus, an aromatic scent for a pleasant colouring experience. 
Inspired by cutting-edge fashion, Féria's prismatic colour spectrum is custom blended by L'Oréal master colorists to make every shade shimer with X3 highlights. 

After my bad experience with L'Oréal Féria Power Reds, I decided to make a complain to L'Oréal and they sent me a coupon for a free box of hair dye of my choice. I kept hearing great things about L'Oréal Féria range in general but I never purchased a box because they are rarely on sale, so I decided to give the "natural" color a chance, and I opted for the darkest brown I could find, 40 Espresso, also called Natural Deeply Brown.

I don't remember the last hair dye I used to conceal the red (I forgot to post about it), but I remember I was in a rush, hence the poor results - I forgot to coat some of the hair in my bangs in the dye, so they were left an ugly orangey-blonde that only got worst when I spent my days in the sun. Not to mention that my roots were paler than the rest of my hair, despite me choosing the darkest brown I could find, as usual.

At first I thought the color was not as dark as I usually like it to be, but I think it has grown on me because now I quite like it. You can see in the "after" picture that the dye did cover my orangey-blonde bangs, but you can still see some red shines through, and it only gets worst in the sun. If you look closely, my roots seem lighter than the rest of my hair, and this time, it's not because I messed up! Maybe I should have opted for Midnight Sky, which is a natural soft black... Anyway, it doesn't bother me that much though as I think the result looks pretty natural, even on my pale skintone.

Can you see the annoying reddish tones where the sun hits my hair?

I didn't notice anything different from the previous hair dyes I have tried, not to mention the scent was still strongly chemical despite the Aromatic Shimmer Serum.  I also wish they had a proper dark brown color. I would say it's a good hair dye, but not enough to justify its steep price for my tight student budget.

Other Féria shades:

And the winner of my Glymm Box giveaway is...

Halifax! Congrats!


  1. The red still showing isn't bad. It looks a bit like highlights in that picture :) Your hair does seem naturally quite dark so it probably needs bleach to lift the color to be dyed a red you'd like (I never had much luck with bleach, though). I use Colorsilk 42 every few weeks or so for my red :) It fades pretty nicely on me as I actually get more complements when it's faded though I prefer it freshly dyed. It's also $2-4 US! I used to bleach my hair up with an ash blond shade of Colorsilk, but it goes brassy orange quickly and I don't think I'll be doing that again. The conditioner that comes with it is really great. Have you tried that brand? Feria is hit and miss for me, but I think you have really pretty, shiny hair. I hope you find a color you like that lets you keep your shine!

  2. the color looks beautiful and very natural on you. If you want to get rid of the red tones, looks for colors w/ ash in the title (i.e. dark ash brown) it neutralizes the red tones where as the golden shades bring it out. a hairdresser friend gave me that tip :)


  3. I've used Feria and generally been pretty happy with their colors. But I agree the price is a bit much sometimes considering I've found just as good box hair color for a bit less!!

    I agree with everyone else about it being natural on you. The red tones don't look bad on you, but I definitely understand not wanting them or something not turning out quite as expected. I've had that experience myself!!

    I also agree ash will neutralize brassy tones, but you do have to be careful with it on certain hair types or colors. For some it can leave a greenish hue in their hair or like me my hair grows in ash blonde so it's rather mouse looking. I don't like it which is why I color my hair. My hair color has changed with age!! I had customers personally whom were told to buy ash tones by someone they were pissed because of this so I advise everyone exercise some caution.

    You generally want to look for a blue base or cool tone color to neutralize reds and brassy tones. Anything golden will have those brassy tones as it's meant to warm the hair/complexion.

    Another thing about box hair color is the developer. They use a level 10 which doesn't lift the base as much as say if you went to a beauty supply and bought a level 20. While a higher level developer can be a little more damaging it lifts the color more so that when the new color deposits on the hair it gives a richer and more defined shade. I've had to use a level 20 developer sometimes to lift my hair enough to get desired shades. Usually after I'll do a few weekly deep condition treatments to repair the damage. Just a little helpful advice from a cosmetologist - even though I studied skin I spent a lot of time with my hair dresser friends during beauty school!!

  4. Hi Gaby! I actually love Feria hair colour and find that it gives me plenty of product to cover my long hair without having to purchase an extra dye kit. I find that if I stay within 2-3 shades the Feria colour comes out nicely on me :)
    From the pictures I like how the red in your hair still shows through. It looks unique like you had some highlights!

  5. Congrats to Halifax!

    Je peux comprendre que t'es tannée de voir du rouge dans tes cheveux, mais au moins, d'après la photo montrée, on dirait des mèches et ça a l'air beau :)

  6. I've tried the red one and the color isn't really showing much. I think the Loreal foaming dye did a much better job in making my hair red than the Feria one:)

  7. maybe Boots body butters could be a cheaper alternative?
    Hehe right, it's just such an easy colour, but very very dupeable, many drugstore brands have a similar colour in their eyeshadow line =)

  8. I get that annoying redness as well from when i dyed my hair red, it's impossible to shift unless you strip your hair, which i'm not prepared to do because it'll ruin the condition of my hair :( i just have to dye it every 4 weeks or so which can't be amazing for my hair either like!! haha, i love how deep and dark your hair looks on the after pic though, gorge :)


  9. lol i think the annoying redish tones look really nice actually :) but if you dont like that.. maybe next time you should pick a color that has the word "ash" in it to cancel out the redness or brasiness of the color. I always use l'oreal superiror preference and i know its the same brand.. but this line i think is a LOT better :) I use the color "light ash blonde" and I get a really nice honey caramel color. it doesn't turn orange because the ash in the color cancels it out :)

  10. I also have trouble covering reddish tones in my hair, and the Feria dye called Deep Beige Brown is PERFECT for that! You should definitely check it out!!

  11. Gaby every time I see your gorgeous brunette hair I mourn mine! It's so gorgeous and shiny! Red is hard to get out as I've heard, but the highlights do look pretty on you!

  12. I really hate how there never the dark brown that you can get in salons in a box! It's a nice color but I can see the red=\ I have the same problem right now! The purple I did a while ago has faded to red on my roots and it's terrible...dyeing my hair this wknd!!!
    That's cool that they replied and Sent you a coupon for a free box =D

  13. Thank you so much for your advices ladies, you are awesome! I did not know that "ash" colors cancel the red, really good to know, I will definitely look for a color with "ash" in the name next time. (:

    @Sarah S.: Yes I have tried ColorSilk only once in Dark Brown because it's not available in Canada as far as I know. Maybe when I go to the States again I will grab some.

  14. Well most have already said the same as I was going to comment on, they make an Ash brown that I use to cancel out the orange/bronze tones I get in my hair and it works well. I can't remember the color I just recognize the girl on the box :) I also love the smell of the conditioner they include in the kit.

  15. It looks very black to me. Ill have to try it some time! ;)